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Work is Worship continues, and continues

Work is Worship continues, and continues

Case 58:
"Sirji, are you some Baba or Swami to guide us?"K.
"Babaji, ki jay." V.
"No need. Modern Baba, have just a common man's life. You can't distinguish between, a Baba or swami or a saffron cloths baba-Sanyasi/Fakir/Monk. Why do, the realized soul requires such, cloths and pomp and show off?" S.
"Then why others do it?" K.
"See, boy, you can't stop the age old and trusted methods, either to convince people for spiritual exaltation, at the same time, the methods adopted. In fact, the cloths describes from which "domain", he is. " S.
"Also, from names also you can distinguish, from where the Baba or Swamijis are coming. Ex. The suffix of Giri, Anand, ...tells you, which trusted path that Babaji has followed to reach this pinnacle of Baba level." S
"Another aspect is hierarchy among the Babas, Fathers, Fakirs, etc. is also there, the best examples, as you are aware, Arch bishop, Pope, etc." S.
"Now, tell us, how can we implement our work is worship? We are students of Engineering." K.
"See boy, Engineering is a noble profession only if you construct the bridges and vehicles and machines, when, you build it for benefits of society, but, it can be destructive as you know it. Hence, follow that benefiting path all the times. Otherwise you know, one small mistake in pass word, it could a "dot" i.e. ".", and the pass-word becomes wrong and everything goes wrong. " S
"Jiyo, sirji, what an example, what an observation?" K
"Isn't it too difficult to follow?" K
"Tell me what is so easy in this world. Don't you remember, before you started walking, you fell down a million times?" S.
"Yes, sir." K
"Then why are you bothered? Keep walking, pursuing your studies, offer everything to God, practicing early and starting early can take you to that destiny". S.
"Sir, teachers, may misguide us, some times, then, how to trust?" K.
"Take it granted, teachers are noble, those who are not, are not teachers." Sadguru.
"How about this world, sirji, where is it going?" K.
"Destiny." S.
"At least tell us where is it going, haven or hell? You might be able to see it, we know it."K.
"This, is martya lok, it doesn't go to haven or hell, but hangs in between." S.
"You are indomitable Sirji."K.
"In fact, I get most dominated, being noble all the times, and as I want to live a normal life of common man." S.
"Why don't you disclose to the world that you're that holy baba?" K
"Why, to bring millions to follow me? Why, should I not tell them, the God they are searching is within them, in fact, they are it, just realize it?" S.
"This world, will not follow you until you disclose? " K
"Let is be, but, I've my messengers to make it to public, what I wanted to disclose." S.
"Ok, Sirji. " K.
"You one." K
"We'll follow, work is worship." K
"How?" S.
"We'll start our day with prayers to almighty. Then we'll offer every activity to God, including studies, exams, practicals, discussions, home work, class work to God, as you told us." K

Case 59:
"Sirji, how to meditate? Especially, When there are so much hustles and bustles in life?" A.
"True, it is there out side, inside, but, you are not that. You happened to be Soul." S.
"How can soul meditate?" A.
"How can bodily you meditate?" S
"How?" A
"Think of you as Soul and meditate, most of your problems would be solved." S.
"You try, one method told by your Guru, or if you know. Stick to it, for 48 years. See the results, after, 60 years from meditation. Then we'll talk on it, if you've problems in meditation." S.
"But Sirji." A.
"We'll talk about BUT after 60 years of your meditation. Till then your every work should be meditation, every thing offered not offered should be meditation, that's work is worship. What's the difference between meditation and work is worship? Absolutely no difference. All prayers are similar and same....goes to God." S.
"Thinking, Loving, Walking, Breathing, Seating, Working, Sleeping, Studying, Business, Chanting name of God, offering prayers, are all forms of the God, and hence, work is worship. Sometimes, you face agony, pain, happiness, doubts, excitement, detachment, etc. it's all part of that. slowly, after 60 years of meditation, you'll find, mind, body, soul are one and the same thing, having unison with God." S.
"Promise". A.
"Yes." S
"I'll follow your path, marvelous, you're teaching me patience along-with the meditation." A 

Case 60:
"What's real confidence?" Ms. A
"Tat Twam Asi, and AYAM ATMA is the only confidence, rest, is just fragrance of it." Sadguru/S.
"How to remain in that state of mind?" Ms. A
"First you've to practise, then after 24 years, you don't have to, that state pulls you back to it." Sadguru.

Case 61:
"I regularly go for Pravachan (Discourse by some Guru/Swami/Baba), however, my other family members oppose me to go there due to lot of frauds in the spiritual field, hence, I just go listen to him and come back, is it ok?" Ms. ABC.
"It's ok for just listening. However, I hope you know the meaning of listening. " SA
"No." Ms. ABC.
"Listening means, making ear of your body, mind, soul and listen to god with apt attention and then follow its contents in your every moment life." SA.
"Oh, my god, got the message, will follow." Ms. ABC.
Her life changed.

Case 62:
 "You have to do Sadhana for whole life and you never should think you've become a complete man/women." Ms. AA.
"Where is I/You? Also, who is going to be complete man or women? Paramarth is not about people in past it's about present and how they lied the life and we must follow the best practices in our lives." SA.
"You've got a point." Ms. AA. 
"Think over it, just talking or meditation or chanting name of god can do the things but understand everything will give you faster results." SA

Case 63:

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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