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A Classical Debate: Private Jobs: Government Jobs: Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)

A Classical Debate: Private Jobs: Government Jobs: Purchasing Power Parity (PPP):
Once there were less students in the class (79 out of 93) and my chapter of International Marketing Management was over as other students could not make it due to passing out parade in Dehradun in the first class. Next class / contact hour was vacant due to some reason. All students requested a debate. 
I asked them, "In Maharashtra there is less craze about Government jobs, but in North India, I'm seeing, 99.99% students try for Government jobs only, why?"
A student said, "Sir, let's have debate. Chhappar phad debate i.e. it will be sky breaking debate." (Huge laugh and clap.)
I said, "Let's go professional and suggested the topic - Private Jobs: Government Jobs: Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)."
Only 19 were in favor of Private jobs or their own business, others said, "We'll prefer the Government job."
I said, "I'm going to interfere this time as there are less people i.e. only 19 out of 79 present today who are going for private job....Preferably, I'll draw conclusion of your short talks and put it as the final point for Reference/ Conclusion/ Expert comments. 
All said, "Ok..."
Point 1. Students favoring Government job for better PPP:
Sir, we'll go for government job. Do something or nothing, payment to aana hi hai/ at the end of the month salary will be accounted in their personal account by the government. (Clap and laugh and Thumbs up towards the opposing party)
Expert Comments:
"I object at this point, what kind of image your generation have about government jobs? I must tell you a fact that many utilities and even the Military are running well due to government jobs getting done properly. Thus, it's the point of job security and assurance of salary that has attracted you people." 
Counter Point 1. Students favoring Private job for better PPP:
1. The Private job/ entrepreneurship supporter said, "Sir, we know the value for each second and value for each penny, as we're not sure of salary of next month. We're asked to produce results and that is what we like, we like to see the job getting done in front of our eyes and see what changes we can make to the organisation or to the society. We believe in results. If we are entrepreneurs we'll contribute change in the society too we'll provide the job too."
Expert Comments:
Thus, it's uncertainty and lack of assurance of salary for next month that has made these people ready for result oriented approach. Also, you all want to be entrepreneurs and job providers than job seekers. 
Point 2. Students favoring Government job for better PPP:
Sir, in these uncertain world of umpteen uncertainties government job is the only job which is certain, unless someone does extraordinarily wrong. 
Counter Point 2. Students favoring Private job for better PPP:
The Private job supporter, "Sir this certainty is damaging the productivity of Government sectors. Look Britishers built 60000 km of railway tracks and we built only 5000 km, go to any Government Banks in our place people will make you dance from desk to desk without getting work done, go and take problem with any government office and same story. Huge corruption and still none sees that, all are there for salary and 99.99% government employees are selfish, they don't contribute to society by doing such things. Look at the big hospitals of the Public Sector companies beautiful facilities but are not open to public, only for the that company employees....everything should be privatized...for better productivity.

Expert comment:
Don't mix 2 or 3 points at one place. About Railway tracks it's okay but did you ask why the tracks were not built, and what are the cost factors? Also, in the era of RTI, most of the jobs are getting done at faster pace and productivity is also improving, though, what you're experiencing might be true. Also, all the employees are not selfish and self centered in the Government jobs.
Let's come to PPP points as fast as we can, I agree above points are also important.

Point 3: Government jobs Supporters:
Sir, once in job, and assurance of next salary, we can spend as much as we can and hence, you go to all the high salaried bosses working in the government sector you'll find everything at their home. They have lot of facilities and connections to get their job done through other government employees in other places, that also helps them.

Counter Point 3: Private Jobs/ Entrepreneurship Supporters:
Sir, in fact, the person in the private job or in Entrepreneurship, knows the world better, and from where and what to get done, due to that they have more exposure and they know how to get done better from any place in the world. What ever they do they do on their own gut feelings and experience, unlike the people in government sector.

Point 4: Government jobs Supporters: 
There is no down fall of economy for us and no effect on us.

