Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Self Delight and Self Actualization and Self Satisfaction and Self Enlightenment Requires No Certificates and requires No Valuation from anybody

Self Delight and Self Actualization and Self Satisfaction and Self Enlightenment Requires No Certificates and requires No Valuation from anybody

Correct me please if I'm wrong is the humble request too, at the start itself.

When, I used this proverb of mine, few of my colleagues kept saying, "What will you eat with that? You need to work under a boss and in a organisation which will not let you do it free of cost.....etc." Later, we used to laughed a lot. However, I kept working on "The Solution Master" book kind of work. None, came forward and helped and none supported it as they thought it's a maverick work, against all. When, I told them it's God's own work, none agreed on it. However, when 2.7 million read it and still keep demanding and replying anonymously about what they same people are amazed and are saying in lighter vein .... "Some way or other, all are maverick".

I always say, "When, we are God's own, and right path and trying for world's own good why should we worry about our contribution? I follow all 10 commandments, and when I follow what ever is written in the Bhagavadgeeta then to whom should I worry?"

Do you know, what Self satisfaction you get when you put a photo of a child of a laborer who can't study, then of few children are doing child labor and who can't study even if RTE is there in 135 countries and demand....Noble Peace Prize be given only if this is eradicated fully....

Do you know what peace of mind, self delight, and self actualized you feel when UNSG and heads of the sates listen and Chief of World Bank is hearing from you when you demand 100% literacy and give Solution on it?....No valuation is required from any of the worldly fronts.

With the confidence they’re doing, I won’t feel surprised in future, if ISRO launches more than 1000 micro satellites, 100 is just a number, with its full capacity it can carry 1000 satellites of 500 grams or even less weights, this can make it possible to make it 1000 satellites….Others who have more capacity like NASA, Roscosmos, European Space Agency, etc. can still do better not only on earth but elsewhere too...... Now, imagine, the bunch of Indian scientists who are working day and night for ISRO missions. They might be feeling self satisfaction, at every new height of achievements, Chandrayan/ Moon Satellite Mission, Mars Mission, now this and further. Though they might get praises from many quarters but unless they have self actualization feeling and willingness to contribute more they can't achieve more and next. They started from Zero support and negligible funds, but, they did it and will be continuing to do so as humanity dwells in their heart and soul....

Of course few say, "Only Self Enlightened/ Atmadnyani person can raise such issues....", then, I leave this/that Valuation to the one an only one Almighty, and few may say the decision will come from God himself/ Goddess herself.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

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