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Debate: Integration and Peace or Disintegration and cease to exist? Humans civilization is leading on which path?

Debate: Integration and Peace or Disintegration and cease to exist? Humans civilization is leading on which path?:
There was one request from the whole lot of students saying, one part at a time...
I said, "Ok. Hope request is granted by all, so that it becomes a constructive discussion and debate; than war and fights and shooting at sight..... (Huge laugh and clap). However, then this has become more a looking at both sides of the coin than an actual debate this time, but, no problem in case we discuss the solutions as well, as it's a crucial time and transition time of human civilization". 
Disintegration side:  
Senior most student First: "Integration or Disintegration? Humans civilization leading on which path?" (Everyone laughed at is gesture). "Yesterday one joke appeared in a daily. One beggar on street went to Church/ Temple/ Gurudwara/ Synagogue/ Mosque and Spiritual Teacher said, "For God both are equal, rich or poor." After sometime, one person came and was taking that spiritual teacher in his Mercedes to one place. Suddenly, this beggar came in front and said, to that spiritual teacher, while he tried to get in that car, "Sir, for God both are equal, rich and poor, but, I would like to die rich owning and driving Mercedes than begging on the streets." (All laughed). This joke speaks volumes about the present feelings/ situation of the common man around the world. It could also predict that we're more disintegrated society than the integrated one. Hence, let's discuss the disintegrated part first, so that, some of us can suggest the solutions on it as well. (Clap and laugh).
Candidate 2: 
Look at the haves and have-nots, and all of us will agree that we're more disintegrated than integrated. 
Candidate 3: 
Why the hell, we've countries and countries coming up? It's leading more to disintegration than integration. Why I've to be checked on all the Airports around the word if my integrity with humanity is known to all? As you say Dr. Ashish, we agree why not we've global citizenship? With due respect why not  UNO passed such resolutions till date? 
Candidate 4: 
The finance and power of this world is accumulated in the hands of few people only, and they rule the policies and laws and treat others as their servants, and for them in the servant categories, even the developed nations or presidents or political leaders are not left....These so called powerful people are leading more disintegration than integration. (It's counter point was also strong)
Candidate 5: 
Money is not the only criteria that divides us.  Cast, Creed, Religion, Race, Education, Physical capabilities, Seniority, Nations,...., you name it. Once, we went to one conference, and as the sitting capacity was limited, we were asked few questions, "Do you know statistics?" A Professor said, "No." The person on Registration bench said, "Then this is not the conference for you Professor." The lone sit that was vacant went to a person who knew statistics and econometrics. (There was a huge laugh). Everyday, some new criteria comes out for disintegration. Once a Professor told us..... My child asked me,"Father do you know this game? No? Then let us play, and don't disturb us on Sunday at least....and laughed...at me." A child of just 10 years. So in future there will be more disintegration due to the 'connected and integrated world' it seems. (Huge laugh). Is technology integrating us disintegrating us and making us solo and self-focused? Sir, just to tell you....our...ABCD (Student name) is always so busy in his I-Phone that he has vowed to us that he'll play all the games in his phone and will try to know each and everything in one year....(we laughed) and thus we're losing one of our fan of Manchester United (huge laugh). 
Candidate 6: 
Sir, with due respect, go to any community meetings in India. A Hindu community or Budhdha community or Chirstian community or Sikh community or Jain community would not allow the person from other community to enter there. Leave these broad religions, even smaller castes do not let others to enter other caste person to enter other caste person to enter there. This is happening even after we're in Space age." (Everyone was stunned). Once, I tried to go to a our own sub-caste among our own caste meeting, the people did not allowed me to enter. (Huge Laugh). Thus, in Hindu itself, there are Chitpawan Brahman Sangh, the Karahde Brahman Sangh, the Soni Samaj, the Marawadi Sangh, the Rajasthani Sangh, The Bengali Society, The Oriya Society, the Jat Samaj, The Koli Samaj, The Koshti Samaj, The Mahar Samaj, The Tambrams, The ......are there (We laughed), then in Muslims we've Bohras, Sunnis, Shias..........., then in Christians we've protestants, the Catholics.........There are people who have different faiths, Sirs, there are more than 5000 registered Gods to whom people follow distinctly and there are more than 10000 castes and creeds and races registered among all the countries, .....height is...there are 55000 registered temples in our Bengaluru itself....Then, there are BJP, Congress, BSP, Communist Party of India, Shiv Sena, ...Then there are Republicans, Democrats, ....in USA, in UK there are Labor Party....I got bored ....to talk about this disintegration, that I experienced till date....(All laughed).
Candidate 7: 
Due to disintegration human civilization is forcing each one own a house and living, that there is no place on earth where the property builders are not building houses, ...(huge laugh). The day is not away when we're 20 billion humans and are living inside oceans, near volcano, near north and south pole (huge laugh), as in the competitive world success mantra and American or India dream means owing a house....(huge laugh).
Candidate 8:
There is more business in disintegration for people who divide than unite and hence everyone try to make his business perfect in this disintegration. If common man is united no country can go for war, no country can drop an atom bomb, no atrocities can go for ever, but, due to selfish disintegrated society it's not possible till human civilization gets wiped from earth which has become unwanted on earth in fact.....(we laughed) .
Candidate 9:
In the name of good governance power hungry people and rulers divide more people and take control by divide and rule....this world is like this only since long. Both the dividing power hungry people sometimes eat drink and make merry together and even share the profits, by making a show off to common man. (Huge laugh).
Candidate 10. 
Sir, I belong to the  family of Jhuggi-Jhonpadi. I know what the rich people in India say as well as in USA say. Rich or higher caste people in India think, if the 4th class people or lower caste people get the money they can't digest money and power and they flow the money in notorious acts. On the other hand in USA it's known fact that how the blacks were treated till just 100 years ago. The fact is different now. Those who are trying to bring their family up, they save more, create more and those are the same who let their children learn more and try to make their children perfect human being. The rich and upper caste have stopped following the religious values in India. With due respect to you Sir (who don't smoke or drink or have bad habits), I know, at least a million brahmins or higher castes in India who eat non-veg, I know at least a million rich people in India and USA who has done very many kinds of corruptions. Now tell me who will hold the Indian value system? To whom will we look at as an ideal? To whom will the next generation trust? There is growth of un-trust among people now a days than trust and its growing rapidly Sir. Isn't it leading to disintegration?

