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High handed we are from heavens approach of Media or Impatience of creative people what made free share so popular

High handed we are from heavens approach of Media or Impatience of creative people, what made free share so popular?

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I'm certainly not against anybody as their contribution to society is very high, but, I also have proof of my ebook free book was rejected by the best publishers in the world and now 2.7 million people have read it, hence, this question is relevant for me and this discussion too. 


High handed we are from heavens approach of Media or Impatience of creative people what is responsible for Facebook WhatsApp LinkedIn Blogs getting best articles photos, etc. Why people are not going for high end publishers, dailies, etc. for their creations or for copyright or for patents? Where are we wrong?

My god just visit on internet, free books in millions, free the best of the best photos in billions, the best of the best stories in billions, ...just see whatsapp shares in billions, ....

They are not going for patent or copyright or trademark so much free shares are there....where are loopholes?

Are they biased? Are they not open to creativity? Are they favouring only their people to come up and on purpose hide others? Are they been paid high by those who shine on their mode of publication?

Point to ponder and think from all direction. If I'm wring please correct me but discussion and debate is must in democratic set up. All the best to all.

Now, you’ll ask me, What rights I have to raise this issue?!.." So it’s like this, an experience with 200 dailies, 200 TV channels, 200, Top Publishers of the world... Hope they'll take it positively as I took their comments/ criticism/ positivity positively. 

I’ve had a meeting in some Press Conferences with Media personnel but, the reply from them was negligible on the ebook free book “The Solution Master”. All were positive but had no space for such illegitimate news or insignificant news where an author ahs provided Solutions to all the world’s problems. Someone behind my back said, “Does he think he has come from heavens and he is God to provide Solution to all the world’s problem and it’s so simple matter?” My simple reply was, “Why should we trouble God when we on earth can solve our problems ourselves?”…. However, their answer was, “There are many who try to find answer to one problem at a time, and we don’t give importance to them, do you think people will read it?”
My answer was, “If these questions were not important and the solutions were not practical then why do these questions find place on the World Bank discussions?” At these reply they had no answer. However, once person said, “Out of the box. Ashish Sir, please keep working on this.” While another came and told me in ears, “Ashish are you playing God? Are you playing high handed coming from heaven approach?” I told him, “Then why should I write free book and ebook to let the book go into everyone’s hand? I should have charged millions and should have kept secret and have provided lofty consultations as if I’m a great person charging billions for consultations.” Then he said, “True, you behave like common man but thinking is Godly. God bless you. Let me ask my Chief Editor what’s his reply”. He asked and the Chief Editor said, “Kaha Kaha se aa jaate hai (Just neglect that person), come back….don’t waste time with such people they live in fools paradise all Ph.D.’s are half mad.”
Now about Television Journalism, all the best channels in India I met. One of the person said, “Ashish, you’re better than many of the persons who are trying to be great and they will not let you come up and even our chief editor will not let this be ‘a big news’. In fact, I’ll go beyond and say, few top people of the world, copy your sentences and ideas like “Made in India” or “Create multimillion jobs in our own country itself” or “How to develop skills of people right from early childhood” or you name it boy….all politicians of the world are copying your thoughts and book though at present you are unknown but when you’ll arrive you’ll arrive with bang.
Another, TV channel journalist said, “Now a day it’s a paid media, you get nothing free of cost, as we have feed our children.”
Another TV channel journalist said, “I’ll be coming from Delhi next week, will call you for meeting….” I went exactly at 11:00 am on Sunday with proper meeting time but 5 times I missed the meeting as he had important work.
After all these stuff when the book became viral and 2.7 million read it, and when I tried to meet these journalist on certain occasion where ever they were they had a guilty feeling and tried to avoid me as they felt their boss will scold them or fire them for not listening earlier to me. However, I said, “You people are not aware about genuine contributors to society as you come across millions who take advantage of you and hence you didn’t paid attention to this genuine call, but, I have no grudes as you’ve to feed your family. I do not want to be God, or the Solution Master or name and fame or anything from this world, but, it’s sure, when I die none should say, I did nothing for this world, when I tried to reach and provide solutions instead of supporting genuine cause you neglected the solutions at the prime time. Just to tell you, I told all good people even as a child in 1980’s to enter politics and cleans the system now, otherwise it will be too late, they said, “Child is mad. Good people do not come to politics for 100 years, India …..”. Now when I met them as an expert after 35 years, as a “Solution Master” they said, “Ashish you were right at that time too and this time too.”
Height is the top book publishers.

I went with the concept of the book to some top publishers. Looking at the book they said will boil your heart. One said, “Don’t be over smart to provide all solutions in one book.” Another said, “You don’t know how to write book come and take guidance from our expert writers you’ll be millionaire soon. We even guide Professors from top institutions around the world and some part is written by our own ghost writers.” One of the top journal said, “We can make a good Research Paper of it, with high impact factor journal in our group and it’ll be the best research paper of your life but you’ll have to pay  USD 1000.” Another publisher said, “Just pay INR 28000/= we’ll publish 100 copies and make it checked and then pay us INR 100 for each copy and we’ll sell 1 million copies for INR 200/ book and we’ll be billionaire.” When I said, “Then I’ll publish this book free of cost…” He replied are you, billionaire and the greatest philanthropist of the world, what do you think of yourself, this world will listen to it, money speaks here, we have advertise and then your book become famous….it’s a hardcore business. You’re Ph.D. in Marketing don’t you understand? If not then your Ph.D. has to be thrown into the dust been, has no value”. I said, “I did Ph.D. in knowing agonies and pains of the millions of the people and to find Solutions on it. When I found that indigenisation only can solve problems of every country then I did it. Also, I’m not millionaire even and don’t have a single penny in my pocket, but you get it published and pay me royalty if you wish or don’t but get it published, are my only request...” On it he said, on lighter vein, “Hey get out, no one will publish such book from a beggar like you.” I said, “Come on I didn’t ask money to you, why you call me beggar?”…. On it he laughed a lot. However, in short he convinced me, it’s not cup of tea of all present media to publish such out of the box book, and rest is history, it's not about god, good or bad people, but, humans are humans is the only crux of this article. 

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

Face to Face Reply from one Publisher: 

A publisher: “Ashish, I know you said, on each question, we’ll draw an animation or cartoon and then publish it and make it big. Take whatever it takes for you and even don’t pay me royalty too. However, I didn’t realize the importance of the book at that time. I thought, you are just making sarcastic comments or jokes on the world’s top leaders, I should have read at least one question, instead, I’d thrown you out and said, “Go away and let me do my work, you are not so great over which I waste my time, also, all PM, Presidents, and head of the states and I too have other important work than wasting time on your day dreams. I apologize for the same, I think now we are day dreaming and not you boy, though it’s too late for you. I know, your behavior, now you’ll never come to me for publications, as your self esteem was hurt and I too said what should not have been said which includes the slang ABCDEFG language as well. All the best boy for just INR 22000 I’ve lost a deal, which you said, don’t have at that time,…., the deal which could have been worth a billion rupees at least. What happens Ashish we search for pedigree and famous names before publications and you stood no where boy. Thanks for allowing me to express me fully in front of you, now I feel ok. I know the journalists who said, “Are you from heaven, and came to solve problems of this world and insulted you. Please don’t mind but, I was also one among them. Great work. All the best.”

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