Monday, September 17, 2012

Debate: Would you like to be rich and famous?

Debate: Would you like to be rich and famous?

1. Many people know you.
2. Your work gets done faster.
3. Hassle Free life.
4. You can focus on your desired goals as you may get more time for that if it does not get into your head.
5. I just love to be in limelight, by hook and crooks method. I feel, I'm at the top of the world, and a big achiever, by becoming rich and famous.
6. You come to know, various strata of society due to fan following.
7. They provide jobs to many, if they are industrialists or have some business.
8. Sometimes you get costly gifts in life.
9. You come to know about your self from very many people. Thus by Johari's window method/ application makes you, better realize yourself.
10. I feel nearer to God, after becoming famous.
11. With money so many things can be bought and/ or reached, like costly education, cars, games, Disney Land visit, etc.
12. Rich and Famous people come to know realities of life and they come to know about almost everything happening around them.

1. You tend to lose privacy, day after day.
2. Everywhere you go your fans follow you.
3. You've to keep learning how to handle different kinds of fans.
4. If you start thinking that is the only way, you lose your life into the dust-been
5. Maximum rich and famous have bad habits.
6. It's difficult to keep money and knowledge together, you try to get the best degree at higher cost.
7. You lose control over family as you're always behind the name and fame and money.
8. Most of the time, goes in attending phone calls, and this and that, all non-sense work.
9. You lose value for money and self
10. Only god can be truly famous and selfless as well, not human-beings.
11. Money can't buy everything but, that's what we start realizing after sometime, once we become too rich and too famous.
12. People may follow the rich and famous, even if they are not capable of spending or....
13. Idolisation / Iconisation may become harmful to society
14. They think they are the most knowledgeable people on the earth as they control lot of things.

Neutral stand: Some amazing/ interesting answerers:
1. Let me be rich and famous then I'll tell you.
2. I'm neither rich and not famous so I've no experience to speak on this issue.
3. I'm rich as well as famous, but, I feel it's nice to be rich and famous in my domain / area, however, when I go out I don't have privacy left. Wherever, I go people know me and surrounds me, sometimes, feel so helpless.

The debate continued, eternally.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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