Thursday, March 16, 2017

Investing Quality Time on the Campus in Business or any Professional Schools

How to Invest Time on Campus?
Example of Business School: 
Try to be an all rounder, when in the campus:
On lighter side, it doesn’t go to Doctor for any ailment or to any government for permission and even do not pays tax, but, we are humans and we’ve to follow regulations. Baya / Weaver Bird is an architect, business owner, manager, builder, enjoys the life, …… an all rounder.
Do it yourself, start with self:
Charity begins from self but for that purpose also you’ve to start from your own pocket:
So work on IQ, EQ, PQ, and SQ part from lectures, assignments, exams and CEO talks, and it will teach us Never to give up in life:
For that you have to achieve some specific daily micro achievement/s in terms of skills and knowledge.
Cumulative improvement/s in yourself, you can build a solid foundation.
 You build a confidence that, yes, it is possible to change in and out and make a change in life, hereafter. It will help you to realize your dream in your life. 

Your everyday task from the DAY-ONE could be:
• Know at least one new case study daily that are top rated by management experts.
• Know at least one new Leader and his achievements.
• Know at least one organization In and Out.
Exchange of views and knowledge add value to every discussion and make students realize about diversified fields and opinions around the world. Thus 40 students in class can share a lot in a day. Unity is strength:
Just you also have to invest 2 hours on field work, if any, every week, like CSR purpose, contribution to society is unending process: 
However, this sharing and caring brings results. It is my experience.  You come to know that one can learn in many ways. Debates, Quiz, Simulations, Dramas, Movies, Experience sharing, Role play, discussing research article, and other number of ways. Creativity has no end:
Thus, try to learn basics of maximum number of skills today for tomorrow, you don't know where your dexterity will be useful in future.
Contribute to life of self and lives of the people:
Contribution is the long time investment:
 Check and decide what you want to be:  A CEO or an Entrepreneur?:
Or The best person of your field. 
Finally, Why you Invest your time than waste time when you are in the campus? Because, these  the most important days which will never come back to you in your life.
We have seen total paradigm shift in the mindset of lot of students.
You could be next Narayan Murthy or Steve Jobs or Mr. Bhatia, or Kiran Shaw Mauzumdar or Dr. Reddy, Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekanand,  the person you choose as an idol or icon or your life.
"Stay Inspired: Keep Evolving: Keep Transforming self and society"
All the best. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, , India