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"THE SOLUTION MASTER" Book crosses 1000000 (One Million) READERSHIP MARK...ebook Freely available on URL

"THE SOLUTION MASTER" Book crosses 1,000,000 (One Million) READERSHIP MARK...ebook Freely available on URL   

In fact, it had crossed 328000 mark on 15th September 2015 itself, according to Google-Analytics and Website Page Count on that day, and hence it was expected to get such overwhelming response sooner or later according to the CEO of IJORD group.

Hope it proves Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are achievable, when, "The Solution Master" book crossed one million readership mark through various modes, by God's Grace and now, I feel I've lived up my life.

Hope we'll not wait for some Avatar or Prophet or Super Leader and we'll not trouble the God for the same, being so called we're the most intelligent being on earth.

Hope now on earth, we'll have better system/s to eradicate poverty and sooner we'll be able to achieve MDG and SDG too.

Sometimes feel nothing left to be done.... However, when looked outside, hungry people, uneducated children begging on streets, and various problems here in North-East India, Jammu and Kashmir, suicides by farmers in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra around Nagpur, refugees crises around the world, environmental catastrophes, imperialistic mindsets, skewed economic growths, human rights violations, common perception that 'show-off governmental bodies are useless' or even top bodies of the world are not useful for common citizens, ..... etc. etc. We feel, there is huge left to be done... it's a unending path of action....mostly implementations are required as there are lot of plans in various fields ...but.. on implementation front RTI fails, RTE fails, ....Let's work together for humanity, for this world... 

After going through just 39 (Thirty Nine) pages book "The Solution Master", in 10 minutes, someone said, "Why not it be considered for "Booker Prize" or for "Noble Peace Prize" or "Sahitya Academy Award" or "Bharat Ratna", but I know, it's not marketed by any top book publisher, neither it is favoring any political system in the world, nor the thoughts are liked by even near and dear ones, neither it's going to be viral nor it's going to be liked by anyone though I'm speaking in every human's favor, then how can it win Noble Prize or Bharat Ratna or Booker Prize or Sahitya Akadami Award....? That's the problem Truthful, Honest person faces in this world. Still, I've raised questions that would be raised by our great, great grand sons and daughters would raise on us.

Few Simple Solutions given in this book are:
  1. "NO WAR PACT between all the UNO nations for Development of this world for coming 100 years from 2015 till 2115 A.D....." ...hope everyone got the idea what this book contains….
  2. If money can be transferred to 110 million accounts in India, and, if Pulse Polio Drive can be 100% successful in India, then why not 100% literacy?
  3. Why not USA have lady President till date? If they talk about female participation in politics or business? 
  4. If there is Right to Education in 135 countries, why not the 100% literacy is there? It means, Self Help Group, Governmental and Non-Governmental Bodies should work together and keeping 24 X 7 track on the children through proper representation can bring the proper results, then why not UNO and WB help governments to plan such things?
  5. Why farmers who commit suicides in many places of the world, including India feel that they have none who can /will take care of them? Where does human civilization is failing? Why no-trust and no-faith on anyone is growing than faith and trust among all, and why not 'let's go together on these issue be the norm?', what will will be the role of UNO, WB, IMF, and governments in this  in future? Why there is a  communication gap between the common man, and these top bodies of the world?

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Also Reading are citizens from OmanMoldova, Sri Lanka, Somalia, and also citizens of other countries, thanks and the best wishes to them, from our family.  

According to Google-Analytics, 58% readers are from India and 15% are from USA, 11% from CanadaGermany, Netherlands, and rest are from Hungary, UK, France, Brazil, UAE, Russia, China, Turkey, etc.
The Solution Master book is just 39 pages and can be read in 10 minutes, is available on URL
URL on YouTube for jpg file:
Also, available on YouTube with High Definition Bmp images slideshow for high speed internet and high end PC's and cellphones:
These solutions have been verified by many experts and they are feasible as well and has been confirmed....hope everyone got the idea what this book contains.
That's what is this world since eons my Sadguru Swami Madhavnath said. During Ram it was the same, During Krishna it was the same, During Jesus it was the same, During Mohammad it was the same, During Ramkrsihna it was the same, During Kalki it will be the same. However, I've satisfaction that it's a drop into the Ocean of Knowledge by God's grace....and God selected me for this book is what I feel and I'm thankful to God for the same.
Again, I claim, I feel I've lived up my life by God's grace, as it has crossed more than 1 million views by now and the thoughts have been appreciated by one and all, as I've spoken every human's mind only.


1. Comments by Well wisher of this world:
My one of the best student Mr. Vijai Kumar Baskaran, who is pursuing MS in Ocean Engineering in IIT, Madras/ Chennai, says, "Dear Professor, it did really took a lot of time (2 weeks) to study the book, understand n digest. Your book holistically covers up everything. I don't think so any thing is left out at all. All the solutions by you are both valid and verified. Pl put this in your blog too. Thanks. Cheers! Rgds". Vijai Baskaran....
My Reply to him on LinkedIn:
Thanks Vijai Baskaran. My generation's job was to find, locate the things...from your generation onward would be to implement....Jai Humanity.
2. Comment by Well Wisher of this world:
It is well-written.
Keep it up 
Pethuru Raj PhD
Infrastructure Architect
IBM Global Cloud Center of Excellence
IBM India, Bangalore 560045
Personal Web Site:
 3. Comment by Hemant the software expert:
No war pact seems to be impossible task...and he laughed a lot. Humans have been fighting since time we know...but...I thank got that I met such person who can think on this there will be no evolution of humans and Darwin is falls....again he laughed.
4. Comment by 79 Academic Professionals who would like to remain unknown:
If we read the book we feel we have wasted our lives on useless things and now we got the direction to our lives. Thanks to god we could meet you. 
5.Farmer, Mr. Chalapati Rao, Warangal: I Liked you touched the heart and soul of Farmers who toil hard, suffer all turmoil everyday in their life while getting the full grown crops, but they cannot get the prices of this crops and this is the pulse of their major agony. At every place from the farm to mill, from mill to wholesalers, from wholesalers to retailers, the middlemen are earning and making money with power and prejudices, who make big fat money, and no government could do anything till date, where will this vicious circle stop? What are the Agro Universities doing in India? Where are their contributions when farmers are committing suicides? Why can’t they have fully devoted units for solving this problem? I liked your heart melting for the farmers. Why can’t the World Bank and the top bodies of the world discuss and solve this problem than just show off time wasting tactics? Farmers cannot dictate the price is reality boy. Thanks for raising our issues at world level. God bless you. 
6. Mr. Deven Mishra, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh: In case two countries come together and sign a pact of ‘No War’, and if two countries are democratic countries then, the opposition take advantage by saying, “Look the PM of our country has joined hand with opposing country?” All for political gains only and this is a reality too. Though, your idea of ‘No War Pact’ for all UNO member countries seem exceptional and excellent too, still, people having selfish motives and vested interest can destroy your idea by doing all these fantastic things, as you say.
7. Md. Rahat Tabrez, Kerala: As you say air is free water is free, is true, then it is also true that selfish individuals and rulers of imperialistic mindset countries having vested interest will not let ‘No war pact for 100 years’ come true. Hope good people will take your good thoughts forward. Hope as you say evolution of man if not happen then at least it remains human for coming few million years that humans become devils by not listening to your idea “Are humans going to fight wars for million of year, while not they evolve as better being?”
8. Mr. Ram, Andhra Pradesh: “Future of earth has become uncertain due to uncertainties created by the humans on earth. Your book is thunderbolt and lightening from the heaven it seems. Hope everyone listens to your thoughts. All the best.”
9. Mr. Raj, Tamilnadu: I’m stunned a person can think and fathom the agony and pains of this world in so much depth and can write it in so much simple language. Another reality is, I’m also surprised, the big publishers through their agents or authorities have conveyed they cannot publish such a master-piece as they have no courage to do so and instead advised you to take a lesson on ‘Learn how to write a Book and Research Papers?’ In fact, they are also not wrong, they are busy in their own stuff like all of us are and no one has time to think over these important issues. Sir, I accept you’re super leader of all super leaders. Hat’s off to you for the book, “The Solution Master".
10. Mr. Rajkumar, Chennai: Kindly put URL of the ebook, and every of your discussion’s URL on the every discussion so that the old people like us can locate it instantly unlike children who can copy and paste and search it. Please make it simple in the next version.
11. Mr. Bhanu, Bangalore: People are reading your thoughts carefully, each word they are reading carefully, as you’re touching their hearts and brains and souls. I’m deeply touched by the contribution of yours, Sir.
12. Mr. Santosh Kumar: Facts and Figures coming out of heart, brains and soul, is what is you book and hence touching every person on earth. Great Sir. You’re speaking as their representative. Thanks to God, for giving you courage to raise such problems. 
13.Mr. Pranav, Image Consultant, Bengalooru: Thanks for the snippets of wisdom. 
14. Dr. Venkatesh, 1971, U. Pen. Wharton Graduate in Management: Dr. Ashish is a wisdom incarnated on young shoulders it seems. Even the best B’Schools or Leadership Schools and thought processes can’t produce such leaders. The knowledge and wisdom he has gained matches the age of 80 years old like me, who has seen the entire world. Let true leaders come forward and let this super leader lead the world for better future. He will lead the world for better as he has the      more holistic and inclusive ideas than all present UNO employees. 
15. An Insurance Agent, trying to remain unknown: When you asked Sir, “Why can’t USA have lady President or …There are no true Insurance policies that cover all the women problems of ladies…. It shows what kind of expectations you have from ladies and how high you hold their self esteems. Great Sir.” 
16. Mr. Firoz: Great Sir. Look how students are searching and locating the URL’s of your questions on the WWW, but, we are old, kindly put URL’s in the next edition and references of the discussions too. We are with you, Sir.
MY REPLY: Thanks for the suggestion, Mr. Firoz.
17. Brahmavani: “True holistic and result oriented thoughts with multi trillion, multi quadrillion, multi pentillium economic advancement, Sir. No one is as futuristic as you are, Sir.
18. Mrs. Prerna: A man must be true selfless and fearless when he is received by all, for raising such selfless questions. 
19. Mr. Ramvilas Mishra: Just remember, this is Kalyug, people come together only in bad works not in good works, so your ideas will not be accepted by united bad workers. This is also very bad reality of this world, at present. I’m sorry, but, some one has to come out, to make this book more comprehensive, Professor.
20. Sister, Ms. Valentina: As you always say, in India, even alphabets of Marathi, Telugu, Gurumukhi, Bengali, Gujarat, Tamil do not match and still you live together, I agree with that. Only, a person grown in juxtapose and contrasting culture but living faithfully can raise these inclusive issues, s/he only can think holistically and come out with such questions full of solutions. Our Salutations to you and your Indian culture, where, there is really a freedom of speech and acceptance to juxtapose and contrasting views are welcome. Congrats to you for crossing one million readership, plus, 522312 whatsapp shares and 100 thousand email shares, and more. All the best. 
21. Sister, Ms. Angelina: We hope, big publishers and Journals will become more humble and let others do their job creatively at least sometimes. Hope they will understand that talent and creativity and the best thoughts and algorithms are not coming out of top Institutions and places in the world only. 
22. Mr. Sebastin: Once God said, “I rule this world only for few people…this world is alive because of few people only.” Thanks Ashish, you are the one among few for whom God has kept this world alive. Rest are busy in their own life and routine. Great contribution. 
23. Mr. Amit: “From where do you think, sir? You are not from this world.
MY REPLY: “I’ve kept my souls, brains and heart at the feet of God, he sends the questions full of solutions and answers, and they appear here.”
24. Mr. Manu @ 9:30 am: “Stop asking such questions; it’s a waste of time for you and for the world leaders too.”
After explaining the context and situations the questions are asked. 
Mr. Manu @ 9:40 am: “Please continue asking such questions which are Answers to present age problems and full of solutions in them too.”
25. Mr. Ravi, Gaya, Bihar: “Sir, generally, such questions will be ignored by the world’s so called top leaders because you’ve written all realties of today and they are also aware of. However, they just want continue with their job than really contribute to the world is also reality.”
26. Mr. Pratik, Patana, Bihar: “Sir, I want to add one more reality in life. Many Engineers, Doctors, Architects, Commerce Graduates and even Teachers and Professors, are doing article-ship kinds of job for 5 years and not getting salary, still they keep saying we’ve a job, just to save the face as it’s matter of prestige in big cities, the companies and institutes earn a lot but have no heart to pay monthly salary is also reality of life today. It’s as if exploiting literate youth better than even labourers could have been exploited. We liked your idea of ‘No war pact’ and develop the world. However, we wish you raise this point in future. 
27. Mr. Critic cum Admirer: Indian and American: On one hand it’s a waste of time for all world leaders to look at this problem as they have their own prejudiced agendas and as they think they are cut above the rest, where as we know, what is value of a peon or a president in a private company as the owner keeps every thread of reins in his hand and even world’s top bodies are governed by such bodies only. On other hand I admire your contributions, as you have broken the thought leaders’ ego itself. What kind of these thought leaders are when they cannot make the world a solid place to live but for themselves? Your inclusive thoughts and action to do it proves it’s possible for a super leader to lead this world and grow, prosper in an inclusive manner than self centric or some entity centric thoughts like one country or one ideology or this or that. One of the thoughts that I liked most is, “Why Coca Cola kinds of companies can reach more countries in their services and sells than UNO can?” This proves, the UNO lacks something in their reach, which hurts me a lot. However, facts are facts. I accept there is lot to be done to meet MDG and SDG. Hat’s off to your contribution Dr. Ashish. 
28. A student: Sir, I'm stunned at the writing of realities in life, and today, I'm confident, the future generations would not blame us for not raising issues of concern in advance, as you've done it. We're proud of you, sir. 
29. A Senior: MDG and SDG are just mirage generated by world bodies to keep the intellectuals like you to keep busy, otherwise it's impossible in this selfish world. Everyone who reads your book realizes this as passing of every year, these goals are going away and more away and becoming a pipe-dreams. Don't waste time even if the figure of a million or a billion people read it. All the best. 
29. Mr. Pravin Guhe: Builder: It's good people are reading this book, and these questions are raised. Otherwise, human civilization would have been called blind leading blind. I liked your idea of 'leading enlightened souls is better than blind leading blind'. Also, once these questions are raised, then only people will come together and find solutions and answers to these problems. Thanks to God for your contribution. All the best. 
30. Ms. Ayushi: Kid/ Student: "Father, I understand being kid we don't understand many things, however, I fail to understand why even grown ups cannot implement such basic things in human lives to make it more beautiful? Hope God gives brains and will to elders and older to implement such basic things in everyday lives of common man". 
31. Mr. Jagan: Student: As lot of people were reading this book, freely available and easily download-able, I was surprised to see so many points never heard and covered by any of the daily/ news papers and books and magazines and text books and giant Research Journals and show-off biggies, those have been covered by this simple person Dr. Ashish. I know to understand these many things he has sacrificed his life and high profile career... I thank God for creating such a person and could meet him in my life. I wish him all the best for his life and career, as he also wishes us. 
32. Well-wisher: Senior Citizen: Big-Big talks solve no problems and talkers generally do not act on the ground, though, you are exceptional Ashish, and we saw you working on the ground. It's good that God has given you authority to ask these questions to super seniors. Some one had to do it. It seems God also has given a thought to these problems of majority of humans on earth. Let's hope for the best. 
33. A Senior Octogenarian Advocate/ Judge: "Why the book is so popular boy? Hope you've kept your docile personality intact and have used the parliamentarian language only".....Dr. Ashish/ Author: "Sir, give me a chance and let me read the book in front of you, it's 39 pages and takes 10 minutes only." The Senior Advocate/ Judge: "Yes, boy, I've lot of time for this world.... (We laughed a lot.) Please go ahead and tell me more details. Dr. Ashish gave details. Finally the Senior Advocate/ Judge said, "Now note down 3 major points, let the world know it: Point 1: The language in this book supersedes any parliamentarian and spiritual or daily used languages in the world. I liked your questions like: a. Hon. Mr. Ban Ki Moon and Hon. ...., where you've used language in which you've shown high amount of respect and reverence to existing leaders, and lastly expressed thanks and even offered help and suggestions too. b. The Solutions like 'No war pact of 100 years' can be accepted by the Senior most people like me and even the Kindergarten children as well.... so many good things you have put boy. Point 2: All are practical and legal solutions to existing problems and I approve them boy. Point 3: Don't worry, you're the proof, and your work is the proof, that even media and prominent pillar of democracy can be sometimes biased as they have not taken cognizance of your work and though 2 million have read it but, there is no focus and limelight to it. It shows, you can work without limelight unlike others in this 'I and Me and Myself world'. By this book, you've started Revolution of Evolution of Mankind. Frankly, I liked the way you dealt all humans as mortals, hence, my Certificate for your contribution is: "Greatest Contribution of a human for the humankind till date." 
34. Senior Life Science Expert: I liked your idea, "Whether man is going to fight for millions of years and will he not evolve further?" This idea has put Theory of Evolution as applicable to man in big question, especially on fighting and arms race, and negativity. God bless you, Professor. No one has time to think differently. Look, main media has not taken any cognizance of your book, it shows, there is always a parallel system that dominates the real system called main stream. Then, slowly, main stream becomes a virtual stream. All the best Dr. Ashish, please don't put my name into it, put my comment. 
35. Some senior friends: No one has seen problems of this world so extensively and positively man, you did. God bless you. Sorry for blaming you for multilateral thinking till date. Now, its more required in this multilateral world. People, have to be groomed like this and have to undergo several training sessions, but, you're born like this Ashish, a out of the box multilateral thinker. Sorry, sometimes we blamed you, even silently abused your thoughts behind you, we know, you were aware about this. Please carry on boy, your good work. If people all over the globe start thinking like this, soon there will be no enemy left, all shall live peacefully, and progressively well......All the best. 
36. Mr. Bhushan (Age 15 years) and Mr. Vedant (Age 13 years): We liked the idea of 100 years No war pact:
i.There will be indomitable unity without discrimination of any kinds in the world if there is no war pact of 100 years.
ii.All the cities, villages and countries will look space age, as you always say Sir.
iii.There will be no corruption, less pollution, and there will be no crime and hence humanity will progress on all the fronts.
iv.There will be education to all, health to all and jobs to all in our generation.
v.There will be globe trotters in our generation.
vi.Everything will be available everywhere and that too at reasonable.
vii.Eco-friendly energy sources will be more popular.
viii.Agrarians will not commit suicides as the wise people will pay properly while buying there products directly. 
37. An anonymous Professional 1: Dr. Ashish, we liked you're talking about unity among all humans in this book. Otherwise, you go anywhere, people are with arms to fight, strong words to blame, and fire full of eyes. It's cool, rather coollest contribution man. 
38. An anonymous Professional 2: Dr. Ashish, you've grown togetherness in this book among all humans, thanks to god for such contribution of yours. 
39. Mr. Shriram: Good that you did a timely job raise such issues. Hope sooner or later, solutions and answers to problems will be found out. 
40. Unknown Person: Dr. Ashish, People play big games and even heads of the states are made scapegoats, hence, be aware, this world is false that we see. The Solutions to big problems are impossible to find out due to selfish motives of humans only. 
41. Unknown Person: Dr. Ashish, go and ask any spiritual leader, or political leader or business leader or this or that, s/he'll say it's because of your fault and past deed, you are weak or poor. Then ask her or him, if you are so powerful and near to God or near to Power, why can't you solve these problems? Then s/he will not have time for these things. That's how this world is since long. Now people have started saying, 'Humanity is curse on earth' as it has made more damage to earth than he created better things, where ever human civilization is there. Then what will be our Answer? However, let's be positive, we'll find out solution to all these problems sooner or later.
42. Anonymous: Even, Jesus was killed, who are you and me? Devils rule this world, God just protect us is what, we started believing now. Let's hope for the best. 
43. Anonymous Senior Doctor, Physician of 87 years age: If someone tries to be bigger than God personality, or tries to find Solutions as simple as you did, people, try to make it complicated, and it's there business and selfish motives as well, they will try to show you your place as a 'insect' who can be bullied or crushed at any time. They will throw you out of jobs, they will harass you and your family, as it's been read by 2,000,000 people and you have strong support and would have tried to tarnish you image as well. However, don't bother. Many will come blame you, will go, but, please remember, though we can't help you, still, we're with you, our full blessings are with you. All the best. 

