Thursday, September 06, 2012

Leaving Footprints and Not Leaving Footprints (poem)

Leaving Footprints and Not Leaving Footprints (poem)

I happened to meet tow kinds of people, stalwarts in their fields.

One, trying to leave footprints, by publishing lot of research papers in the international journals,
Asked them why, each one said, "I want to leave footprints back, before leaving this world."

Another one, who try not to leave any footprints, but, who keep contributing, in various forms, of businesses,
Asked them why, their answer was, "However, you may try, people forget you within a span of a week or two after, one's demise, then, why not keep the real contribution being done, but, leave no mark?"

Both, sides were true.

When, requested to take an opposite stand, they agreed.

Why you want to leave the mark, by publishing lot of research publications, the Professor said, "Till the technology supports these papers, it will guide the humanity, with the name of the author, and I'll feel, I've contributed to the society at large".
The opposing, question, asked was, "In every one year technology changes do you think, your contribution will last so much long?"
"Then do you think our efforts will go waste?" The Professor was simpleton.....

Then, an opposing question, to leave no mark, people,
"Why you want not to leave any mark, but, keep contributing, this world is so selfish and wants all credit, money and entertainment, in fact will try to exploit you"?

The answer was, "By contributing I get real joy, and that's enough for me, otherwise also this world knows how to exploit each one and everyone, then why not contribute by own will, and in our own domain?" was the apt answer.

Slowly, "Leave no mark" people won the contest, as they put the seal by saying, "If god wishes, he can leave no mark, or, if he wishes he may leave some mark of your contribution, and death is the ultimate reality of life. There is death to the name of contributor, however, there is not death to their contribution, the link of the contribution continue for ever."

Om. Amen.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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