Monday, September 17, 2012

Why we live and what is the purpose of living? (Poem)

Why we live and what is the purpose of living? (Poem)

Once in a village, all people gathered together,
All were called by a revered Saint,
Saint was respected by one and all.

The Saint, put one simple question to all,
"Why we live and what is the purpose of living?"

A Dacoit came forward before he being caught by police and said,
"I live to take revenge, and to mass wealth and power,
I also try to instill fear among citizens, so that I may feel, powerful."
 The Saint, tried to console the Dacoit and  said,
"My son, you're on wrong path, hate burns the soul, avoid this path and try living a normal life.
God will not like the way you're living. I know, you are a very good, agrarian, try to live that life, instead of a life of Dacoit."

The Dacoit, while crying said, "I'll try, I'll try", and left.

A Doctor came forward as he had to attend the patient and said,
"I live to save lives of more and more patients,
I also try to try make myself trustworthy and it helps me my life running well."

A Sadhu, just while seating said,
"I live for god, and try to remember him throughout the day and even at night,
my aim is spiritual enlightenment, and if someone comes to guide him on righteous path that leads to God."

A Student came and said,
"I want to learn more and more, and become one among a, the most knowledgeable persons in my life,
I also try to help my parents, so that, I can live a life dedicated to them."

A Housewife came and said,
"My aim is to keep my house clean and in peace and provide food and better living to all at my home,
I also try to nurture good qualities in my children."

An Officer from Government department, happened to be there, he said,
"My job is to provide proper services to all the citizens and till I live, I'll try my level best to provide it to one and all,
I also try to live a good and honest live."

A grocery shop owner came forward and said,
"I treat my customers as God, and provide them quality material,
I also try, not to mix profit oriented mind with the service to all,
I try earning less profit but try keeping customers intact.
After all, I'm food providers to many of you, it keeps my moral always high."

A film shooting was going on near the village, a film star came and said,
"My job is to make these people laugh, and entertain them in this hell kind of life,
I also try to be more famous and raise the bar of my film earning more,
If I get time, I go to temple, gurudwara, church and religious places, that's all I have faith in god."

Suddenly a grandfather came forward and said,
"Children, I have done all good services in my life,
Now, I'm trying to guide my children and grandchildren on path that leads to God,
That's the only reality in life."

The Saint, then concluded by saying,
"Yes, my brother, grandfather over here is right,
All the work that can be offered to God can't be wrong,
Hence, work is worship, is what we must try at every moment,
If you can't remember God every moment, then chant his name, remember him every now and then,
Devote every day to god by living a righteous life, and of course, service to man is service God.
In fact, just add, God's flavor in it, your life will be what you've dreamt and it will be better everyday, now onwards."

Aum. Amen.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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