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44. Anonymous person: Doctorate in Physics person, 63 years age: "Don't try to shine. Let your book shine. If you try to shine, people either will outshine you or will try to show your place or hate you for your this frank book about this world's problems and solution. All the best". 
45. Anonymous person: Doctorate in Chemistry, 59 years age: "Why the hell you publish such things and not publish research papers in the top 5 journals in the world. It's a waste of time. People have short memory and but of course scientists too have short memory, (laughs), but citations remain for ever". 
46. Anonymous person, but, well-wisher: "What's the use? For the people you are writing, have no value for such free writings. At least you should have written this book, with the world's top publisher and got the royalty for the book. Also, same with your blog and writing on LinkedIn, people are taking advantage of your writings. They get free meal for their daily breads and you're getting exploited free of cost." 
47. Anonymous person, but, well-wisher: First of show me the analytic. Great. You're only truthful and trustworthy person I saw in my life. How, how can a person speak truth in this untruthful era? Hope, you are running your job with sincerity and you'll reach at the top in your life. All the best. 
48. Anonymous person, but, well-wisher: Please add one more suggestion. All the organisations of importance should run 365/ 366/367 days, 24 hours a day, and they should have such employees working round the clock to stop menace in the public works. Now, I agree you can create more than a billion jobs in India and 500 million in USA, Russia and Europe. Of course, you are right, why public should suffer when they pay taxes all over the world? All the best for the great attempt, as someone rightly said, lager than life attempt of yours. You're better than any other leaders that happened to humankind. All the best for life. 
49. Anonymous person: I think, sooner or later, human civilization will be wiped out from the earth, that, situation we have reached, but, your book seems to be a ray of hope for mankind. All the best.
50. Anonymous person, but, well-wisher: It's suicidal attempt of yours. A man on suicidal mission can write such book fearlessly. Why are you writing for us, who always treated you like unknown person or hated you for the whole life, or tried to blame you every moment for dangerous thoughts that kills the business of short sighted people or kills the thought process or ideology or even scientific approach or leadership thoughts or.... hate you. From which brain you think? We always felt, he is out of mind when you always provided solutions in the company on certain jobs/ works. Always we tried to complicate the thing to postpone the work and you always, was there to solve it, and go ahead. You always increased the work than reduce, as the bosses thought these bunch of goodies can solve any problem. Now, everyone knows, who was that person, who solved so many problems. We used to take credit of your ideas, and left you hurt, and now you've exposed all such people. Even, we tried to show, you are hyperbole, etc. Sorry for that bro. Any how, now, you have increased the work for the next generations, (laughs), especially on welfare front and as you say to full-fill the MDG and SDG. 
51. Mr. Bhaurao: Age 65 age: Point 1. Thanks, you've raised the values issue, which are getting down day by day money has become more valuable than values. Point 2: Another, point is no government is generating values based jobs, but, only vote generating jobs only. Point 3: No government could reduce the corruption, and values based governments are hard to find. Point 4: Another point is, look at the thousands of government schools they are getting closed how can RTE be implemented? Point 5: Good, Ashish, you've raised all these issues before our next generations could raise it after 100 years. You're way ahead of time. All the best for your this venture. 
52. Mr. Anonymous: Age 25 age: Sir, you ask questions with answers in it. Now, I have a question with answer in it to secure your life. "Why you ask such suicidal questions that can put you or your near and dear ones in trouble in present or in future?"
My answer: "I'm raising questions to secure the whole humankind. I ask the question to our people who are humans, they will be answered by our own humans, the solution/s will be implemented by humans for the humans only, thus, everything is between and among our own human societies only. If, I'm raising suicidal question, it means humans are on suicidal approach and if you don't take bull by horn, it cannot be tamed. About future of our near and dear ones, take my words, its more secured now. If positive minded person can survive and negative minded person can survive then only humans can survive, as I know, the negative minded people are hard to find, when it comes to survival instinct of the whole human civilization. God bless humanity."
53. Few Aeronautical Engineering Students: "Sir, we don't have to go too far to 100 years, we support your all queries. One more thing, why not the Solar Energy was thought earlier than Petroleum based energy in the past? Now, we are struggling for environmental catastrophe, why such mistakes were committed by our ancestors? Was the thought process was suppressed as your thought process are tried to be suppressed now a day? Why not mind/ mental power based vehicles are thought off? Why wind power, water power, vehicles though off, owners would drive the vehicle and thus theft problem would have also been taken care. We strongly support your thoughts, may the book not earn Booker Prize or Noble Prize or Bharat Ratna or Vishwa Ratna or All Galaxies Ratna or Sahitya Ratna or Sahitya Academy Award, is not considered over you, but, Reality that you speak it reality better than any leader or Saint or Spiritual Leader or Head of the State. By saying so, we're putting hurdle to your present and future jobs but, we know, you'll put it fearlessly on your website, that's what we like, you're man with Life's Mission and your Vision is unmatched. We also support your, Mantra, jobs, jobs, and jobs will decide future of mankind in future due to bulging population and we also support your Mantra, education to all can solve all major problems of this world. All the best, Sir, you are beyond all these certificates and Human Recognition."
54. Many who would like to remain Anonymous: We're thankful to god for becoming part of comments in your great work by all means to the mankind. Sorry for not understanding what you wanted to say. But, now, we understand, you're true friend of everyone on earth and beyond. All the best to you and your entire family as you say the humankind is your family. 
55. Anonymous 5 seniors: Free Knowledge bears a big cost, as people do not listen to it Ashish and do not take it seriously. However, yours is the opposite case, even head of the states and many dailies literally copy your thoughts and sentences and we can read it in it. Ex. Divya Marathi, Editorial of the 30th December 2016, written about BrExit, etc. Please don't put my name in it, we are not as brave as you are Ashish. All the best for your future. 
56. Anonymous 10 friends: No War Pact among nations, is impossible, as the big nations always try to dominate the world. Hence, we don't agree on this issue. However, we're with you on the Right To Education, and other such thoughts. 
57. Anonymous bunch of 147 friends: Hard working friends: Those systems and processes and talks have failed in the world, that, could not touch the daily problems of the common man, always. Thanks Ashish, we understand your concern, we know, your ebook is popular and have shown our main concerns, but, we don't understand the Internet well, and we just keep working hard, daily, our kundali / birth chart, shows only hard work, like you, many governments have come and gone, but, there is no difference in our lively-hood and lives. All the best man, you are the man. Happy New Year.
58. Anonymous person: Why the hell you are trying to show direction to them, who do not like your advice or suggestion or even do not look at you or tried to show you down time? Why are you wasting time on those people who have closed there eyes, years, brains and shut their souls for good deeds? Why are you writing so openly? Why are you wasting your time on us, who, do not want your simpleton suggestions which are impractical in this smart world? Why you give free thoughts? Dailies are earning billions and trillions on your thoughts, heads of the states are trying to find out smart answers to your soul touching questions and will and right now also manipulating your will to correct this world. Please stop publishing such books, that, will put common man in more trouble than present stage, as we know, imperialistic mind set always wins and godly thoughts of people like yours are always been killed in their lives, and later, these high earners are vanished from the scenes and then people realize what mistakes we committed by depriving lives of the people like Ashish or Sant Gyaneshwar or Sant Tukaram.... (Cries).... Leaves the room, saying, even, Jesus Christ was killed for raising such Godly thoughts...We thank God for making this world free for free thoughts and credit goes to you....Take care. 
59. Anonymous Revered Old figure: Blessings: Become an Aacharya Ashish, Brahmarshi Ashish, Chiranjivi Ashish. All the best. 
60. Anonymous, poor old age workers: (Hindi and Marathi translated into English): Sahabji/ Sir, we don't trust anybody and any system, any political party, and any leader, however, we are telling it to you, as, you talked about our concerns in the World Bank and WEF, we're proud of you. However, no reforms actually bring reform in our family lives. We keep working hard building homes of others, but, we remain homeless forever. This boy, to whom you told, about the book, is 10th grade pass, and he read it and told us, about it. Ask him, how many times we worked hard and the builder and contract laborer has not paid us? He will tell you that more than half of our lives are wasted in for working without the so called the salary. I heard even people like yours, we mean even Professors are also not paid salary for more than 6 to 8 months, then, how we illiterate can fight with these kinds of fantastic people? Also, as the top leaders are having 'skin of rhino', they will not give you opportunity to make real change'.....listen it, and it's also harsh reality of life. We keep dreaming small big things unlike you people but, no god has fulfilled all our dreams and still we keep working hard and our hard working cycle and vicious cycle never ends. All the MDG and SDG you talk is but just dreams, and will never be realized. The humans are like this since millions of years and we're just been made scapegoats for all reforms, who so ever comes to power, uses the power for his own ego satisfaction only. Please be aware about this and remain smarter in future. God bless you, Sir. 
61. Anonymous children: Sir, we know you raise our voice at proper place, once our friend in 9th grade told us, when he read your book. He could not tell but we heard that book, and we're telling you one more fact, that, we don't have money to pay our fees at schools and every year the fees goes on increasing, how can our poor parents pay the fees for the education? Kindly put this concern somewhere. Parents don't have money for the dress, for the books, and even for the fees money to pay it every month..... Can't there be a world without money? Cried.... RTE is just a talk...mention it somewhere. No government wants all the people fully literate, they want to keep more illiterate people to run their show. They know how to put people down and out only, they don't know, real encouragement of masses....cried.... Just to show, they take photograph with few success stories and eliminate millions of failure stories of theirs to gain vote....cries, all are same. 
62. Anonymous: Senior Person: We don't see any value in these writings and answers, and Solutions that you have provided, frankly. None in this world can implement these things, no corporate, not even education institute, nor the political parties, nor even SHG and NGO's and not even the UNO and the World Bank. At the end of the day every millionaire see, it's a way to buy money from them, may be new way to extract money from common man will be found by Government, Ashish, on these SDG and MDG issues. Please don't spoil your life on such waste of time work. The book is well written and shocking to contemporary writing styles of Authors. However, there are also the facts, that too you might be knowing by now. No one wants to reveal his secrets how he earn money in his business. There are few classified things at all the times, there can't be transparency as you claim. Even, Digital Economy is fake from the perspectives of hackers, as you are aware it also can be manipulated by evil mannered people and devils in the society, and even overnight any website can be hacked. Thus, your blog or books also have limited time of contribution. Thanks to your hard work. All the best.  
63. Child trying to be anonymous: "Uncle, what are you saying, even the UNO could not follow their own deadlines of MDG? Then why these organisations expect deadlines from our father. Once, my father was asked to leave the job, as he could not meet the deadlines. How, can we call all these organisations leading and top organisations if they can't meet their own goals? Do they want God or Magician to work with them? It's highly non democratic way if someone does not walk the talk. We liked your book, we see a ray of hope in this book only. Hope the world leaders call you, and keep calling to consult and discuss these matters with you, though you don't expect anything from them. All the best, Uncle". 
64. Children trying to be anonymous: A word of conscious from us, though we are children, and we read the book, and we are on the same page, same line and same point.... "Even UNO make the brand ambassador to the Film-stars, though they do nothing significant on the ground, but, they didn't call you yet though you keep contributing so much? We hope, you got the message uncle. Even top firms are not serious to meet these deadlines as they are not hiring real contributors like you. Uncle, all jobs are fixed or show off.... We are losing hope, our future seems to be not so your era no jobs are there, in our era....we are not sure. All the best, Uncle."  
65Anonymous: “Sir, though, we respect your humanitarian approach and dealing every human equally, but, still, I just want to say something. Sir, there are evidences around the world that most of the times, people in the higher places only keep the parallel economies running to keep the arms race, hegemonic race, and control of power. So, your solutions, like, ‘to avoid Indo-Pak war, simply merge them’, and ‘to avoid North and South Korea war, simply, merge them’, etc. seems to impracticable to them, leave aside the 100 years ‘No war pact’. Hats off to you for taking bold decision to publish such a book, which none of the top publisher wanted to publish, and in it, raising asking questions to highest authorities in the world. I believe even they also might have liked these ‘out of the world and out of routine questions’ very much. I believe now, they might avoid high handed approach, in future. I believe they also might have got tired of dealing with all fantastic things since 1945, i.e. all happenings after World War 2, sitting in World Bank and even in UNO and its sister organisations. Sir, I wish you all the best”.
 66Mr. Sanjay and Md. Abdulla friends who read together: Commendable work, sir. Sir, instead putting everything in black and white, you have put it in harsh realities of life, and you’re trying to put in a way where, everyone feels that all problems can be resolved easily and simplistically. You are putting it so positively that it has made everyone think that, “Let’s solve the problems.” All the best for your this initiative.
 67Anonymous: “Sir, if Shivaji was there, he would have come to your home and had appointed you as either his advisor or in had made you his 9th most important person. Shivaji could know what’s happening around him, and when 2 million people read and still none in the media is taking cognizance it means media is sleeping or is busy in some defined activities. It also means Media can’t be trusted fully, and there are parallel modes of communication to reach the people have already started. You are the leader in doing so. Also, hats-off to you Sir, for raising issues those touches everyone’s heart, this world wanted such initiative, and you are undisputable leader in doing so, globally. All the best, to you in your this endeavour”.
 68Anonymous: “Sir, none has taken internet, asking question to highest authorities of the world in a live discussions, and even blogging so positively than Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude. I’m not buttering you, but, it’s a fact, all questions are inside the box, but, thought out of the box. People are amazed to see, how a person can think so critically from all the sides on each of the matter of the world, and that too in so much in-depth and fathomless too. Even you have asked question like, advanced humans living on the moon, calling earthiens as backward humans….first we laughed at it, but, it’ll true…. Simply futuristic. All the best for future to you Sir.
 69Anonymous: (Hindi) “Sir, common man ke man ki puri agony nikali aapne in saare sawalo se! Aap sachmye divya purush hai.” (English) “Sir, you’ve brought whole hearted agony of a common man in these questions, you are like a divine person for us.”

