Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Awards that I received till date: My the best award is living with God

Awards that I received till date: My the best award is living with God

1. Bharat Jyoti Award: 2007: (Photo not getting loaded problem with Google it seems)s:
It includes the Chief Minster of Goa, and other Ministers who awarded, me. However, I was surprised why they awarded me, when I'm not an IIT'en ( I was rejected by 11 organisation as I'm not IIT'en) or IIM'en (I was rejected for the Faculty position as I'm not an IIM fellow) or from MIT (My top class research was rejected by MIT as I'm not MIT'en) or from NIT or from HBS (HBS rejected my several articles as they were not in collaboration with HBS faculty) or LBS or Oxford or Cambridge or from any any top institution in the world, neither I'm Government Employee, etc.
Then they told, "It's for your selfless contribution in the engineering and the management field". Thanks to them, who keep a track on contributions and contributers of the society.
Ok, the award belonged to God who contributed through me (I'm nimitya matra, God can replace me, with any one, at any time, for any work and award), and at present holding my 1 million patents in waiting. Ex. I've decided my first patent would be "Quark Based Technology" otherwise, I'll not file any other patent, including how to detect, species, in the non visible spectrum....If humanity requires these technologies, it will happen or else left to God and fellow human beings.
Amen. Om.
God listens to me, and I listen to God, I'm his good child, my aim is "Constant Nirvana", hence, these, awards are ok to me. My best awards are 'people showing me my place', or 'indirect insults' or 'my rejection as not a suitable candidate for **** jobs'.....that's the advantage of being simple and straight forward, and saintly of course, unlike big gurus, or big stars or ....ministers or rich person or genius or .....Om, it keeps us on ground level.
Liveng with God at all the times, is my the best of the best, of the best award in my life since last 40 years, and now, for all the times. If you want experience of God, welcome, experience it....if you search yourself within yourself, you'll find your constant companion, GOD.
Om. Amen. 

2. India International...
3. International Goldstar Award...
4. Academic Excellence Award ....

By now forgot, other awards.

hope coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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