Sunday, September 02, 2012

God knows how to rule the world

Debate: 1992: "God knows how to rule the world".
Place: Engineering Institute where I studied

In favour of God: 80% participants:
1. He created the world.
2. He knows all the nuts and bolts how to rule the world.
3. We cannot create the world.
4. God gave some what free will to man and it's man, who has to decide how to use it.
5. All creatures behave with their natural instincts.
6. Nature has its own ways.
7. Cycle of G= Generation, O=Organisation and D=Destruction could also be called as GOD
8. God stands for Generator, Organiser and Destroyer, man should not take his place or try to take his place, it will be disaster if man tries, as human beings behave as per the Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik Bhava, at different times and situations.
9. It's human beings who are polluting this world, that was so pure when created.
10. If god has to, why will he destruct world in parts, he'll destroy withing fraction of second, not only earth but the whole multiverse.
11. Human being is the best creation of God and humans should behave like the his best creation only.
12. God / Yahova/ Allah/ Brahma Tatva/ Super Conscience  gave human beings the mind, body, perfect brain, and soul, that is creating / innovating/ discovering new technologies and methodologies.

Against God: 20% participants:
1. Look at diseases, incurable.
2. Look at wars, crimes, corruption, and terrorism around the world.
3. Look how best humans are trying to bring haven on earth, but due to all above points it's becoming hell.
4. Why god has given humans, the destructive mind?
5. If god is the doer, then where was he hiding during World War 1, and 2.
6. Even god advised Arjuna to destroy Kaurav Army, and now he is doing on earth, indirectly by creating news way of destruction through evil minds.
7. God does create, but also destroys the things he create. Why should one destroy his best creation? Like Dinosaurs, we'll also be extinct, with some kind of disaster that dinosaur faced.
8. The technologies are been developed like nuclear, and computer and what not, however, it's more used for negative purpose than positive.

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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