Wednesday, September 07, 2016

"Sir, even Professors are not paid salaries for 5 months, what kind of education system it is in India? I'll not join academic field".

 "Sir, even Professors are not paid salaries for 5 months, what kind of education system it is in India? I'll not join academic field."

(Please read carefully it's a turn around article....The student blamed and I defended it. 8 students in the class are going to be Professor, as they are passionate. We are together, but, this is Media approach in India/ Anywhere in the world, just in case they have to make the title sensational. Hope we take it positively. E. g. Just google it and you'll get at least 71000 URL's showing teachers and Professors Salaries are not paid on time....etc.)

We were debating on Education system and up gradation of it to world class level, for the Teachers Day and discussing our India Education System and Guru Shishya parampara/ Guru Disciple Heritage. For half an hour.
1. I told them what is the importance of Guru, how even Ram and Krishna had to got educated from their Guru.
2. How noble profession is the Teaching and Learning in India is.
3. How, Adhyatmically enlightened / Atmadnyani Gurus and Soul were wise and had wisdom to teach noble souls?
4. How, Takshshila and Nalanda were, and how world flocked to India for studying.
5. How was Vedic philosophy and how it's relevant.
6. What was the concept of 14 Kala and 64 Vidyas.
7. What is the HRD Ministry's role?
8. How RTE was implemented in Finland, and other countries.
9. UNESCO's warning to India.
10. Where are the road blocks for implementing good policies?
11. What are the problems of the new generation? What is the thought process?
12. Brain Drain.
13. KG to PG to Ph.D. education in India.
14. What are the bottlenecks in the system?
15. Idealistic Vs. Practicality.
Suddenly one student got agitated and said, "Sir, even Professors are not paid salaries for 5 months, what kind of education system it is in India? I'll not join academic field. It's a farce, on one hand education is not profit industry in India but actually people find USD One Billion in the house of a person having education institute....and then he is jailed, and he has not paid 5 months salary to hie Professors and employees....just show off Sir....this world is just show off. My cousin was Lecturer in his School and when he didn't get Salary for 5 months....people asked him are you labourer, even they get salary though half they get and they sign on full... He was laughing matter for lot of people....I heard even in Pune same is the case, which is the education capital of Maharashtra."
Students laughed a lot. I too joined them. If his points are given more importance then hope we'll be able to make our education system better. Because, I think, this is the only thought process that have caused the Brain Drain in the past, and many IIT, IIM graduates and other experts left India, and hence this heading. 
Then he said, "Sir, the Professors have all the knowledge how to fight with this curse but just remaining united don't solve the problem as they cannot fight with the real salary payers. They don't have courage and our Law in India is not matured enough right now at that level. UNESCO has already predicted we'll be left 50 years behind in case we don't upgrade. Sir, even IIT, IIM, IISc are not 100% strength of faculty and still appear in the top 1000 institutes in the world it means even the ranking agencies are fake all round the world.... We agree to some extend what you say....they are highly predictable....even we new generation say, they are fixed by governmental and not governmental agencies...."
At this I stopped him and said, "Don't be so rude against our top notch planners and politicians and educationists and businessmen and saints and sadhus and academicians and ...." All students laughed. I said, "Boy, the academics is in the hands of these people only.....". There was huge laughter.
Then he added, "Sir, you always say, you're good in teaching and academics please join it as a Assistant Professor after Ph.D. I just want to add here that I don't want to waste time, here in India, will take a MNC job earn for 20 years and live life comfortably....I could have been selected in IIT or even as IAS but avoided it for this reason only, Sir." All clapped and said, "Good plan."

"Sir, today, happens to be teachers day, and we respect you all. However, the ..................debate...becomes null and void at this point....that if we don't respect the nation builder teaches then how can nation be built? Are only people in authority or celebrity or.....known person can draw attention, what media is doing...are they dead? Why are not they result oriented? Why can't media fight for Professors or students till they get justice? Where is the ...."

"Sir, why can't the appointment letter copy send to the Bank where the salary account of the Teachers are there and if the full salary is not credited by 28/29/30/ 31st of every month then that education institute defaulter be put to justice after 3 months?"....

I told students, it's happening in may be few institutions, but, otherwise, it's a Noble profession, and 8 students are still interested in Profession and are going to pursue Ph.D.  in the past too, many were encouraged for the teaching and 90% have joined this profession who ever promised. Only 10% went into the business due to problems at home. 

Student love India but where would they bring out their true emotions? We can't suppress the feelings and reality in life. They are saying/ claiming we suppressed the feelings of the past generation and now it has become a big problem for India. They are also true. They are saying idealistic is ok, but, practically this is the situation in India and it requires attention of all on earth, for the sake of humanity, because same problems persist in other 100 nations. So simultaneously we can find solutions to other places, institutes, nations, and organizations, as well.

Later, we discussed, so many solutions we discussed.....Later will try to put here if time permits. 

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

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