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Chinese Mind: Look How It Works

Chinese Mind: Look How It Works

Once I was discussing few important business proposal with my boss and with our client in Toronto.

The competition was among two companies one was lead by an Indian having 100% Indian work force, all Mechanical Engineers from India. Our competitor was a organisation from China, and all of them Mechanical Engineers from China.

Later, Indian lead organisation grabbed the contract as we were on time and produced the prototype of the product before anyone could conceive the idea. It was contract of $110 million for the month of October.

After the deal was finalised Chinese party arrived. (Very late).

Literally one of the person rushed in by opening the door by some amazing way and by keeping the security guard engaged in talking with other Engineers.

While we finalised the deal, this man came with prototype, made that $110 million deal of ours just $50 million and requested the owner to think again.

This contract came to us and to Indian organisation as the deal was finalised but November and later contracts went to Chinese. Still it is going to Chinese without a break. Indians, still could not grabbed the contract again from Chinese and we could not reduce the prices up to $50 million. In fact the $110 million was the lowest price that any other party in the world could offer except Chinese.

I asked one of my Chinese friend, the Mechanical Engineer from the above organisation, "How come it is possible?"

He said, "Asisi (Meant happiness in Chinese and my name is Ashish), you have brought good idea in the manufacturing industry producing prototype as a proof before the contract is grabbed. We were late as our prototype was no ready. However that gave us one more idea, if we can reduce the prices along with other aspects by involving all the stakeholders of the organisation then this contract would be ours forever."

I asked him but how could you know it.

He said, by ethical business intelligence.

After few months again we exchanged communication.

He said further, "In one contract you earned the profit of few millions, but, our organisation grabbed the further contracts and now our organisation thrives on it for years. We have 1200 work-force and this contract has become bread and butter for all of them. You earned the profit only once, we are earning just $1 million profit every month on that contract but our business has survived and sustained. Also later we could grab many such contracts around the world.
Still no other organisation in the world could snatch away that particular contract for the same quality for the same price. In China we think about survival of the weakest and survival of many and not survival of the fittest, or survival of the most intelligent, or survival of few organisations or survival of the richest. We in China think about how to provide bread and butter to many. By doing so automatically the owner earns a lot, as the cost of living is not much in some parts of China".

Still my Chinese friend and me are in touch with each other and he had become top boss in the organisation. He still thank me for his success. I told him OK man it was the idea of mine but it was him who implemented the idea and above all Chinese people allowed him to take responsibility at such a younger age. He said that his boss did not took away credit from him, instead he allowed him to take responsibility of the whole project so that he could concentrate on other.

That is how Chinese mind works.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,
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