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Spiritual Quotes around the world that enlightens the soul

Spiritual Quotes around the world that enlightens the soul

Read it, Think over it, Meditate on it, Realize it, and become an spiritually enlightened wise human being. 
0. "Deh Budhdhya Tu Dasoham, Jiv Budhdhya Twad Anshah, Atma Budhdya Twamev Aham, " said by Hanuman. Meaning, by bodily senses I'm your servant. By individual sense I'm part of you. However, when it comes to Soul level I and You're one and the same thing. God you and me, yes, we're one.

1. God is all pervading. Realize, realize and realize it.
2. God/ Allah/ Paramatma/ Yahova is omnipotent/ omniscient/ everywhere/ in each particle in fact everything is god......
3. This world is Maya...illusion...
4. God is Generator, Organizer and Destroyer of this world
5. This world has not at all happened. It's our own creation, as you perceive as you see.
6. Work is Worship
7. Thy will be done.
8. A Soul says, my whole life, is yours
9. Bhakti/ Devotion to god, is what, that gives you peace in life.
10. Sadguru tell the disciple: You're that (Tatvam Asi)
11. Disciple realizes: I'm that. (Aham Atma).
11. Finally Disciple reaches the timeless realisation: The whole world is God at each moment ( Pradnyanam Brahma)
12. While moving on the spiritual path, one has to follow all moral values, ethical norms.
13. Everything comes from God and leads to God.
14. God help them who help themselves.
15. All Prophets, Saints, Avatars, Realized souls, Fakirs, and Babas, Popes, Fathers, Sadhus, Rishis, Munis, and Mothers speak in one language, that's the god's language, and they do not tell something else, they say what God has to say, as while they deliver the spiritual discourses they happen to be One with God. Basic crux remains the same and it's timeless preaching. Ex. God is all pervading. The dogmas, the systems, the procedures, the ways, the methods, etc. are dynamic, and they change over times, even from script to script, even it could be different from person to person, it's expression could be different in different particle and bodies/ creatures, but 'God is all pervading' remains the basic fact, experience of realized soul and the reality.
16.As you grow older, you must become a wise humanbeing.
17. Living for moment to moment.
18. Spiritual discourses have no language, it can be communicated without speaking.
19. Aim of life is to be a realized soul, attaining nirvana, mukti, salvation, ....
20. It's not your profession that decides whether you can realize the god, but, it's how you do it that makes you realize soul. Right from Farming Professionals to Teaching Professional to Business Professionals to Politicians, every kind of person have become realized soul in this world. You just have to understand/ realize it.
21. God is with you all the times.
22. In spirituality, it's you, who has to attain that nirvana, and no one else can do it for you.
23. God is the best companion of any entity.
24. Unconditional love to the God can bring miracles in one's life.
25. If you are Paramarthi / living for the cause of god, then you must follow the restrictions as well.
26. Living for moment to moment is living for God.

Aum Shanti! Shanti!! Shanti!!! Amen.

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude   

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