 70. Anonymous: Sir, you've, Highest Readership on 7th January 2017 in an hour, all the best:

United States
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates

71. Anonymous: By Indian Post Card: "Ashish, you are counting teeth of tiger. All the best".
72. Mr. Sandeep, and Anonymous friends Hugli/ Kolkata: "Sir, thanks for explaining everything in Bengali and Hindi. We're speechless. After listening to your free and Simple Solutions we've started feeling that everything has become job oriented business, and even organised sectors including UNO, WB and top business firms and even governments are into business but not finding real solutions. We also feel, organised sector is dramatically killing un-organised sector to be frank. Is it not, inhuman? Also, the questions itself are answers and solutions is the great idea. All the best."
73. Anonymous Laborer from various places in the world: "Thanks to explain your book in details in our own language Sir. To be frank Sir, for the sake of fulfilling just food, we're so much exploited that we get our salary 75% in place of 100% and as we don't get job elsewhere we have to compromise every now and then. Where are the laws implementer Right to Education, Right to Health, Right to Live, Right to Home, ... Thanks for raising our voice. God bless you."
74. Anonymous: "Your right so freely without hurting anyone, but, you see, you are thrown in the place where none is willing to work. That's what happens Sir with all truthful and great people. This society is very cruel. Anyhow, all the best, as you've touched all the major problems of the world and have hit the bulls-eye by providing "'Simple-Peaceful James Bond' Style by taking Bull with Horn". 
75. A Student: "Hurrah, Sir, Pakistan nationals are also reading your out of the world book "The Solution Master", on 8th January 2017, Sunday @ 11 am dot time." Great work Sir. You've really made this world look like a family by saying, "If India and Pakistan are fighting unite them, if North and South Korea are fighting unite them... and let's develop this world for 100 years. Are we going to fight for a million years, whether there will be evolution or devolution of human as super human or back to apes.... solid questions Sir. Only the likes of Lord Budhdha or Jesus Christ could do that. All the best, Sir. Please check the Pageviews by the countries. The biggest certificate to any man is a readership from opposing faction or from enemy states...but it seems you have converted enemies into friends. Great Work, sir. Please delete my email after copy pasting on blog, I'm not counting teeth of tiger like you. Again, all the best."
76. A student group: "Sir, frankly, the majority of downtrodden people have not chance of coming up, though you may be trying your best along with the billion strong force... No... No way. This world is selfish, self centered and majority of poor have not hope in their lives but sufferings only. MDG and SDG are as pipe dream as Sant Dnyaneshwar's dream of everyone is happy. Please be alert, your websites may be hacked as it's a hot commodity original thoughts and freely available too. Both and this blog:  
All the best to you and your family".
77.77. Anonymous: Ashish, there are so many kinds of businesses in this world, that, how the business and profit they earn is secret and you've taken part in transparency issue in the World Bank discussion, now tell me, how can a businessman open his secrets? Also, I agree your contribution is better than the best and most famous authors in the world, but, you're not getting recognized, but, it's also true, that unless such points are discussed at the world level they cannot be solved? These are more important questions and problems before human-beings than the Rocket Science. However, it's easy to solve Rocket Science problems and questions than these problems/ questions, it seems now. Great work. In fact, the Greatest Work of human civilization. All the best. 

Pageviews on the day it crossed 2711252: 

United States
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
78Anonymous: "Sir, now a day book writing is very difficult. In case we write and if that writing goes against the ideology of any of the organisation or entity, sometimes that organisation may bully on us. However, you write so fearlessly and that too it does not touch any organisation, all organisations remain untouched but humanity gets touched. This book is out of this world, that's for sure. Nobody has covered so much details about human agony than this book, and all these are realities, which even UNO and WB has not denied. The idea of questions itself is answer is out of the box thought in fact we feel came from the heavens and you are divine buddy for us. All the best". 
79Anonymous group of people: "Sir, kindly note, there are many ideologies which do not liked to be questioned and they will suppress you, soon, you'll be jobless, as you've questioned the very existence of the humans on earth when they cannot take care of all of the humans themselves how can they lead the earthiens (in your own terms) out of this Solar System. Kindly be aware and noted, you'll get noticed by the media only if you're with strong existing organisation otherwise you'll be thrashed like football and ping pong shuttle. Otherwise, it's a master piece that questions human existence on earth itself. We agree MDG and SDG be taken seriously for human you say. All the best".
My Answer: My Questions are Solutions and Answers to the past/ present/ future tethering problems of the world. Hence, 100% readers liked the concept of "Question = Solution = Answer". All the best and Thanks for the concern shown. May God bless you too. 
80Anonymous post: Suggestion: "Sir, your YouTube video on "The Solution Master" is showing blurred pictures, kindly update it, it might be useful to some, though we download the complete ebook, it's my frank suggestion. Great initiative, "The Solution Master". All the best". 
My Answer: Thanks, will do it soon. In fact, Please note Available on URL:  
81Mr. Ashok, Retired Banker: "Ashish, if "World No War Pact" if implemented, then, may be trillions of dollars could be invested in programs like MDG and SDG, otherwise not and on this issue we're supporting you. Thanks to God you've taken this initiative. Many just keep thinking to take this initiative you took initiative and took decision to ask such questions full of solutions and implemented too, hope so called world's giant leaders accept it whole heartedly. God bless you."
82. Mr. Vijay, Retired Accounts Auditor: "Though we agree with you on "world no war pact by all UNO member countries", however, I don't think it's possible to implement as the spending on arms and ammunition and research and development on it, have multi trillion dollars industry, also, there is no trust among most of the fighting and neighboring countries since millions of years. Also, there are few communities in the world and countries supporting them, which cannot live without fighting and wars, and they know only how to make others fight, and keep their fighting industry keep running forever. Finally, I must say, we agree on most of your solutions. We wish you all the best". 
83Anonymous: "Do you have reliable friends Ashish? Your approach is better than Right To Information (RTI) that hurts none however everyone is involved and part of it. Also, the way you've written seems you are too friendly to everyone. People might take advantage of you. Kindly be aware. The Solutions seems obvious and people are thinking why can't I think like this. However, unless such Solutions are implemented this world will be very difficult to live in near future. God bless you child".
84Anonymous (Young man Came personally and given the reply in Hindi- Translation here):  “Sir, even in India you have opposition. Yesterday, I heard about your ebook, and few people from Mumbai and Pune said, that, if a person is from Nagpur, we don’t accept his leadership. We like a person to be either from celebrity background or some famous leader to talk this language who is this Ashish, what does he think of himself? Why does he raise questions like Mumbai, is not India? Why does raise questions like if Mumbai like cities are going to be drowned after 200 years according to OECD studies why do government invest there, instead right now start shifting people out of Mumbai? I header he said, same things about Paris is not France and New York is not USA. Any how, who is he to ask the question to UNSG and Presidents and Prime Ministers of the countries to sign a “No War Pact” for 100 years?”