Point 4: Private jobs/ Entrepreneurship Supporters: 
We're first to get lay off, as you said sir, you got lay off in the year 2000 A.D. when your organisation got closed as it suffered loss of 540 crore overseas. Look at Air India and Indian Airlines, Rs. 40000 crore ....loss or sop from government....This has brought bad name to government sector in long run. However, loosing job makes man again face the challenges of real life and he gets exposure to new sector and new skills get added in his life, though all are affected due to this job change, government is not bothered about working culture....

Expert comment:
Working culture is different point. 
Let's reverse the sides, please, now, point by Private Sector and counter point by Government sector jobs supporters.

Point 5:Private jobs/ Entrepreneurship Supporters: 
Sir, we continue with the same. Companies are closing, jobs losses are huge, no better working culture is there in Private Companies, even CEO or President or MD or VP or Directors are treated like any other employees as they have all the cards who owns the business and who employ them in Private Sector. However, this uncertainty helps them in long run in their lives. They always remain on ground and remain connected and help each other in the times of job loss or something like that. You look at the businessmen in Gujarat they help each other and any profit or loss don't break their group in their business once they form the group. Even governments request them to bring companies in their state from these businessmen to improve jobs. Tell us one Public Sector company which can bring such faster revolution? Sir, Public sector suck more blood from the Indian public than the private companies who only suck blood and sweat of the employees. (There was huge laugh). The whole PPP is based on sit on the chair do nothing, take no decision and eat public money that tax we pay to government and they get 6th pay commission and in 2016 by force 7th pay commission will come, they also will get pension indirectly. (Huge Laugh on both side).

Expert comment: Please avoid such blood suckers....kinds of words, though you are free express what you feel but use/ choose proper words. 

Counter Point 5 by Government job supporter:
Don't call us blood suckers. If we don't run electric power supply well, our lights and a/c in house will not run hence there is no sweat. (Huge laugh). Also, Sir, we in Government job thinks to use the environment properly, where as in the name of fast growth, the private companies exploit the environment. Also, 6th or 7th pay commission are paid to all the needs of the life providers. Banks are must, Railways are must. Water supply is must. IAS and State Services are must. PWD is must and Roads and Dams are must. ....Sir, we get only 6th or 7th pay in private they are part of even ESOPS. (Huge laugh and clap.) Yes, we agree the productivity is less but running an organisation like Railways with more than a million employees and running such a network is tedious job. There will be at least 1000 companies that will be running Indian Railways in case it's privatized. (Huge laugh). 

Point 6: Private jobs/ Entrepreneurship Supporters:
Sir, look at the USA, Lockheed Martin and NASA, kinds of organisation built the best technologies faster than our HAL in India or ISRO. Why could not they do it? Because, the people over there thought they are doing government jobs.

Immediate Expert Comment: However, now a days they are collaborating. NASA and ISRO, HAL and GE, Pratt and Wheateny, etc. 

Point 6: Counter Point 6 by Government job supporter:
Sir, USA has the budget to support such projects, we're just coming out of fantastic things as you say (huge laugh). We had huge corruption and corrupt people had PPP, million times the 10th pay commission (Clap and laugh). Also, 80% of the government employees do their jobs perfectly well, others are always there and they're reducing now a days. Also, what Lockheed Martin could do we can do it here in India in 5 years as almost or at least 20% employees in NASA or Lockheed Martin or Microsoft or Oracle's Indians those have developed those technologies. (Clap). Though they will not tell us how they do it as trade and job secret but no technology remains hidden in the world of transparency and our generation requires jobs and government will have to take forcibly decisions those will benefit us or their own next generation. If the politicians will not work for people the people will support those who work...may it be public sector or in governments....that's for sure. Our generation likes to make a positive change / difference and not just sit on the chair to improve PPP. (Clap and laugh).

Point 7: Private Job supporter: Soon there will be more working in private sector than in public sector in the world not only in India which shows private sector are result oriented than public sector.
Point 7: Government job supporter: That's because, ours is thankless job. (Huge laugh and clap). We don't get credit as happens in private sector. (Again laugh). Hence, we work at less salary for longer hours.

Immediate expert comment: No. In many private sector jobs, people also have to work till their job of that day is completed. Also, as you said, in private they recognize the work hence people work hard and get the benefit as well. 
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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, lives on the ground, Nagpur, India. 

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