Monday, July 23, 2007

"How to balance Materialistic life with Spiritual or even with Normal life?"

"How to balance Materialistic life with Spiritual or even with Normal life?" This is Question of my student. My students are knowledgeable, intelligent and are highly self-motivated in their lives. They have achieved:
1. Work-Life balance, while bachelor, and
2. Family-life and work-life balance, after marriage.
Now, they are asking me, “How about balancing Work-Family-Spiritual life balance at all the fronts?”
Few feel they are interested in Practical Wisdom. Few feel they are interested in making their family and friends happy and live a comfortable life that will be their Nirvana. Still, the question is obvious from Indian especially, from Hinduism perspective, where it is believed that Dharma, Arth, Kam, Moksha could be achieved only if there is a Realization on all these fronts packed with some spiritual Sadhana / Practice leading to self-enlightenment/ Moksha / Nirvana/ Salvation / Mukti. Hence, let us have open discussion. In fact, in Christianity there is Salvation word for Mukti. In Buddhism there is Nirvana word for Moksha. Hence, an open discussion on this issue is important to let new generation get/ know VISION and MISSION, GOAL, OBJECTIVE in/ for their LIFE.
It is believed that once the direction of life is decided, then, young generation will lead a charged, inspired, enlightened and fruitful life on the earth and beyond.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude.

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Vibhor said...

I believe to have a balance between worklife and personal life,whether after marriage or in bachelor needs to understand his ultimate goal first.if a person's goal is self achievement by getting huge career development and highly successful worklife,he will get miksha,nirvana,mukti by achieving that.baut mine prspective is ultimate goal of life is to keep my family,parents,love,friends happy and to become a perfect son,perfect husband,perfect father,perfect friend,and above all a perfect human being,a perfect soul......if i could achieve it even without even a single penny,i woul feel that i have attained salvation,nirvana,mukti.....