Sir, don’t mind I asked him counter question. Why do you Mumbaikars and Punekars are so short sighted thinking of your cities only, he is taking care of whole humanity, not asking for making Nagpur better than your cities. He is world leader of thoughts by putting Answers and Solution in the questions themselves.
After that, the person said, “You people from Nagpur think big of yourselves and on ground none ask you and respect you as well. Anyhow what’s the status of his book? Are you soliciting his book?”
Sir, then I answered him, “His book ‘The Solution Master’ doesn’t require any solicitation it speaks volumes and it’s not short sighted too, it’s futuristic. I liked it. I don’t solicit it but, 2.7 million i.e. 27 Lakh people have already read it and if people like you oppose it, then the other world will accept Ashish as leader but you short sighted people.”
After that there was no talk and he left the place.
85. Anonymous SeniorCame personally and gave this reply with num eyes-Hindi-Translated to English: “Ashish, there is a approach called who cares for your book among many leaders. They feel you’re not from any big Schools like IIT or IIM or Harvard or from big Consultancy like McKinsey, i.e. you don’t have that pedigree, still you’ve such great ideas. These brands are felling they are belittled. They are not been able to digest a common man like Ashish can make a big impact. Amazing questions and solutions, we’re proud of you. I can say only one thing, you are right when you said, “You are thinking on this ground since the age of 8, otherwise, none can find such beautiful solutions in a question itself. Now, a people are asking, “What does the Presidents and Prime Ministers do in UNO, if they are not thinking on such grounds. Really if the want to develop this world, why do big people think small? Why can’t they think big like “No war pact”, or “Colonizing Moon” or Colonizing Mars” etc.? Why do they think and discuss on small issues, and then try to make it look like a big one, and fight on that issue where masses as well as classes are killed? Now, we also think, why the hell the CM or PM has to inaugurate the Projects, instead why not they plan and implement the bigger projects in their respective countries? Why Nagpur Metro or Pune Metro or Lucknow Metro takes so many years to plan and implement, when China is building one kilometre track per day in Himalayas which is most difficult place on earth, now, we doubt the intensions of many projects in India. Instead of fighting competition positively people are trying to ether destroy competition or are making fuss out of Chinese competition, when they are doing great. Sir, we agree all are humans including common man and the President, in fact, we teach Lawyers in tort, subject, ‘You are mortal, you are going to die, I’m mortal I’m going to die, no one is immortal, and hats off to you, you’re writing as if you are counting your 100 years age right from now. Please don’t laugh but the way you ask suicidal questions has that meaning, as we know you’re not doing and writing for yourself only. All the best”.
86. Anonymous SeniorCame personally and gave this reply with num eyes-Hindi-Translated to English: “Sir, your biggest source of information is common man 7 billion of them, and you put your heart in front of them and they express their heart out. Thanks to you for hiding their names but taking information. Now, its certain world leaders want your suggestions; however, does government of India knows your contribution? I don’t think they recognise your name as well. Not only Indians but the whole world, require leader like you. All the best”.
My Reply: “Sir, I would prefer to be a Professor instead of a Leader and thanks for your kind words, appreciation and loads of expectations from common man, mortal being like me. Thanks to God.”
87Anonymous: Older buddy, with glittering eyes: "Ashish, nice to meet you and hear from you since long. Your book is making waves. You've grown so big to think so many big things? Mindbogglingly simple answers to the most difficult and complex problems of this world. God bless you child. I remember your one answer you gave in 1983, while we were going for the morning walk during hot summers at 8 am, that, instead of fighting with Pakistan, I'll unite India with Pakistan and will make Indian Cricket Team with Kapil and Gavaskar and Imran Khan; and of course Indian Hockey Team with Mohammad Shahid, Hasan Saradar, Jafar Iqbal, M.P. Singh, a world Champion, that too before India win the world cup cricket. You were always like this boy. Keep the good work on. All the best child." 
88. Anonymous: "Ashish, I agree on your one point, that progress is there but, inequality is growing faster, haves and have-nots gap is growing day by day and we must work on it to reduce it. All the best."
89. Anonymous: "Ashish, after Sant Gyaneshwar there is someone who is talking this unison of world, thanks to you for this giant decision. God bless you child. All the best".
90.Anonymous, age 65Super Critic: Frankly speaking the author is day dreaming.
91. Anonymous, age 55Super Critic: I believe, the author of the book is lunatic who is expecting peace from extremists.
92. Anonymous: age 51Super Critic: Author is too much positive minded and such people always try to make change in the world but they always fail to do so. Why don’t they realise their “Aukat” (Hindi)/ level? What they think of themselves? Ashish, is like this since long and he is a big failure in his life, his Ph.D. has no value, who will accept indigenisation in the era of Globalisation, Liberalisation and Privatisation? What does he think of himself, who is he to ask President and Prime Ministers of all countries and even UNSG and even World Bank Chief, to sign “No war pact for 100 years?” I think the biggest problem with him is, he thinks big of himself and only humanitarian in the world. Though I agree 2.5 million people have read this book but, are they decision makers or just common men who has no authority to make change in this world? People like Ashish don’t know how to capture the power and earn billion of dollars of money, and power and penny only speaks, who is he? What authority he has? Who has given him authority to ask such questions? Also, who will tame the extremists? We require strong armies and lot of money for that, Ashish, should understand. Probably he has not seen top positions and have always remain Professor who always got day dreams. I don’t see value in his book; it’s a waste of time. You should be thrown away from the job then only you will realise the value of money and power, and will keep your mouth shut. Your kinds of people only have instigated ruffles in the society and have created unnecessary expectations from the governments of the world. Yours kind of voice should be suppressed at the spot but now it’s too late. I don’t know why even World Bank and UNO entertain such too much freedom?
93. Anonymous, age 68Supporter: I don’t agree author is dreaming even as he knows the reality of life very well and I believe might have suffered most of the points he claim in his life otherwise no one can write such heart touching language. Also, even Edison and Write Brothers were called day dreamers as Write brothers wanted to fly and Edison wanted to invent bulb which glows artificially on electricity. Ashish and Sant Gyaneshwar could be called Social Scientists who dreamt of world peace.
94. Anonymous, age 70Supporter: Sant Gyaneshwar had to take Samadhi at 21, due to world peace thoughts, even, he was not treated well through-out his life and only last 4 to 5 years he had better life. Critics, want to show Ashish such fate and then want to worship him like they do with Gyaneshwar? Even East and West Germany got united, and when he talks of uniting India and Pakistan I’ve seen these critics got united and put Ashish in Lunatics category. In fact, his thoughts were always progressive and he is combination of Spiritual giant cum Social Scientist cum Engineering scientist, he is multitalented but you critic are myopic and have vested interest hence you try to oppose him. Anyhow he is a world figure after 2.5 million reads of his book, now you start worrying about yourself and your frog in the well mentality.
95. Anonymous, age 72: Supporter: In fact, UNO and all its bodies like World Bank are known for freedom of speech and they don’t suppress the free talks that can bring wave of change in the world. Also, I’ve worked in WHO and I know, how but support these world level bodies give to the true leaders of humanity, and Ashish is like that. I believe this book will bring sea change in the world and might be after epic battle human beings will be able to bring direct democracy as Ashish suggest in the world at every place and at that time this book will be light of hope and guide too. Ling live Ashish and his out of the world thoughts. Tell me critics you passed 70 odd years of lives, have you ever thought of such an idea in which “Question itself is the Answer and Solution to Problems?”… No? Then why the hell you are criticising him and cutting him to size of quarks? Let him do great work, Ashish, go ahead we support you. These, critics, have found gaps even in the best technologies and other the best people they have not left finding fault in Ram, Krishna, Jesus, and you name it. All the best boy. 
96Anonymous, age 45: Neutral views: "Ashish, I can see the black and white too in this world, your kind of people add positivity in this world and all are aware about the negativity that is happening. This world, is neutral always. Still, I don't see a dim light even in any leader's eye who can implement your ideas like 'No war pact among all nations' or 'Train from Varanasi to Lumbini to Mecca to Rome' or even idea of 'Human stock exchange on the Moon or on Mars' even in the year 2500 A.D. I agree you are a day dreamer for implementing these ideas, on the other hand I also agree that somewhere it has to start, so that a day will come when humans realize the importance of these ideas. All the best". 
97. Anonymous: age 39: "Ashish, you are the true Solution Master of this world. Promise me please, you'll not mention my name and delete sms as soon as you read so that you don't remember my phone number, though I know, you are "Ekpathi" i.e. once seen you remember the thing for ever for having infinite brain capability". 
98Anonymous: Age 68: "Ashish, if you had started an empire you would have become billionaire now, why are you wasting time on people who do not care about you? They even don't know a person named Ashish is thinking better for them? You will be called Question Master and Problem Master rather than Solution Master in future if you don't have money, and power, your family might also face critical path. I'm your well wisher, hence, All the best boy". 
99A child wants remain unknown: "Uncle, we want to be witness to your life in this transparent era. We really want to see what happens to the person who thinks always betterment of mankind. In case, you are successful, our relatives and friends will allow people in our descendant to be like you or otherwise, in future in a secret message we will also pass on the message that it's a waste of time, like few families are doing right now". 
100.  An unknown Professor: "Professor, thanks that we could have a discussion on this. I believe you should have taken copy right to these questions, as they are out of the world solutions to the real problems in real life. All the best". 
101A senior entrepreneur: “Ashish, by working in Academics for long, and publishing this book which demands transparency and ethics and values you have destroyed your corporate career, none in corporate will hire you now, not even world bank where your questions appear or UNO or any government organisations or even IIT, IIM or top Institutes and Top Universities and Top Publishers who earlier rejected your book for publication. I know, you would enjoy being Full Professor, but, I’ve observed all writers are and were like you, somewhat always ethical and full of values. At the end of the day, and life, they keep searching for job or die penniless, and still they keep talking values, values and values. What do you gain from Values or Ethics? Nothing. Who values your values? None. Then why do you show your values? This world has teeth to be shown are different and teeth to chew are different and teeth for their own people are different. This world does not know value of people like you. These are my frank remarks as per the teaching from business minded people, who have survived all the turmoil till date, in the market, since past 50 years, and hope you take it positively, boy. All the best, for your this venture. I think someone has either challenged you to do this hence you are doing it or you are out of mind for raising such issues which are talked not in public but in private domain. In case it's read by millions then, I should say, new days of transparency are here. God bless you for your initiative, humanity have arrived and its brought by you at this level". 
 102A senior person: (Hindi): "Do you know Ashish, this world will make you as their mouth piece and by putting their views as an unknown person and hiding their name they are making you scapegoat of their wrong thoughts. Hope you got the message. Just to tell you I liked the comments of the people, they are as good as the thoughts you have put in the book. I talked to one of your friend in the early childhood. They said, probably Ashish has taken childhood thoughts very seriously, he has not grown or he is out of the mind to write such childish things in a book form. More childless act is millions of people are reading such book and they are as childish as the music of now a day, child like tunes, none like classical music and this book is also like that, it's written in a form where the conventional book  writing is dumped. However, I agree, its content is more than just value and values that Ashish claims. It will go into the history as the most bold attempt before the whole mighty world powers being questioned by a childish genius called Ashish. I have one question to you, how did this idea clicked you, Question = Answer = Solution, to world's biggest and most complicated problems? .... However, I also know your answer, "God sends these questions to you via telepathy or generates these thoughts in your mind, whenever they are required". Thanks to God for taking such initiative. Of course, you are out of question now, Ashish. God bless you". 
103As senior person: "Thanks Ashish for bringing so much open system in which you write your own criticism as well as praise at one platform about your book and thoughts in it. Your thoughts are better than best among any existing one on MDG and SDG and likes and alike. Your book is also like a crown gem in the best among the best. I believe you, world will be really better if more intelligence is there and people are more knowledgeable and understanding in nature. I like you go personally and explain the book and take reviews from the seniors. Otherwise who asks us? Who cares about our experience and who values us? You only boy. However, just remember your limitations. Great initiative. Great book. God bless you child".
104Mixed Group of almost 100 men: (Hindi): (Translation Gist in English): "Sir, you know, pulse, beats and nerve of the common man, in fact, each and every man in the world, it seems from the book, that you explained in the last hour. We never heard a book that is meant for us, and this is the book for us. You have spoken our voice, but, the people on the higher positions will make you bend before them whenever such simple solutions are to be implemented. They have high handed approach is true, they will never call you for consultation, they demand respect for themselves, you've earned it Sir. Our prayers to God for your this venture. Take our words Sir, many might have downloaded the book, but, might have shared among themselves by phone to phone by blue-tooth and which might be missing in your count, as they do not want the credit should go to you but to their false show-off leaders for us you are true leader. You have covered the agony of construction workers, students and children, women, health, no war pact, governance and transparency, and what not?....Take care Sir, now, your life will not remain same, people at higher place will always harass you, but you we offer prayers to God to give you strength to face that and come out triumphantly. All the best". 
