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Few Books Worth Reading

Few Books Worth Reading 

Books take the Reader/s in totally different world/ paralance/ paradigm/ mental state.

Books are knowledge banks blended with genius of the author and supporting resources.

In Sanskrit it is claimed, "Granthaiv Guru", in Marathi there is a Proverb, "Granth Hech Guru" both have same meaning, i.e. when no live guru is available in the form of human being then Books are/or/ becomes the best Philosopher, Guide and Guru for the path/ direction seeker at any moment in life.

E.g. Many read Bible when they search for answer some problem in life,
Many seek help from Geeta, Kuran, Adigranth, Guru Granthsahib, and ...they get benefitted.

Also since time unknown in India, Knowledge and Guides are in the form of:
1. Shruti, i.e. Heard from ancestors and seniors,
2. Smruti, i.e. Stored in the Memory of humanbeings, and
3. Ved-Puranokt, i.e. Stored in the form of book like Ved, Puran and other books

become/s the best Guide/ Path for a person who is looking out for some direction in his life at any moment.

Some worth reading books which falls in all these categories and have directed lot of humanbing in their lives are:

1. The Ramayan. (Sansrkit)

2. The Complete work of Vedavyasa: Mahabharat, including Bhagavadgeeta, and his distinguishing creation Brahmasutra, and his contribution to Puranas. (Sansrkit)

3. The Bible both testaments.

4. The Vedas, including Rugwed, Yajurved, Athrvaved to Samved, and Vedanta-The Upnishad. (Sansrkit)

5. Complete works of Kalidas, including the most famous seven works Raghuvansh, Abhidnyan Shakuntal,.... to Malvikagnimitra. (Sanskrit)

6. Ramkrishnawachanamrut authored by Mr. M.

7. The Complete works of Swami Vivekananda.

8. The Quran.

9. The Gurugranthsahib.

10. The Adigranth.

11. Encyclopedia Britanica all volumes.

12. Complete works of Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay. (Bengali)

13. Complete works of Rabindranath Tagore.

14. Complete Works of Shakespere.

15. Complete works of P.G. Woodhouse.

16. Confucious. (Chinese)

17. Japanese Tales.

18. Russian Tales. (Russian)

19. Haikus. (Japanese)

20. Mrutyunjay, Chhava, Shrimanyogi, Radhey, ....(Marathi)

21. Panchatantra

22. Hitopdesh

23. Aesop's Fables

24. Jatak Tales

25. You can Win

26. 7 habits of ....

27. Second World War

28. First World War

29. Word Power Made Easy

30. (Allopathic) Surgery-Love and Belly

31. Organon-(Homoeopathy)

32. (Allopathic) Anatomy- Gray's

33. Materia Medica- Homoeopathic medicines book.

34. Charak Sanhita-Ayurvedic Medicines.

35. Samudrikshastra- Sanskrit.

37. 14 Kala and 64 Vidya-Sanskrit.

39. Dnyaneshwari by Saint Dnyaneshwar.

40. Dasbodh-by Saint Ramdas.

41. Complete works by Thiruvalluwar.

42. Bhagavat-Saint Eknath.

43. Gatha- Saint Tukaram.

44. Raghwendraswami.

45. Apostles of Jesus Christ.

46. Apostels of Shri Ramkrishna.

47. Marketing Management-1st. book: Philip Kotler, Dr. ArunKumar and Dr. Meenakshi, 3rd book:Dr. Panda.

48. Indian Constitution-Constitution of India.

49. Vyakaran by Panini.

50. Tulsi Ramayan.

51. Complete Works of Premchand.

52. Engineering Mechanics by F. L. Singer.

53. Trigonometry.

54. The Toyota Way.

55. Sony - Akio Morita.

56. Shyamchi Aaai (Marathi)

57. Complete Works of Balkavi (Marathi)

58. Autobiography of Yogi.

59. A call from the mountains (English)/ Saad Deti Himshekhare (Marathi)

60. Famous Five...any episode you like, Enid Blyton.

61. Hardy Boys...

62. Chandamama Magazine.

63. Agatha Christi

64. Sherlock Holmes.

65. Biography of Gondavlekar Maharaj.

66. Complete Ragas book based on Indian and/or Karanataki Classical Music with new Ragas.

67. Arabian Night.

68. Sindbad.

69. Alibaba and Fourty Thieves.

70. Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam's -

71. Aanandmath-Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.

72. Organisation Behaviour-Stephen Robbins.

73. Engineering Drawing-N. D. Bhatt.

74. Complete Works of Saint Mirabai.

75. Complete works of Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

76. Dattatraya.

77. Biographis of Noble Prize Winners.

78. Elements in Periodic Table with biographies of scientists who discovered them.

79. Dashavtar.

80. Evolution.

81. The Story of Time.....Stephen Hawkins.

82. Newton’s Principia Mathematica (1687),

83. Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (1859),

84. Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations (1776),

85. Michael Faraday’s Experimental Researches in Electricity (1855)

86. Complete Works of Subramanyam Bharati,

87. Become a better you, by J. Austin,

88. Daily Christ, by Andersons, (English)

89. Pravachan, (Daily Spiritual Message), by Brahmachaitanya Gondawalekar Maharaj, (Marathi)

90. AUDEL's Series (Automobile Engineering)

91. Micro-processor by Gaonkar

92. Biography of Brahmachaitanya Gondawalekar Maharaj (Marathi)

93. New Age of Innovation, by C. K. Prahlad

94. Indigenisation: The only solution for India for sustainable development: Evidence from the global small car market, PB-ISBN- 978-93-5235-434-4, e-book-ISBN- 978-93-5235-435-1,

95. Indigenization: The only solution for India for sustainable development: Evidence from the global small car market, Volume 1, PB-ISBN- 978-93-5235-438-2, e-book-ISBN- 978-93-5235-439-9

96. Indigenization: The only solution for India for sustainable development: Evidence from the global small car market, Volume 2, PB-ISBN- 978-93-5235-440-5, e-book-ISBN- 978-93-5235-441-2

97. Indigenization: The only solution for India for sustainable development: Evidence from the global small car market, Volume 3, PB-ISBN- 978-93-5235-442-9, e-book-ISBN- 978-93-5235-443-6

98. Indigenization: The only solution for India for sustainable development: Evidence from the global small car market, Volume 4, PB-ISBN- 978-93-5235-444-3, e-book-ISBN- 978-93-5235-445-0.

99. Millennium Development Goals (MDG) or Million Year Development goals (MYDG), PB-ISBN- 978-93-5235-434-4, e-book-ISBN- 978-93-5235-435-1.

100. The Solution Master, Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, IJORD Group, India, ISBN – 978-93-5196-633-3 for Paper Back, and for e-Book- ISBN-978-93-5196-634-0), in 2015.


(This is just a list of books, and not a ranking hence, please no comparison)
Just see which are the most read books in the world and who are the authors:
E.g. The list of most read Fiction books:
other sources:

Learning Languages Books:
Tamil: Learn Tamil in 30 days
Sanskrit: Pandit Satavalekar series.

Take Example in India:
There is a series of "Learn .....language in 30 days" the language for example Tamil can be learnt via Hindi / English.
Many have taken advantage.

Where to Buy?:
Amazon, nearest bookshop,

Where to read?:
Anywhere, home, library, .....any place you like/ wish.

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
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Reading Bhartrihari's Sringara Satakam and Vairagya Satakam can change a person's life, if there is a willingness to change.

Those who do not have time to read the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda:
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