Friday, September 09, 2016

Thanks and Congrats to ISRO for Made In India Cryogenic Engine. Indigenisation is the key for every country for/ to be self reliant.

Thanks and Congrats to ISRO for "Made In India" Cryogenic Engine. 
(As a student I said, in 1992, "I'll cook cryogenic engine in my kitchen.")
I still remember, in 1992, I said, to my friends, "I'll cook cryogenic engine for launching satellite through GSLV in my kitchen."
One of my friend said, "Cryogenic Engine in Kitchen?" We laughed.
I said, "Why anybody who tries to use science and technology for good purpose are always denied by big countries like USA or big authorities around the world? In 1920's people used to assemble cycle at home all over the world, similarly, we'll have a tiny cryogenic engine manufacturing unit in 2200 A.D. at every home, like today we have phones at home, scooters at home, our 5 generations later 'it will be there'. Just check the history of mankind, if it's a mark of freedom...then it's a mark of mastery of children during that time....As today even children of 3 years know the remote controlled cars assembling, ... single human launching unit cryogenic engine manufacturing will be at home....come on, not difficult ... it's like our Go-Cart assembling only, at the end of the day...."
"Hey stop Ashish" friend said.... we laughed.
In the evening, on the playground, one of my friend Mr. Agrawal, again, discussed how, Russia/ USSR and USA are equal and .....etc. and blah...blah, about cold war.... I said, "It's a fake war, at the end, it will gain nothing, as both sides know the collateral damage it can cause. ...Let's develop ourselves and our nations.".....
When this joke was cracked in the class, next day, one of the Professor (Dr. Wakode), said, "Ashish, that's the spirit, that's never say die attitude we like it in you."
I just said, "Thanks Sir, you're the only person who looked at it positively."
Later, I touched more than 1000 points on this issue in "The Indeginisation of Technologies in India", in my Ph.D. Thesis and in other books and research..... In fact, every country should be independent on such level then only human civilization can go to Mars and beyond. Indegenisation is the key of self reliance for every country and variety and multiple approach only can bring faster results to achive that...
Now, INSAT 3DR is launched by using Cryogenic Engine GSLV, it's an achievement of Indian scientists. Though, I'm not part of it, but, my few friends and students are; to whom we trained in 2007 and in 2008 in few EDP/ MDP's. We're proud of them.
Hope, more countries join this positivism league and in 2050 A.D. we have a moon stock exchange there, and after that on Mars and then on ....other planets or sub planets.
All the best to human civilization.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

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