105.  One Common man's suggestion: (Hindi): (Translation Gist in English)"Sir, every salary in India should be organized and it must go to the account of the job holder, then only minimum wage and time, etc. will be taken care. Sir, one of my friend is a driver, he gets Salary of Rs. 6000/= many times in the name of this or that he gets only Rs. 5000/= how to run family is his big problem? Why can't it happen that owner of that car, deposits the salary in Government Account and then it's transferred to my friends account, within, 10 minutes on every 1st of the month? Also, there are so many ways these people control the job that atrocities and inhuman behaviour has no end. Rich people earn lot of profit and tons of money but while giving salary they always don't have money. Once, his daughter was suffering from high fever and he asked for 1000 bucks but his owner didn't paid him and he cried a lot, thanks to God that one of the doctor came and provided free check-up and then gave some free medicines....We have so many tales to tell you, but, please put my solution in your suggestion. All the best Sir."
106Mixed Group of almost 10 men and women: (Hindi): (Translation Gist in English): "Sir, you are THE SOLUTION MASTER NEXT DOOR for common man like us. All the best".
My Humble Reply: "God is the Solution Master, in fact, as we don't understand his messages, hence, I think, he has made me as a Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, a medium to put it in the form of this book, that too free of cost and a free message as air water and sky is free. Hope all got his message to let human survive on earth. Thanks to God. " 
107. Senior person: "Why the hell we go for hefty priced consultations? Governments should call you for professional consultation."
108. A Senior person: "Your book is small but extremely thought provoking."
109.  A Senior person: "What your book explains is, "All well, everywhere on earth" and focused or limited developed of a region or two, otherwise what is MDG and SDG, same-thing, isn't it? All the best my boy". 
110. Senior person: "UNO should take your suggestions as Bible for MDG and SDG, as there is not time for experiments left now to achieve them. I liked your solution of involving Self Help Group, NGO and Private and Public Sector organization and Government bodies to achieve 100% literacy and technology should be developed for that. Ashish, you have given more than 100% of your life for development of human kind on earth. God bless you boy". 
111. Well wisher: "Ashish, enough you have thought about welfare of this world, now, think about you and your family. No one can correct this world."
112. An old author: “Ashish, a warning to you. Once, I was going to publish such reality article in one of the daily. There was huge hue and cry among the publishers and even at home. In fact, I had a quarrel with my parents, hot debate with friends on this issue, and even with my wife. She said, “Why can’t others do that, why you only should suffer? Do you know, my husband, you’ll lose job and then who will take care of our family? Are you the only Harishchandra left in this world? You were not paid salaries for last 11 months, as you have no support from any side in this word...” By now, I think you also might have faced such things in life, as I know, when you, me or Sant Gyaneshwar are there, they always stand alone in this world. Man is not a servant of money or man is servant of money, this debate is continuing since time immemorial boy. However, also, I can see the support of your whole family. That’s good, but, boy, this world, as your Sadguru said, will remain somewhat like this only, hence, be aware boy. I know, the world is accepting such realities day on and every dawn, but, it will be never so transparent that the highest authorities and all of them will be honest and truthful, hence, also MDG and SDG seems to be pipedream. Though I wish it should happen but, fact remains reality. God bless you boy, You are a Global icon and Global idol and I wish you all the best”.
 113Critic Researchers: Severe Criticism "We don't see focus in this book. Author carry out studies and research on one topic then jump to other and them other. Even if it's read by all 7 billion people what are you going to gain? Nothing. What is your intellectual contribution? Nothing. Then why you waste time and ruin our business of consultancies with world's top organisations? To hell with your ideas and solutions". 
Reply of Author on this severe criticism: Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Part 1. It looks diversified and non focused research and questions = answers = solutions, but, focus is one achieving MDG and continual progress on SDG. 
Part 2. There should be increase in number of consultancies and consultations right from individual to organisations level to national levels, due to sheer increase in co-operations and increase in work loads due to suggested collaborations of individuals, SHO, NGO, Private sector, Public Sectors, and all the national bodies and all the possible international bodies. If, I'm wrong correct me. 
114. Supper Researchers and Super Supporters: "Sir, please don't mind these super critics. They could not see value in anything in their lives, please continue your work. At the end of the day, not how many papers you publish in high impact journals is counted but how much and how many lives you've touched. In your case, the whole world is not the limit, your contribution is limitless. Thanks to God we could see such people like you in our lives". 
115Few children: "Why the old people at higher places do not understand what we understand uncle? Your solutions are perfect and they should be implemented. We are with you. All the best, be God with you uncle always."
116Senior Faculty: “Ashish, you are at such a stage of life that you should be selected by all for super leadership position. However, what is happening, all leaders are selected now a days not on merit or ethics but whether they can fulfill the vested interest of the powerful people to run their own vested business. Please be aware, yourself and your family members, some unknown people might put you involved in or drag in unrelated and useless issues to waste you time and energy so that your interest to implement these real life, real solutions on the world’s top problems gets reduced and slowly you yourself withdraw your name from the top leadership run. Though I know, you’ll be happy as a Professor as you are not power and money hungry but time and tide wait for none and if you get involved in such time wasting things, then, we at humane level might miss a Bus, that, you are trying to bring in. Do you remember, India missed the Bus of developmental policies in late 1970’s and real development in 1980’s, China caught that Bus and got developed itself. Now, what you are talking is a whole world developmental Bus, and if its missed, I don’t think a million years we would be able to do it. Hence, I also agree on your other idea of Millennium Development Goals or Million Year Development Goals. These are my frank views and don’t put my name in it but you may publish it. All the best. God bless you for your bold initiative that is trying to benefit the whole world, and beyond".
117A Senior Citizen: "Ashish, people with vested interest have already captured the top positions by fooling common man. They will ask you, "Don't talk about development of the world, talk about our development, then only we'll give you top positions or top job of your desired interest. Then what will you do? Be aware my boy". Your book is the greatest in the field of social Engineering around the globe as you've great ideas but you are supporting the very existing idea of MDG and SDG, to fulfill dreams of making heaven on earth at every nooks and corner of the earth. All the best". 
 118A Senior Citizen: "Ashish, you know the pulse of real development and how to do it as well. You are real Solution Master for this world. Let world may accept you are not, we senior citizens are accepting it. You may call us wise men or not but, it's said that if wise men accept you, then, you've achieved the life's ultimate goal. God bless you boy". 
119A Senior Citizen: "Ashish while writing such things we might invite praise from few and curse from few, but,please continue as it's going to benefit the whole lot of next generation. Oh, What a book, boy, you've brought our teenage back, we used to talk all these stuff during our teenage. The best solution you provided was but of course given to the UNSG and WB Chief, over the education to all. Same solution is applicable to most of the problems. What a Solution boy. Only God could speak through your mind. God bless you boy. All the best, may all your dreams and wishes come true, you're immortal now, what a book boy. I know you can write a book in Sanskrit and can become immortal but you have touched the present problems of the world, like any Saint or Sadhu or Fakir or Pope would do, what a sacrifice boy. I've all praise for you. Again, I wish God bless you with his all the might." 
120. Mr. Ravish and Mr. Sanjay: “Ashish, we always said, simplest people are always the most dangerous people like you. If someone reads these simple solutions on the so much complicated problems of the world, his, head will go upside down. You’ve outsmarted the smartest person on the earth. Sometimes we feel how can these problems be solved? The real answer always come that it must be in a childish way, what you’ve provided here. Please don’t take it otherwise, we know you are expert in this and have given a thorough thought over it, but, yes our children are our future and these are the ways these problems could be solved and not by any other amicable ways. Great man, you’ll be the greatest person on earth very soon, is what we wish and prayers to God for the same”.
121. Anonymous: “Oh, what a great solutions to the world’s greatest problems. Great boy, also all are practical ones, which can be implemented like the way you said the way pulse polio drive was implemented. Truly, you have given positive brainstorm even to the World Bank Chief and UNSG, great of you, we feel you’re the truly a greatest Ratna of India”.
My Reply/ Author's Reply: (Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude's Reply): “Frankly, I didn’t get a single person, till date I met in my life, who is not a real Ratna of this world. We just have to explore and give them a chance to prove themselves. I don’t think only few people are great, all are great in fact. Please don’t mind I’m not targeting any of your hero or leader but it’s my experience too. It's sad that humans are still believing in older concepts of leadership instead of all are leaders and in the direct democracy. Unless direct democracy is implemented all problems can't be solved take my word. Trust me all of us, humans, are more intelligent and problem solver than just a singular government agency or top world's bodies or NGO or SHO or technologies or what ever entity it may be. Together we can solve all these problems, if we work 24/7, and by the ways and the simplest action plans, mentioned here. ”
122Severest Critics: "Ashish, this is end of your creativity. We'll bury this book with your last rites. None will listen to your Solutions. Good bye and All the best."
My Reply/ Author's Reply: (Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude's Reply): "Thanks, but, the best solutions are always simple, and some day some time, they will erupt from no where and humanity will implement it. Take my word. "God bless this world including severe critics and supporters too", will be my last words.
123True Supporter: "Dr. Ashish, I went through you book 10 times, and found that, unless a person has seen all the world and have domain knowledge of all the domains and how they're working presently a person cannot provide such simple solutions. Don't worry pedigree is not important for God and for this world. You've pedigree of God's own blessings in each of these Question cum Solution cum Answers to problems o the world. You are that man selected by God as is his representative is what I feel. Thanks God for let me meet your kind of person in my life. All the best and God bless you, Dr. Ashish. 
My Reply/ Author's Reply: (Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude's Reply): Thanks for calling me God's own representative. 
124True Supporter: "Ashish don't mind what others say, you've at least attempted what people keep thinking for their lives. The book is the best among all the books, as it is trying to solve all problems at a time, which no one has attempted yet. All the best". 
125Super Critics: “The Solution Master” is the most disruptive book of all times authored by Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude. The Author is living a below the poverty line life, the publisher was unknown till this book but publishes book free of cost, the ideas are so simple and the solutions are so simple that all the agencies and governments will go jobless, and the ideas are liked by the classes and masses as per the author’s language, but, the truth is it has grown harmony among people even as a critic we accept this fact. At least, the author has dared to speak the mind of 7 billion people and lead by example. We have seen him teaching and providing material in his past job and even in Nagpur. His salary was INR. 1800/= but his spending on the children education was INR 1500/=. He had experimented first about education to all and education at grass-root level and teachers going to student than students coming teacher / school concept and then he authored this book. Frankly, we always though we are super senior to him as we’ve strong pedigree and though we are extremely critical about his ideas, still we accept this other side of experiments and implementation side of Author himself. We wish him all the best, may god bless him.
126. Critic: “Your book proves, time and again, you Sadhus, Scientists and Super Thinkers find out solutions to the problems of the world but they are not accepted even by the simplest people leave aside over-smart politicians and the Gunda elements. Why you people waste time? Another side is if they accept it still they cannot implement it as they are hand tight due to other tight work schedules.”
127. Critics to author and the whole world: “Sir, why the hell big people go for inaugurating this and that, let, the bridge or buildings or monument be inaugurated by the workers who build it. Why don’t the government bodies make a rule that out of 28 days in the office they must be present in the office for 21 days and rest 7 days they can do this job? Sir, I tried to meet few people they are never seen on their own place, but next find their photo in the news paper. So much waste of time. Why can’t they govern and get the things done by proper organisation culture? Why the hell they waste public money and why the hell public let them waste money on such things? Only humans have made mess out of this world, and the biggest reason is show-off, hiding the reality in the name of classified and showing only 0.000001% good things. Professor, I’ve seen more bad things than good things in this world though you call me negative minded or critic but I’m balanced minded person. MDG and SDG are just intellectual gymnastics for the intellectual people like you, they will never be realised as the people come and attend UNO and WB conferences to visit USA or the best places to influence their own motives than for their own nation. The humans are by default selfish unlike you people who cannot lead this world, as people do not accept so much fakir minded people to lead. They want a person who knows in and out of the system and get the world done from gunda element as well…. Have you even seen fakir minded people sustained their kingdom forever?”
128. Senior Supporter: “Ashish, people like you only make suggestion, and implement such disruptive and simple solutions. We know if you get even a simple chance you can turn around the world up side down. All the best and God bless you. All these critics have done nothing in their lives than earning money by all means and they’re showing they are great but they’re afraid of their unknown source of money earning getting exposed, thought liked the ideas but I’m telling in front of them, they are afraid of simple people like you who by writing such books fearlessly have already disrupted the critical thought process and have taken the world by storm. We wise people wish (laughs) you should have lead this world in early childhood that is when you said, in 1980’s that good people should lead this world than corrupt people… We lost the chance and we are still repenting on it. We underestimated you by thinking you were child. We didn’t know you can think so deeply on such issues. Even we have thrown you off, and let not speak. Now, we repent and have given chance to negative elements to take up higher positions that help only to their own near and dear ones in the name of big to bigger thoughts and systems are in favour of them now as they have manipulated systems and procedure and human resource to support them. It’s irrecoverable loss to us. We trusted them as they are also from Mumbai and Pune areas but, our own people have ditched us. I know, you till core, you never have ditched us. Their teeth of show-off are different and their teeth to eat are different and we could know it after 30 years. Oh, what a mess, we created by not giving you a chance. God bless you child, and yes, all the best.”
