Tuesday, September 04, 2012

(PROEM or PROM or POEM) Common man or Global citizen?

(PROEM or PROM or POEM) Common man or Global citizen?

(Prose + Poem = PROEM or Prose + Poem = PROM ) = > As you'll feel that it's written in simple prose format but it's a poem in simple language.
A child was talking to me.
"Uncle, how many countries people contact you, email you everyday?"
"Ten my boy, thanks to technologies and technologist" was my answer.
Then he asked the President of the nation, the same question.
Answer was, "Around twenty five, everyday".
The boy said, "Everyday, I talk to children of my age from more than 50 countries."
I was not surprised, as I knew the time he spends on the Internet.

An youth was was talking to me.
"Sir, how many countries, you have your friends?"
"More than hundred countries, for sure," I said.
The youth said, "You name it and I have friend in that country."
Again I was not surprised, as I knew by 21 he had mastered the basics of more than 5 major global languages.

Few oldies were talking to each other on social web sites.
"Man in Hinduism, Mukti or Nirvana will remains the ultimate goal of life", Indian.
"Yes in China, especially in Tibet, the Buddhism has mentioned the same goal for human lives",  Chinese.
"Yes, Salvation is / was, what we try for in our lives," The Italian.
Was again, not surprised again, as I've seen my parents using their cell phones, meticulously.

Few businessmen were talking business.
"Let me check, if it's feasible, then, let's get these things manufactured in Vietnam", Indian.
"Okay, you go, however, in my opinion, my company would go for Philippines or China," American.
"No matter, what you think but in my field, I have to go to Arab nations, as I'm in the oil domain." Russian.
I was again not surprised, as, it's but obvious, that technologies would be best used by the businessmen around the globe.

Few ...

The stories are unending.

I wondered, whether these are the common men or the global citizens?

Then, I asked them, the same question, "Are you common men or global citizen?".

The child asked me a question in reply, "Where are the borders?"
The youth asked me a question in reply, "Why you're you putting barriers in our friendships?"
The Old-men asked me a question in reply, " Why are you afraid my boy, you also must try for Nirvana there is no escape to it?"
The Business-men asked me a question in reply, "By compulsion we have to follow all the business barriers, and if communication is also stopped then, what's the use to live this human life?"

Amen. Aum.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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