Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Top 10 Problems of North East India: Experienced while understanding people from top to grass root level

Top 10 Problems of North East India: Experienced while understanding people from top to grass root level

1. Unresolved International boundaries as per the neighboring countries claims.... and even state border disputes are there pending even in the Indian Supreme Courts.
2. Inner Line Permit (ILP) to work, and revision after every 15 days...is the proof of that in some parts...everything is not okay. Many a times people go for ILP but avoid coming next time....like bonded laborers...some go for yearly permit, etc. However, they feel though they are Indian why do they require ILP when we have AADHAR card / UID, etc.
3. Less development of infrastructure and not letting PPP model work there...
4. Almost 98% people in Arunachal Pradesh are NT...Nomadic Tribes so all the government institution will fail as they have on few percentage of reservation in job....though they might try for general category....When, I raised issue with my bosses, they have started mentioning on VOU website that we'll not ask race of any students taking admission in our University. Thanks to them.
5. Floods and no management of water resources even after 70 years of independence.
6. People don't know many government schemes.
7. Commutation and Communication is still a problem here in Itanagar itself at some places. Though capital of Arunachal no connectivity at many places for all kinds of subscribers....also roads get damaged due to heavy rains almost everyday...
8. Less employment and business opportunities.
9.  Even teachers and Professors are not available in many schools...colleges....top institutions....
10. People are hard working but .... most of the time have to leave their land for greener pasture....and families are left high and dry....villages are left high and dry....

Let's solve these problems peacefully, in truce and amicably and quickly so that whole India lives in peace, neighboring countries live in peace and all prosper and MDG and SDG are realized and of course to expand human civilization beyond earth, ASAP.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India ashih.urkude@gmail.com 

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