129. Highly Super Critic: Do you know Ashish, you said, “It’s not Mumbai or Pune or IIT or IIM or HBS or IISc or other Pedigree uncle, the, good people and talented people are everywhere, even a person can come from remote village and lead us. This fact, I said even when I was in 12th grade/ standard and today also, but, it’s our vision to look at the things that has spoiled everything” but, I always said, vested interest have spoiled everything. Now, I think, you have vested interest in this world, you want to be Messiah of the world, and you want to lead this world and make name and fame and you want to bring world at your feet. It’ll never happen and have never happened that simple people like you’ve lead the world. All leaders were extremely “Chalu”/ over-smart. Go to hell”.
130. Immediate reply of the Supporter: “Ok, man, then you come forward and lead the world if you dare. Let it be milk for milk and water for water….let the world gets clear idea who is real well wisher of the world. Ashish, we liked the way you have put the thoughts of critics in and out on the blog. It happens Ashish, when you give freedom to speak to friends and foes, both take undue advantage to speak whatever they like or not, and Hats off to you. Ashish, we wish you all the best, don’t look at these super critics, let them go to hell, may God wish you all the best and give his blessings.” 
131Super Critic: "Ashish, people like us are common men, our suggestions have no value, hence, stop giving such 'chavanni chhap' i.e. cheap suggestions to top authorities of the world, they will not listen to you. All the best".
My Reply: "However, they have kept these good suggestions forever on their website and have promised that these thoughts would be there till the UNO and WB is existing. They are open minded and hence they have kept it on their website, they have read it and accepted the suggestion too, and my name appears in the WB/ IMF 2007 Report as well." 
132Super Critic: "Why your simple letter and simple suggestions are always taken as petition by the government? What do you think of yourself, Ashish. Have You taken free contract of this world to correct everything and make 'all well'? Your all well formula will throw the world map in the well it seems now, as the way you suggest, if two neighboring countries are quarreling unite them....and let's develop this world."
133Super critic come Supporter: "Ashish, you've challenged the very concept of leadership. No leader can listen so much extreme criticism on face like you and put it on the web and take supporting comment with such a balanced mind. Sometimes we get afraid of these transparency and's a criticism and support as well boy."
134Dr. Baskaran, (Ph.D.-IIT-Delhi): Ashish, good book. Even when the IIT’ens were entering the IAS and IPS cadre people were questioning them, why? Why not an engineer should do engineering job and why into IAS? Their answer was, “When house (India) is on fire, how can I do an engineering job rather than extinguishing it?”…Great attempt dear.
 135Anonymous"Ashish put your link on difficulties you faced for publishing this exemplary master piece (book)". 
136Face to Face Reply from one Publisher: “Ashish, I know you said, on each question, we’ll draw an animation or cartoon and then publish it and make it big. Take whatever it takes for you and even don’t pay me royalty too. However, I didn’t realize the importance of the book at that time. I thought, you are just making sarcastic comments or jokes on the world’s top leaders, I should have read at least one question, instead, I’d thrown you out and said, “Go away and let me do my work, you are not so great over which I waste my time, also, all PM, Presidents, and head of the states and I too have other important work than wasting time on your day dreams. I apologize for the same, I think now we are day dreaming and not you boy, though it’s too late for you. I know, your behavior, now you’ll never come to me for publications, as your self esteem was hurt and I too said what should not have been said which includes the slang ABCDEFG language as well. All the best boy for just INR 22000 I’ve lost a deal, which you said, don’t have at that time,…., the deal which could have been worth a billion rupees at least. What happens Ashish we search for pedigree and famous names before publications and you stood no where boy. Thanks for allowing me to express me fully in front of you, now I feel ok. I know the journalists who said, “Are you from heaven, and came to solve problems of this world and insulted you. Please don’t mind but, I was also one among them. Great work. All the best.”
137Mr. Vinay D. Pandit: IIT, Mumbai: Graduate: 2004: The crux: “I liked your book and thoughts. At least there is a person who has thought to find Solutions on the present world problems than just brooding over it or exploding it and that too without exploiting people. Hat’s off to you. However, Ashish, I also have same feelings as others have, on the “No war pact” among heads of the states and UNO members. Is there any guarantee that in case an agreement is signed by all the world’s top Presidents and Prime Ministers will abide with their act? In fact, another side of the story in this uncertain world is that, do they guarantee their seat? Can they remain President or Head of the state for next 6 months in a collaboration politics or even in the tug of war of the positions and seats? In case they lose their seat, what’s the guarantee their successor will abide with the rule? Already this world has seen after First World War how the elections were managed in some countries, etc….. Great attempt though. Also, I’m very happy you’ve put both the sides of the story in depth only known to you, we didn’t know these things in so much depth. All the best yaar (Friend)”.
138.Dr. S. L. Ashtankar: Retired Physician, IGGMC, Nagpur: "It's a very high profile book. Very good."
139Anonymous“Ashish, your book is the demo piece for the world; in case a person is full of values he can solve any problem in this world. God bless you, all the best child.”
140. Anonymous: "A Master Piece"
141. Anonymous: "To evaluate your book is asking a candle to evaluate the Sun."
142. Anonymous: "To know all these things in details requires a 100 Super computers, where do you store this knowledge?"
143. Anonymous: "We didn't know till we met you, a person can remember what he learnt in st grade till Ph.D. everything with page numbers and details. All those things are reflected in the book child, you are same, as you were there during childhood, free, frank, faster decisions, absolutely perfect decision, no mistakes and details and micro administration, control over the work, etc. I'm proud of you Ashish. "
144. Anonymous: "I agree with the person who said, God runs this world for people like you, full of ethics, truthfulness and values, all the best child, oh, what a book."
145Mr. Jadhav: "Your book shows your youngest master with big work."
146. Mr. Sharma: "Aapne to sarye problems ke solution ki kunji hi de di duniyako" i.e. "Ashish, your little book contains solutions to all the world problems. A simple formula to solve the biggest problems like MDG and SDG. All the best Acharya Brahmarishi Ashish."
147Super Hyper Critic: At 10:45 am: "Ashish, it's all Hyperbole, Manganant (It's in your mind) that you'are speaking go to psychiatric. How can you participate in the World Bank and UNO discussions seating here. On that day I saw you in your house and not in USA. You're faking and fooling people. Who has given you charge to find solutions on to these world's problem? What do you think of yourself, a Masiah, or you people to ask you, or touch your feet? Do you think you're god? Do think you can fool everyone? 
Author: "Can you give me your internet based phone? I'll show it all, within 5 minutes, but of course if you allow, otherwise, I don't time, in case if you want to just criticize without listening to me please with due respect uncle".  Then, I touched his feet. Then explained everything in 10 minutes.
Super Hyper Critic: At 11:00 am: "Can I read the book in next one hour and then we talk after 4 pm? I'll love to be wrong looking at the just 39 page book and as you say can be read in 10 minutes."
Author: "Yes, I'll be there at 4 pm."
Super Hyper Critic: At 16:00 pm: "Ashish, whenever, I had problem in locating your question on world bank website, I took help from my grand child. (Suddenly he started sobbing). I'm sorry boy, I know you since childhood. You're like this only. My genuine advise is, Free Solutions have no value. Free Solutions = Zero Value = No value. (We both laughed). What I feel, people will make a ping pong ball of you and crush you, if you write so freely and free of cost. That too even if you are right and everyone else might be wrong, the societal, political, business, religious, and people who call themselves leaders will feel hard to digest a man in 40's is giving solutions to their problems and he is not a known person in the world. Though, everyone knows you're doing it for the whole humanity, still. I'm wondering how do you know, the ins and outs of the everything? A man can write only if he knows how they get the work done and also, how they fool the people, then, only a person can write such Solutions and Answers to present problems of the world. Though, I thought we're not hear for Donkey work and avoided such things, but, you do Horse Work, Honey Bee work, Donkey Work, You're thought leader, super leader and hyper leader. Sorry for my remark as Hyperbole and Fake work. I think first time some one who is thinking on these problems since childhood has given the real solutions to the world. I know, you've experience in teaching to the children of the construction  workers, maid servants and so on and hence, you had raised their problem. You are forgetting once I scolded you for teaching children free of cost from 2000 to 2004 on Sunday, saying, "What ever you may try these children will never grow", and you said, "It's matter of how and what we teach them, and you never know, what these children will be quoting the example of Michael Faraday who in turn quoted the example of little kid when his invention of dynamo was questioned, and later on using dynamo and generator only electricity reached millions of houses. I think, this small attempt to find solution on social inequality and distress, future, big things will be planned. All the best to you and God bless you child". 
Author: "Uncle, this is the work of God. So, let me start by saying, the world itself is at duality level, at that level yes it's Managanant. If mind accepts it, then it exists, otherwise, God is everywhere and nothing else exists, is my answer on your Managanant (Hindi word = created by mind), hope both of us accept it, and we're on same page, same line and same dot even. Past is past, you might have seen how I was always criticized for my rational, irrational and out of the box thinking always to get work done and people used to laugh at me, including you, (We laughed), so I'm used to for it, please don't worry. Thanks for your blessings, but, I feel today is the day, we should start implementing all these things, before it's too late?"
Super Hyper Critic: At 20:00 pm: "On 'today we start implementing', I agree, and we are on the same page, same line and same point." (We laughed a lot). (It took 35 years to prove, I'm on right track to this uncle...though never tried but, this book has made it possible)
148Many friends: "Ashish, there are number of people, politicians, researchers, scientists, are trying to exaggerate all the present problems and you're giving them simple solutions, you are not from this world....what beautiful solutions... All the best to implement...".
149Super Critics: "Blah Blah is ok, however, how will you implement these Solutions? You've no support from anyone, Ashish. All the best."
150. Supporter: "Don't bother Ashish. Even UNO and WB and all the government don't know, how to implement these simple solutions, as they have not discussed in details with you. They have to be humble to ask all the peoples from many nations, like you, then only it will be possible, take my word, they'll be humble soon, looking at the explosion of the problems. We support you friend to become leader of them, as you are the first persons to quote with experience how to implement these with action plan in the area of education like, "NGO, SHO, Public Sector and Private Sector bodies with technology, procedures,and system to implement..."...Hope this world finds a true leader in you ... god bless you friend."
151Mr. Aditya Vidyasagar: "It's worth an effort indeed. Hope you continue to inspire the world."
152Super Critics turning into supporter: "Ashish, sorry we feel jealous about your progress and your total involvement into your work since long. Before your work you didn't paid attention to anything else. Also, our children could not dare to ask questions even in the class, we feel wondered how could you go and ask the questions to so much high profile people and high handed people? We criticized you for anything and everything as we tried to pull your legs. However, now after reading this book we feel, you are the man who tried to solve the problems of the world. These are apt and simple solutions boy, all the best and god bless you child. (sobs)". 
153. Super critic: "This book is nonsense". 
154. Super Supporter: "Sir, don't listen to him, he has done nothing in his life except criticizing others. Please continue to do what you are doing." 
155Anonymous high handed people: “We didn’t find something special in Ashish, nor did we find something in the Solution Master, however, if this thought process is not suppressed, then, people will start thinking there is anarchy all over the world”.
My reply: “All the best. May god bless you with lot of money with 100% philanthropic and giving attitude, so that you take charge and lead the world to achieve MDG, and SDG”.
156. Anonymous: “Ashish, how do you come to know what is happening in gutter or in the high hills what are your sources of info? This book is mind boggling.”
157. Anonymous: “Ashish, by raising such questions you should be called ‘Question Master’, but, then some one will be ‘Solution Master’, however, I agree you are both, the ‘Question Master’, as well as, the ‘Solution Master’.
158Anonymous: “Ashish, many a times, we tried to see your face after showing you, your place. However, today we agree, you’ve shown the humankind its place. Height is you say we are all at same place. This thought process should be inculcated among all humans what you think, then only this world has good fate otherwise, in coming 10 years there will be more places on earth which will be unliveable than liveable. All the best child.”
159. Anonymous: “Ashish, you have muted our doubts about you. We always blamed you, when you always said, “I don’t have time,” and you kept yourself busy in writing something, and when computer arrived, you kept typing something. We didn’t know you were doing this. Also, when people told me, that, he is Dr. Ashish, recently in the past week, then I asked him “How you know him?” He said, “He is the Solution Master of the every problem of the world.” I laughed a lot and told him, “Man even the MLC, MLA or none of the Minister or CM or PM or President knows him and you say he is the Solution Master of the world?” He might have faked you or hyperbole you and you might have agreed to him (Jhnase me aagaya). He is just working in a private company where the Peon as well Presidents is at par. People like his are burden on earth, they waste time on day dreaming or just suggesting some solutions which are not practical. He is a scientist kind of person. Even I saw him teaching free of cost to many children for 5 years in a slums area, and height is he was very regular on every Sunday, I saw, and he was pursuing Ph.D. at that time and he (Ashish) said, “Time to give back to society.” Man what does Ashish thinks of himself a Sadhu or Saint or God or what? What he has to give back to society, what does he thinks of himself and what does he have to give back to society? Look at us, since so many generations we have so much to give back to society but have said those words?” On that what he said, has opened my eyes about you Ashish. He said, “Ashish, says, god sends questions to his mind and then he asks these questions to various top authorities of the world….” Hence, I’m here. (Sobs). All the best Ashish.
