Monday, July 28, 2008

Truth fears no questions

Truth fears no questions

Once Mr. Enlightenment was child, he came across the politics of biggies.

Once there was a quarrel on who saved master Dh. Mr. X said, "I did, and explained with all false wordy line up."
Than Mr. Y and then Mr. Z.

Suddenly, child Enlightenment came there and he saw the quarrel for taking away credit.

The grand father asked child Enlightenment, "Who saved Mr. Dh?"

"It'w me. Dh was falling into the water tank near our bathroom and I just pulled his legs, ask him. Even Ms. A, Master S, and Master Al were there."

Everyone in the crowd felt ashamed about their foolish act as, there was so much innocence and truth involved in it.

Grand father asked everyone, "Any questions?"

Everyone said, "Truth fears no questions". First they felt ashamed then everyone laughed.

Everyone said, later, "Every time in this false world, the real person who does the work and the person who takes away credit are different. However, we realised that the real doer remains always happy and he is always active and always can save many more people like this. While the credit takers always Bragg their one deed. However, Truth fears no questions."

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