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"THE SOLUTION MASTER"...e-Book- ISBN-978-93-5196-634-0. Author-Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

"THE SOLUTION MASTER"...e-Book- ISBN-978-93-5196-634-0. Author-Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, published. Please go through it. It's for sustaining and survival of human civilization.  

After going through the 39 pages book "The Solution Master", someone said, "Why not it be considered for "Booker Prize" or for "Noble Peace Prize" or "Sahitya Academy Award" or "Bharat Ratna" Though it's not marketed by any top book publisher, neither it is favoring any political system in the world, nor the thoughts are liked by even near and dear ones, neither it's going to be viral nor it's going to be liked by anyone though the Author is speaking in every human's favor....Still, the author has boldly raised questions that would be raised by our great, great grand sons and daughters would raise on us. 
One of my student, Mr. Vijai Baskaran to whom I’ve bee mentoring since last 5 years, and who is studying right now in IIT, Chennai/ Madras, has said, “There is nothing that you have left Sir, holistically it covers solutions to all present problems of the world.” He is the only person who said, “It took him to read each problem in details and verify the solutions”, and he says, “I confirm, the solutions are verified and are apt and perfect.” 
I think students are best judge of the Teachers and hence I don’t think any other certificate or award can be better than this judgement. 
Few Solutions provided by author are: 
1. "NO WAR PACT between all the UNO nations for Development of this world for coming 100 years from 2015 till 2115 A.D....." ...hope everyone got the idea what this book contains….
2. If money can be transferred to 110 million accounts in India, if Pulse Polio Drive can be successful in India, then why not 100% literacy?
3. Why not USA have lady President till date? If they talk about female participation in politics or business? 
4. If there is Right to Education in 135 countries, why not the 100% literacy is there? It means, Self Help Group, Governmental and Non-Governmental Bodies should work together and keeping track on children through proper representation can bring the proper results, then why not UNO and WB help governments to plan such things, with holistic solution?
These solutions have been verified by many experts and they are feasible as well has been confirmed.
However, the Author feels that he has satisfaction that it's a drop into the  Ocean  of  Knowledge  by God's grace.
The Book of just 39 pages and which can be read in 5 to 10 minutes could have such an impact that all the governments, the United Nations of Organisations (UNO), the World Bank (WB) being part of it, the World Economic Forum (WEF) take these points into considerations many of the human problems could be solved if planned well and implemented well.
The book is available on the publisher's website, the IJORD, and URL:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,  

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