160Super Hyper Critic: “Ashish, in place of thinking and finding Solutions on world’s problems, in case, you had started a company, you would have been billionaire like Ambanis, but, you are wasting time on useless things. None will care about this book or website or your work, it’s a total waste, neither your earned money or fame or anything, nor you’ve become a great Sadhu or Sanyasi or like Swami Vivekanand, still you think your self great and find such solutions too.”
161Super Critic converted to Super Supporter: “Ashish there is lot of anger among people about the way the societal problems are dealt. However, you’ve give no cool solutions to all the problems that, people will have to learn and take an anger management course from this book. All the best and God bless you child.”
162Supporter: “Ashish, your book is suggesting a top order grass-root reachable in built system and it could help human civilisation forever in case we implement that solution you have suggested for education to all. What a great thought child. God bless you my boy (sobs).”
163Critic becoming super supporter: “Ashish, we thought this book is written by a narcissist who thinks he has solutions to all the problems of the world and hence he is calling it ‘Solution Master’, but when I saw it, it was full of questions filled with solutions. Then, I concluded that it’s written by someone who has implemented few of the Solutions in his life itself and then he is coming up and telling it to others. It’s turnaround in my life, as you are aware, we never were on the same page (laughs), but, now, I’m”.
164Supporter: “Ashish, you are writing as if you are taking leave form public and going away from them (Nirvanichi Bhasha- Marathi) by giving proper solutions to there problems. All the best child, long live and God bless you. Oh, what a book, it will be a bible or Geeta or Kuran or Kunji or guru Granth sahib referred in all the countries to solve the problems of the world in each country at each level. You made me think, this world is a family, and God’s own boy can give me that experience is what I feel. God bless you child".
165Supporter: "Ashish, we thought you are just busy in lip service, however, when read, the book is full of your practical experience, god bless you child. All these Solutions can be implemented. All the best". 
166Supporter: "Ashish, good that you convert your experience and use it into finding the real life solutions to the present problems of the world. I'm surprised, how could you suggest questions itself as answers, can you throw light on how could you generate such questions?"
My Reply: About it's God's own work: "Thanks for you kind support. Generally I keep thinking about a discussion topic and discus it with lot of people, then automatically by god's grace, the whole scientific or spiritual or social discussion boils down to either research paper or such question = answer = solution. It's sure that God only sends such questions through my brain, mouth or hand writing / typing. It's almighty's wish that these questions are being raised. If you've doubt come and experience with me. All the best to this world." 
167CriticYoung Researcher: "Ashish, Sir, how can you claim this is God's own work? I don't agree it's your single man's work, because I've not seen so intelligent person who can store so many things in his brain and his life and having so many multiple expertise? You should focus your research on only one aspect of MDG or SDG, instead you focus on everything under the sun. This is what even my guide from top institution has also told me, that, be expert in one, not, digress your efforts."
My Reply: "See Professor, if these are not questions of importance, then, how can the so called giant organisations accept them as the questions worth mentioning on their website/s and worth including too into the discussions, who gave them this budhdhi/ decision to keep it on their website/s? Answer those questions and then raise the transparency bar, and asking people to raise tough questions? 
It's God decision boy....Hope you agree on it. Also, in future, may be after 1000 years, if our future generations will ask us, haven't we discussed such issues in advance? At that time, they'll see these questions and will say, "Look our Forefathers have thought so much and then have taken these decisions that are benefiting us." Hope, at that time, our efforts will be appreciated, may be not now, as most of the people are busy in their own domain. Also, whenever, I get time, I try to find out Solutions to such problems, which means my job is done, house work is done and world's work is also getting done. Thinking and thought is a continuous process, for me, as of now it has become my thought process by now, as I've been thinking on this ground since the age of 7 years, any how, still we have to devote time, is what I mean. It's a devotion to God that brings these solutions. If you have doubt come and experience with me. No one helps me while I write all these things, only god do. Also, since early childhood, I'm doing this so, multiple expertise is what you feel but for me MDG and SDG is one and the same thing. I studied most of the Medical Subjects, Pharmaceutical subjects, Law subjects, Management and Commerce Subjects, Lingual Subjects, Engineering Subjects, History and Geography subjects,  Engineering, Science and Technology, and all major Religious books like Geeta, Bible, Puran, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Ved, etc. I read 1000 pages per day in 5 to 6 hours by God's grace, whenever on the internet, as for me Internet means Knowledge and Solutions and Answers, I already told you, that, I already have read 22 volumes of Britanica Encyclopedia long back and now don't get time so went through more than 50% of Wikipedia, it helps, so it's possible by God's grace. Simple, man, come and experience with me, live with me only one day in my office or at home. Boy, all the best, instead of just criticizing come join the bandwagon of service to mankind. All the best and thanks for this constructive criticism. People talk behind, you came forward and told me on my face, and hence this answer boy. Take care. Just remember whatever we do it's god's own work, please don't doubt it, never." 
168Senior Super Hyper Critic: "Ashish, I think you were out of the job every now and then, and due to lay offs as you said, it has made you great philanthropist and philosopher too. Great Solutions to dream. Are you in job still? How can the employer let you raise such issues? In government jobs they can't do it, I think you never worked in Government organisations. You hopeless people don't know how to run this country or any other country and hence you raise such questions". 
Ashish the Author: "Did you read the book Sir?"
Super Hyper Critic: "No, I don't waste time."
Ashish the Author: "Then, let me tell you, the background and the concept of questions = solutions, in this book. It's not Solutions, they are questions, in which the answers are infused in it."
Super Hyper Critic: "What they are questions?"
Ashish the Author: Told almost 10 major questions....and the background.
Senior Super Hyper Critic: "Sorry boy, but, this world is very cruel and will deal cruelly with you, like I talked with you earlier and I stick to my points as I feel this book is a show-off as if all the problems can be solved very easily."
 Ashish the Author: "Please stick to your points, let me try my best, for this world, and if you wish this is my last point over here, I'll never look at this book any more, if majority of the critics feel, it's a waste of time and show-off. All the best to this world, God bless this world. May I ask you one question?"
Senior Super Hyper Critic: Yes.
Ashish the Author: "You were in the public sector organisation, have you ever made a significant contribution that have shaken your organisation and made a positive impact on it?
Senior Super Hyper Critic:"We're there to work and not to raise question and doubt on government or our organisation and it's taken as "Mujori" means doubting the seniors in our organisation."
 Ashish the Author: "I've hold the top positions, but, I encourage doubts and questions before implementing important decisions right from peon to president, because I feel they are just positions and due to experience anyone can suggest a biggest breakthrough. People awarded me for the work, by God's grace."
Senior Super Hyper Critic: "We never doubted hence the organisation ran safely."
Ashish the Author: "How about the situation now?"
Senior Super Hyper Critic: "Worst, new people have no knowledge no practicality in life, they have ruined it."
Ashish the Author: "That's where my book comes in handy. I'm talking about succession planning, training millions of people under you. Just see, I've trained at least 10 to 25 of my colleagues to take up my job if I'm not there, they all are equally capable. Have you ever done that?"
Senior Super Hyper Critic: "New generation was never willing to learn. They think they know everything...."
Ashish the Author: "This is what I call, high handed approach.....This book attacks this thought process only. You have to accept plurality and multiple people are intelligent and are capable, then only all these problems can be solved, a single super leader so called charismatic leader etc. are not useful here. A band of leaders will have to trained and then they can implement all these things. Hope you agree on this at least."
Senior Super Hyper Critic: "Yes, I agree."
Ashish the Author: "In case in 1980's only you would have done these things, these problems would not have arrived. Now, everyone is fire fighting. Any how, let's do it with good planing and training and implementations. However, it has to be done ASAP otherwise, our civilization will fail, as again barbarians will come up wars will be there, and unemployment would rise and uneducated people will rise, etc. ."
Senior Super Hyper Critic: "Yes, I agree."
Ashish the Author: "You agree that's enough for me. Shall I leave?"
Senior Super Hyper Critic: "Please continue what ever you are doing Ashish. Unnecessarily I thought you to be an unemployed spoiled youth. You are a gem of this world boy. All the best."
169. Senior Supporter: "You have shaken even the UNSG and WB Chief boy, obviously all heads of the states are shaken due to true humanitarian solutions you have found out. All the best boy, God bless you". 
170Senior Supporter: "Ashish, the best job for you would be, a Senior Faculty/ Professor in world renowned institution and full freedom, no administration, nothing just write, suggest solutions to world's top organisation, should be your job. Great Work boy. God bless you. All the best."
171. Super Critic: “Ashish, I read you book it’s a book written by useless and hopeless fellow for this hopeless world. This world is always run by people having vested interest boy, thus making it to be most irrelevant book, waste of time book. Please don’t mind, but, these are my personal thoughts on your book, and as I know the whole world in and out, while travelled all over the world and when tried to implement few things world over. Everywhere vested interest only works and real rulers do not come forward what you wrote somewhere else was right. Negative thoughts works well and positive thoughts are killed always. Goodbye”.
172. Super Supporter: “Ashish, don’t listen to him, he is not happy with any of the governments in the world. I also read it boy, and this is a step by step procedure you have given to this world like a formulae of maths or chemistry or Sanskrit script. Marvellous book boy, one of the best when you locate the links and the background of the questions being asked, also, anyone can realise the agony and pains the author has suffered in his life and struggle he has put and still he who has not lost his creativity. God bless you boy, you’re real people’s leader. All the best.”
173. Super Competitor Children: “Sir, we have better options to implement and that too faster than your procedure, we can defeat you in implementations of MDG and SDG, then, how would you feel?”
My Reply to Super Competitor Children: “I would like to get defeated  infinite times than only 100 or 1000 times or million times, over this issue, but, this world should achieve and reach and implement the ideas and raise the compliance bar of MDG and SDG ASAP. All the best children.” 
174Super Critics Seniors Citizen and Computer Scientist together: "Ashish, the best job for you would have been working directly under UNSG as a Chief Compliance Officer of the world over projects related to MDG and SDG. However, for whom you are speaking are not in your favour it seems other wise the UNO and the WB and the IMF would have called you by now. Even governments are not serious about MDG and SDG it seems, and hence, they are also not calling you for even for consultation. We agree this is high handed approach and these are the vested interest as well and this is the only fact that is destroying this world. Shame on humanity people like you are on purpose sidelined by this high handed community all over the world, they are one only, they look different but this high handed community is one, they are united and they are less in number, and they try to lead this world by hook or crook. If you can ask frank questions we can also express out thoughts freely to you and open our true heart before you, and we always criticized you, you are true leader but true leaders are and have not space in this world. Look you gave Infosys free advise, they should have called you as a CEO in place of anybody else after 2008 when you published, but, it seems, some agencies around the word do not want India and Infoys to come up and they are ruining it, and not letting in people like you. Same is happening in WB and UNO, people have hold the positions and they influence the things, including hiring. Hence, we always say, SDG and MDG are pipe-dreams and will be appreciated by people like you, only, who are irrelevant in this world, and even for whom you are speaking e.g. WB and UNO, they also do not care about you. Take care, bye."
175Super Critics Seniors: "This world does not require The Solution Master".
176. Mr. Rajesh: Former KEC International Employee Colleague: "Ashish, this world require people like you. When you joined KEC R& D and when you came on June 1, 1996, we came to you and other colleagues also came to you and with our GM, what we asked you, "How are you Ashish?" and you said, "We came to solve lot of problems in production process as a R & D engineers." We laughed a lot, and you too, but, what message you conveyed was clear, you were very focused. All the best, you are really a Solution Master for this world, and this world requires many Solution Masters like you. Great Ashish. God bless you."
177. Critics: "MDG is not a road battle."
178. Supporters: "The way they are delayed MDG has become a road battle."
179. Supporters: "Ashish, we're happy, you carried out a pilot project in education field, implemented it successfully, got the experience how to do it, and then, you asked these questions full of solutions, thus proving you are truly a solution master pf this world. Congrats to you for this life changing project."
180. Critic: "What have you achieved from this book?"
181. Critic: "Ashish, what will you gain by putting all comments transparently over her?"
182. Critic: "Ashish, this world, is full of faking people than Solution Masters, the create more problems and corruptions and destroy the systems and faith of the world. Hate you for this book."
183. Critic: "Ashish, you're childish to give this solution master book. This world is full of corrupt and negative minded people and they rule the world by saying positive thoughts and they act juxtapose. There are millions of ways to not to implement these solutions than to implement. It's a waste of time."
184. Critic: "Ashish, there are millions of people who are earning in millions by dividing society to flourisht their business of their vested interest, since time unknown and they will remain their for ever. So, when you try to unite the world they were/ are/ will be trying to break the society in to pieces to not to get these thoughts get rooted in society and implement the solutions mentioned int he solution master."
185. Supporter: "Ashish, it's great trend that you have started."
186. Critic: "There are so many dictators in various domains and imperialistic minded people having their vested interest to rule their own people in their areas or in their areas/ domains of interest, that, these, solutions would be targeted and ruled out by them, you might also get banished from your own place by removing you from your job and home by hate and political plays. You are in trouble after this book."
