Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Top 10 Problems in Media and Journalism around the world

Top 10 Problems in Media and Journalism around the world: A wake up call, to make healthy Media and Journalism around the world

As always, there are exceptional, good, bad and neutral journalism happening all over the world. However, we’re trying to know and focus the problems in the Media and Journalism around the world, so that, everything becomes result oriented in the world and everyone get benefited and humanity survives.
  1. It has become a paid job than passion. Passionate journalism is getting biased due to the job s/he is with the organization and it’s attachment to which ever thought process that media house has adopted for that time being or which ever thought process it has adopted since its inception
  2. Media can raise any sensational news and some unwanted issues are discussed at so much high pitch and so much stretch that even anybody would get attracted and involved into it and expresses their views. However, in this process, the most important issues are sidelined.
  3. Media gives more importance to present and fresh news, in that, other chronic issues are not touched and problems are not solved. The name and fame attached to such approach is literally killing the soul of the journalism. Where as Media can influence or discard the influence if they decide on certain issue and make a difference, but, hardly it’s been use for humanitarian purpose 24/ 7/ 365. Though, in past, the impact was high, due to increasing number of channels, the impact is either getting diluted or depends on many factors out of control of common man.
  4. The “Me First” approach is “Destroying the content”.
  5. Contract labor, temporary jobs, and sword hanging on the job….has killed the true journalism and free speech and clear truthful analyses of many issues
  6. Control of the TV channels, many Dailies, Websites have multiple organizational and trans-national support and that biases the views,  dilutes the killer instinct of the journalists and kills the points of the news and biases the truth too. Many hide the news in the name that, it may hamper our readers feelings from that country or this country....killing the truth.  It’s also killing the soul of the media.
  7. Generator of the news could be different person/s, where as credit takers could be different person/s. Also, if a channel raises some issues they never let that issue subdue till they get the full credit and till they raise their TRP rating associated.
  8. Sometimes, truth, content, faith, values, and ethics are kept aside in the name of money or TRP ratings
  9. Sometimes, Technology and Glitter, over powers all other fundamentals and mesmerize few or all watching. However, masses getting benefited are still a pipe-dream.
  10. Sometimes fundamentals over powers the technology and humanity wins, but, their percentage is still negligible.
Ethical Creativity, Healthy Competition, and Constructive Contribution to society at large with Self-Control among the Contributors, should increase than decrease, is the request to Media and Journalists all over the world. 

Of course Dampening of Freedom of Speech is the major problem. Hence, the Best Solution, is “Let freedom of speech” survive, live and let live and let humanity survive for humanity only. 
It's a wake up call, to make healthy Media and Journalism around the world, to let humanity survive the humane way. 

Sometimes we are from heaven approach also there that is provoking people to be impatient and publish their unpublished work freely and share on internet or whatsapp, etc. social media without copyright or IPR:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, , India