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"Sir, if a person has qualifications, experience, skills, can s/he have Right To Job (RTJ)?"

"Sir, if a person has qualifications, experience, skills, and attitude can s/he have Right To Job (RTJ)?" A Student.

Once I entered the class, I was bombarded with this question and got warning from loving and well wishing students.

"Sir, first of all a life long and life time warning to you:
1. You raise and ask such question to any top placed leader of the world that, you'll not get a job in UNO bodies, including World Bank, IMF, WEF, and UNESCO and not even in any Government bodies, as these are all lead by hegemonic leaders inside or outside or have influence on these show-pieces. (All laughed including myself).
2. Probably, you never worked in the government organisations hence you so many questions against any government around the world on World Bank website and they also put it to show they are transparent and take advantage and may or may not answer the question. (All laughed including myself).
3. You put both the sides, Pros and Cons, that's amazing. People either take this side or that side, but, you know a hell lot of details and put it on the articles and blogs and in your books, people may ask, how do you know the details, and if the people working their raise the questions like you then those places would be better and would more better every year is the point every organization is thinking who really would like to be great, excluding 1 in a billion organizations in India....and some in USA and some in Russia and some in UK.....(All laughed including myself).
4. One person said, "But, Sir is the first person and pioneer in raising such daring questions all over the world....and credit goes to Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude...(All clapped)....."
5. "Sir, due to these writings you might lose even your job/s and may get unemployed soon".
On it, I said, "Okay boys and girls, no buttering please...."(All laughed including myself). I'll raise these questions so that may be in future Millennium Development Goals (MDG) or SGD be realized...every human will get at least basic need food, shelter, education, home to live and humans will not exploit their own species."

 "Sir, this time we have question for you. Sir, if a person has qualifications, experience, attitude and skills, can s/he have Right To Job (RTJ)?"

 I put it before the class of geniuses..... My counter questions were:
 1. Who will provide the job and salary?The reason to this is, even some times people in the job do not get paid. Then creating job and then getting paid, requires huge investments....

One student interrupted and said, "Sir, to be on lighter side, if an organization hires a person on 25th of a month then they should pay salary on 26th of next month otherwise why should they hire on such odd time and then we're paid on 1st of next month....i.e. few days later? We know accounts people always have problem, then why not organizations really get organized? ....Right to job is if we do the job sincerely we should get paid... Also, what about road side people, Sir? (He laughed)"....

Then I continued:
2. Are you saying that Maslow’s hierarchy is applicable to even people living on the streets?
3. Which countries will have so much bandwidth to provide job to everyone? The reasons to put this point is, when I was in Canada, I've seen one of my older neighbor got several hundred dollars per month from government as the job in his field was not available at that moment and he had worked for more than 1000 hours after immigration. So, even Canada the developed nation cannot create so much jobs in certain fields then how about developing nations like India and other countries?
4. Which organizations will provide them job? Government or non-governmental organizations or private sector or....?

Here one student said, "Frankly, Sir, people like you are always looked as awkward and they are either sidelined or targeted as an odd man who is over contributor and who does the jobs or over 100 people. Some people just show off while you really do and contribute....and in some organizations people like you are even hacked and sometimes not paid on time or harassed and in that there is always a unity in bad things, don't you feel afraid of losing job? After that who will give you job? I'm sure even if you enter into business people will not let you be successful and will show you as a maverick in the world.....We're worried about your future.... This world will not accept the transparency in quality results that you expect in every job. Even Universities are not transparent to solve problems of the students....leave aside the government departments. Who get paid even if the results are not as expected....Even past government was like that though Dr. Singh was not like that but others ....could be questioned....Even if today Government is working on skill development that is part of your 6th or 7th chapter of Ph.D. in Made In India.....some kind of topic....Sir, can they provide the jobs to all students of skill development programs from government?...."

I continued:
5. Are you questioning the Skill development program of present government and entrepreneurship and skill development programs of the past governments?

6. What is the source and origin of this question?
One person said, "We know a University where even VC was not paid salary for 3 months....Professors were not paid salary for 5 months in in one Pune institution is a world famous case....we know a institute where faculty like you were harassed and made to leave....and  then they hired junior level such cases our generation will be job less at 40 years of age....The people who are doing with your generation are digging more patholes on the road than creating a better the origin of questions here.....and hence this topic of debate we decided in place of about Reservation policies, Sir?"

I said,
7. Just to remind you, .....all around the world, I've seen people out of job and unemployed from all walks of life, religions, creeds, castes, political views, and gender, etc. don't matter, seen it. I've seen a person down to earth.... was trying to create more than a million jobs through his organization.....He was growing the business, highly profit making but due to non-ethical cooperation from competitors he was out of business and was on the roads, begging for a job.....So, it's a universal phenomenon.

8. Is Right To Job (RTJ) be possible in India? If not then how MDG and SDG be achieved?

9. We're here not for blame game but for raising right question at right time and place so that it can be dealt positively than negatively and for getting permanent solutions and answers. All the best.

1. Sir, after our graduation we'll be employable and will be doing a job in an organization, may be at par or below our degree and skills frankly.
2. In private they create a situation to leave you after almost 3 years even if you perform in India and then we start searching a job, as no organization in India wants to be great they just want to earn money that's all. There is no work culture only exploitation in private organisation and in government ....we won't say anything as we'll not be getting job there.
3. Even if they are skilled our students get Unemployed after some time due to ethics that have built in them, and they are not willing to do hunky dory jobs and acts.
4. If government cannot provide jobs to so many graduates then why do they float so many colleges, and universities?
5. A person like you should be advisor to Prime Minister for developing policies of India or for all the nations in UNO, but, being truthful and ethical you're just a Professor.....even a goon or dacoit or negative minded person will respect you have abilities to listen to even most extreme point against you....(All laughed including myself). Sir, all are really not like you....
6. Sir, even China have Right To Home.... (RTH) and people have homes from government but they have to pay for electricity ....etc. Also, in India we have RTE what happened to it? We see lot of child labour still in the market, we see children polishing shoes, we see children at every square cleaning our vehicles and asking for 5 rupees or 10 rupees....We would like to change the world as we have changed ourselves....
7. Gandhiji said, "Be the change that you want to see in the world. We are the change, but, will the government change for good? Will poverty be over in India? Will unemployment and its related issues like terrorism and naxalites be over soon or will they sustain for ever? Will the gap between rich and poor be reduced or increase? Will the disparities be over or will continue forever? These are all job related issues Sir, a literate and employees person can teach his/ her children....
The debate and discussion continued with more questions and answers and solutions.
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