Monday, August 27, 2012

Debate: Research is not the priority in Indian Universities

Debate: Research is not the priority in Indian Universities

Opinion 1:

1. Government through UGC trying hard and lot of efforts have brought better results, Micro-satellite from Private Universities is an example.
2. Students do lot of research and funding agencies are coming forward, AGV, Robots for particular purpose are few projects, to tell you.
3.  Research can be "Delta" addition, should not be always big bang, so slowly we are moving ahead.
4. At least you have to agree that there are lot of conferences happening in collaborations with AICTE, UGC and they bring out lot of research materials.
5. Budgets have increased and documentation shows, there is improvement in the research culture in India, few universities filed 100's of patents.(He went on to win the debate)

Opinion 2:
"My foot. I'm a Professor, and one of the University offered me a profile of Vice-Chancellor and they wanted me to look at maximizing the Profit. Instead, I said, if allow me to file 10 patents every year and let me do my research I'll come. Later, there was no message from them. Education has become a business in India and have all the nexus, except the Research. Even if they do some research, that's hopeless as compared to world standards. It includes the top brass institutes. Tell me how many Noble prizes, we Indias have won?".........

Opinion 3:
"India requires 120000 PhD's per year, as China have done, where as we're getting hardly 5000 PhD and out of them 90% cut-copy-paste. Rest I agree with opinion 2."

Opinion 4:
"It's a nexus boys, how to get grants? Rest you understand and I'm with opinion 2. Also, what documentation you are talking? They can be manipulated, I've seen it and experienced it and I'm working with top ranked Indian Institute".

The Debate was hotting up and I'd to interfere and bring out the best among all the views.

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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