187. Critic: "You are not corrupt it doesn't mean others are not Ashish. They don't like these solutions getting implemented. 99.99% people here have not time as they are busy in their own routine, and they support corruption than corruption free life...I asked them they didn't liked these solutions."
188. Critic: "Your Solutions are better for English speaking people not to others."
189. Supporter: "The Solution Master has given a strong and positive message full of trust and faith to the world and to the critics, problem exaggerators and to the problem creators of the world too. Great Ashish, none have come so transparently and positively over these issues in the world. All the best boy."
190. Supporter: "A complete total solution master you are Ashish, as you didn't do window dressing and found Solution to only one problem but to all the problems mentioned in the MDG and SDG. A most comprehensive studies so far, and that too in nutshell boy. Great efforts. All the best and God bless you boy."
191. Super Hyper Critic: "Ashish, you give solutions and others implement it and earn money, promotion and name and fame, it has happened since last 35 years, we saw, what have gain? Neither money as you are not billionaire, neither you became some world class Saint like Mother Teresa or Saint Gyaneshwar, or have been recognised by even your own people and Government of India too, neither the bodies like RSS, or Congress or Communist parties or any organisation except few who awarded you but not major organisations accepted you as the Solution Master, thus, everyone around you have exploited you till date. You don't know how to market yourself and you are still naive and simple. This world requires people like Krishna not like you. How so ever you may try, you'll never ever will come up and become super great though you are."
192. Supporter: "Ashish, now we know, why you always say, "I've no time." It means you keep finding solutions on the world's most difficult problems, and we thought you just waste time in useless things. God bless you boy".
193. Supporter: "Ashish, you are Sun of positive rays. Never ever met a person like you and your book is also, star in the night sky of today's world environment. All the best."
194. Supporter: "Sir, we only wish if this Solutions could be implemented and you lead the team, that's the recognition you deserve."
195. Supporters (240 students): "Sir, we would like to be part of these Solutions getting implemented, would you give us a chance?"
196. Supporter: "Sir, none have so much depth and so much faith and heart like you, to implement these solutions than you. So world has to take decision now, not you."
197. Supporter: "Sir, how did you remain untouched by the corrupt people till now? Great efforts."
198. Supporter: "To hell with the statisticians Sir, they have spoiled the World Bank and the governments by putting false figures always, they themselves do not know the definition of minimum wages or the definition of the literate people or real health issues of the world. Great that you know statistics in and out still you write realities of the life. All the best. We like your thoughts that if a person is intelligent people will know it, if he is Prime Minster or King or President he doesn't have to say it every now and then, how ever, few people are always showing off, and you are so simple but effective, efficient and full of impact. Your thoughts should take this world by storm ASAP then only this world will have great future otherwise not."
199. Supporter: "The questions you asked shows you have depth of knowledge in that field, you have grass root level exposure to that field and it's in every field boy, how you live your 24 hours? How do you know so many and so much things? The solutions are simple for you to implement but not to others if they lead. I agree on this issue."
200. Supporter: "In case all parallel economies and parallel or crisscross or tangent thought processes other than government and non government, and seen and unseen organisations....supports you, then only these Solutions can be implemented boy, and we agree on it 100%. We agree these is so much unknown in this world that without putting together efforts of all it's not possible to implement Solutions you have provided over the MDG and SGD". 
201. Senior Supporter: "It's such a serious thought, however, other than you none have taken it seriously, not even UNO it seems, they should call you."
202. Senior Supporter: "Your book is at par with Arthshastra, or any other great book/s in the history of mankind. You are equivalent to Chanakya, as this Solution Master is implements the MDG in almost 200 countries. All the best."
203. Critic: "You'll not get even a kids toy for this book, boy, from anyone around the world, not even from the supporters or critics."
204. Senior Supporters: "Forget his comment. As you've satisfaction Ashish, that, you've tried your level best than wasting time like the person who said, this above sentence or not getting a kids toy. I know him well, he did nothing spectacular in his life and he is jealous about you and hence this comment. For you he is a friend, but for him you are just a friend like a dog on the streets, I know it as he claimed it behind you back. We defended by saying, he is not Dog like but God like to us. All the best and keep working on these Solutions Ashish, all the best." 
205. Critic or Supporter, he can’t decide: “Ashish, why do you do such a unpaid job like the providing free solutions to this cruel world the Solutions in the form of Solution Master?"
206. Senior Supporter: “We don’t want any other Solution Master as the cost of Ashish. By publishing this book free of cost, people can bring a paid Solution Master in other forms Ashish, hence, this support, you are original Solution Master. All the best. God bless you.”
207. Senior Supporter: “Your book is the most important selfless act in recent times.”
208. Senior Supporter: “Favouritism exists in the world and it has killed your the best possible positions till date, we can see it. All big positions have been captured by people having support from people having vested interest.”
My Reply: I've already answered this question, I'm not power or money or name fame hungry even Professor position is ok for me.
209Senior Supporter: "Ashish, I liked your first question, stating emergency to implement MDG And SDG 24/7 otherwise, all are doing jobs. Marvelous boy. What a book boy. What a humble language to get done from seniors. It's a great book and great attempt. God bless you child. It was our dream to do such things, but we kept thinking and could not do it. We thought we'll do it secretly and earn lot of money, but, you did it openly and transparently and without any copyright or anything. Your selfless act will bring you not only laurels but salvation too. May god bless you. You still say it's god's creation as you have put your brains at the feet of the God. Keep it up child (sobs)."
210Senior Supporter: "Ashish, only a fakir can give up everything the way you have given up all the solutions and given it to this harsh world which is not even willing to take cognizance of your work. All the best child. god bless you."
212Senior Supporter: "Ashish, tell me who has given critical and supporting comments? All try just to give good things of their books, and hence, your contribution is God like to this world."
213Senior Supporter: "Ashish, you really brought a united spirit among all the humans and yes we can faith too to implement such simple solutions to world's most complicated problems. All the best."
214Senior Supporter: "Ashish, this world is so cruel? We thought only in our country the problems of have and have nots are there. You've exposed the cartel of imperialistic people who are trying to rule the world. Otherwise, wouldn't it be possible to implement MDG and SDG by now? Great and selfless people with simple approach only can do it, and of course you much have the experience of this world, mostly in negative form only then only man takes decision to publish such a work free of cost. God bless you and all the best."
215.  Senior Supporter: "Ashish please be aware while giving you job in UNO or WB or other top organisations they will find lot of errors and mistakes in your approach as they have their own vested interest to hold their power, and hence, they are not calling you. This world is full of cruel people holding unwanted power and positions and not letting others come and od the real work. In many organisations and government departments also it's same Ashish. God bless you and as all have not put don't put my name in to your supporter comment. (Laughs)". 
216. Senior Supporter: "According to my experience of life, Ashish, Shivaji had transparent system. By now, the head of the state should have called you, at least Shivaji would have, as an adviser, but, all governments and political parties in India are short sighted, they talk about Gandhi or Shivaji or Ambedkar or Socialism but, they are the bosses and they don't have aim to implement MDG or SDG, they have their own vested interest, forget it don't waste time and follow them if you are trying to convince even top places in India, they have eyes for their own progress they have ears to listen good things about them and brain to get flourishing news for their own people and not for all common men. It's like this since eons boy. They will show your place in-front of their minuscule leaders holding top positions, so forget them they are heartless and brainless for your cause. I would say, India is ruled by god and otherwise it has anarchy or rule of people's understanding nature. God bless you for bringing all these things on world floor. All the best boy, you are no less than Gandhi or Vivekanand or Ambedkar or Shivaji or Rana Pratap or Jesus Christ or any Prophet or any the Great person in the world. However, as these past leaders have got their not so true followers having vested interest solidly stuck (which if they were alive wouldn't have liked it) they will not let your all inclusive thought to penetrate even at the grass-root level. I wish these thoughts of yours go viral and contingent and you become top leader never happened on the earth kind. Great boy. May your all dreams come true."
217Senior Supporter: "I liked your transparent approach, as in the name of classified I've seen only interest of few is achieved. All the best Ashish."
218. Senior Supporter: "Ashish, you're asking to serve, where as people are here to rule, they are not here for serving as they call it magajmari or donkey work (what you are doing (laughs)), they are here for smart work and ruling the world, hence, the MDG and SDG or all are treated equally is a distant dream of mankind. Still all the best."
219Senior Supporter: "Ashish, as the people like you are constantly insulted hence this world is facing such down time, I think, humanity will some day switch on their own extinction button by doing so."
220. Senior Supporter: "Ashish, now we know how Saints like you think and how their heart burns for the common man's agony and pain and everyday struggle and why they mostly don't like powerful and rich people. We have proof - i.e. your life itself."
221Senior Supporter: "Ashish, people are busy in talking demonatisation and demarketing of your thoughts or killing your thought process and overtake it by their own thought process of vested interest, but, don't bother, as Swami Vivekanand said, they will erupt and will overtake this world soon. All the best child."
222Senior Supporter: "Ashish, people are not vratstha like you who live simple living and high thinking, they have high lives and lower thinking it seems now a day. All the best and God bless you boy."
223Supporter cum Critic/ A Balanced Reviewer: "Ashish, how can you let people talk so much freely on your face, we call it "Tondchat dhande" in Marathi i.e. if you give freedom to people they'll sit on your head. However, it's also true what you say, they, are the only people who are our biggest strengths. So this is a scissors trap and I wonder how did you survived till date and still wrote this book and raised these issues at the world stage, and got the the positive and the negative experience of the world from all possible sources and directions? Great book Solution Master but put me as a balanced reviewer too."
Supporter: "Ashish, if you get a chance, you can solve problems of all the galaxies in many universe. What a mind blowing book yaar. God bless you. All the best.
225. Supporter: "Ashish, your book is based on the principle of  "Oh, you also have same problem? Let's solve it! Oh, what a approach Ashish. I too agree it's a mind blowing book. You have become cynosure in the eyes of those who earn their bread on social problems and evils. God bless you and All the best from we mortals". 
226Senior Supporter: "Ashish, people are running after money day and night and you are here from the heavens it seems and publishing free book read by 2.5 million, great decision boy. It's a free meal for discussion to all the top institutions around the world. Harvard and Stanford and IIM and top Management and Business Schools and Law Schools and Political Schools should come to you for consultations and you should go to them, if they are really learning institutions if they are high handed then, God bless this world. All the best boy."
227Senior Supporter: "Ashish, there are so many parallel governments inside the governments around the world, there are so many shadow governments and anti governments and smart unions and anti unions, inside every governments and they run so efficiently and behind the scenes that people realize real power is not in the top position/s but elsewhere located and those real powerful people do not come forward, we agree on it, it's our life's experience as well. That is the only reason MDG will not be achieved any time till end of this earth. Still, all the best."
Senior Supporter: (Marathi): "Ashish, you are forgetting the bluetooth shares, which might be 10K to 20000 that you have not mentioned on you website. Marvelous boy. How many till date? Also, please note there are jealous people around, last time you had shown me more than a million share, but, the webcount or analytic is showing less than 280000 for your blog where people study various languages. The website people expect the paid services and then they reduce you count. So please be aware, they might pull your legs by any means. Thank god you have shown it to many people and then they are playing with your website. I think more than counter, self satisfaction of yours shows me the salvation and delight and composed calmness like Gautam Budhdha on your face. This fan count or money or fame or name or ...nothing can give you and they can't shake you as well. God bless my boy. All the best. Keep working and contributing, your one fan or even 10 fans are equivalent to a billion fans of others, that fan or those fans are representative of God for you. From my perspective it's the best creation of human civilization, "The Solutions Master"."
229Senior Supporter: (Marathi): "Ashish, by now, you might have discussed so many things of life and social lives with so many people and have given solutions to them right from finances to studies to community level to scientific level to multi-galactic level that you might know or come to know what are the feelings, opinions and ideas the person coming to you might be there and how he things and what he is going to speak sometimes on you book especially. You might have started feeling how much this world is filled with negative powers those are are stalling the progress of humankind. Isn't it? (Laughs). It happens sometimes we think and opine something and people also come to know the exact meaning even if you speak or not, words are something else but the message conveyed is something else, sometimes you might have requested world bodies to let you serve or even the government bodies but they might have said "Yes", but didn't have called you due to same vested interest, but, the message from your questions is only one, 'Humans are Humane' and 'We are one' and 'We can solve the problems'. Hat's off to you boy."
If anyone wants the book, we can send them personally, by email, time investing and impact is more important for us in this short life of humans, as we believe everyone on earth is send by God for some important work, and we also believe in Direct Democracy, human to human talk... 

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, 

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