Candidate 11.

Look at terrorism. It's creation of disintegration in the name of integration Sir. We common public are not interested in fantastic things. We want to live peacefully and let others live peacefully. Let children grow become something, let ladies have kitty party (huge laugh), let gents improve business and let this world develop for better.....
Integration side:
Candidate 1: 
I don't agree Sir, we're disintegrated lot, otherwise human-civilization would have perished till now. (All clapped).
 Candidate 2: 
All distinctions and disintegration that we see is for the ease of awareness and reaching to grass root level. Like there are 1:10 ratio for the student to teacher ratios in schools, same is here. Only bad things is they are decorated with caste, creed, up and down or haves and have-not communities in the society. It's just for name sake, no more use of it, but, negative minds take its advantage. However, how many negative minded people are there, just few thousand among a billion or so. That's highly insignificant number, Sir. 
Candidate 3: 
Even calendar months are 12 but life is continuous. In life too, child hood, young age...for just sake of understanding...otherwise life is continuous. If we don't disintegrate Monday to Sunday our life will be difficult, so at some places, it's a need of the system just for ease. 
Candidate 4: 
Human values all across the faiths are same. 10 commandments are followed in Christianity as well as in other religions as well. Indians are proud of there country same is with Americans, French or any other country, in all the countries there are good and bad things. For better governance these distinctions are there and will be there. We don't see anything wrong. Also, as a friend talked about Manchester United, Chelsi, .....India, West Indies, there are teams and play, provide jobs to people, can there be a good model coming up, for playing and enjoying people will migrate to that...it's so simple. We evolve and evolution is part of life. 
Candidate 5: 
Sir, Steve Jobs was Chistian but he used to take his meals in ISKCON a Hindu temple when he was in time of need. These faiths have nothing to do with Christian or Muslims are Hindu. We know many of different faiths going to places of faiths in other. That's integration. 

Candidate 6: 
Sir,  on the candidate 10 and 11, I agree, that good people and bad people have nothing to do with caste, creed or religion or race. However, such times come and go humans will fight back. We'll get united again. 

Candidate 7: 
Laws are there to unite Sir, than disintegrate otherwise, India would have disintegrated in many parts since independence. Ours is the best written constitution in the world and it's leading to perfection Sir. Trust us, it will bear better fruits once people in our country get mature to the Direct Democracy as you always say. As of Terrorism it's a temporary phase in human civilization it will get settle down. Also, in case we are disintegrating then by now we would have case to exists Sir. It's not like that.

Candidate 8: 
Sir, we are spirited lot. Always Pandawas are 5 in the society and 100 are Kauravas. (There was hue and cry from other side). (Candidate 8 apologies and says), "I didn't mean you people. It's the over all mentality of people. In fact what is today's case is that there are 99.99% good people who follow norms and rules. However, they are not daring to go against the 0.1% lot who hold the power by force. (Again objection from other side.).... (Candidate 8 stopped contributing.)

Candidate 9.
Sir, we believe that positivism rules the world, what candidate wants to say. Otherwise, earth would have been poured with all the weapons of mass destruction. There is/ was/ will be understanding even in the cold war or hot war or any kind of war, otherwise....we would be not discussing these points over here. 

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Lives and walks on the ground. Nagpur, India. ashish.urkude@gmail.com

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