Saturday, June 20, 2015

Merit or Favoritism, problem with high handed approach at the top

Merit or Favoritism, problem with high handed approach at the top

Biggest problem with any country, any institution, and any organisation is HIGH HANDED APPROACH. We're Ph.D. or we're politicians or we're employer or we're from HBS/ IIT/ IIM/ MIT/ or this and that.
After just 1 month, none listen to them, even if they are great in their field.

Institutions cannot be great and remain at the top, for a millennium unless they respect each teacher, each student each employee, get feed back, like I did in UPES and other organisations worked.

However, problem is it cannot run for few years, as it's always someone at the top from these places comes and kills the routine....that kills the process of going upwards and with such in human approach India cannot have better Universities.

One more example, I applied to IIM Indore in 2004, when asked the HR personnel said, "Your waiting list number is 2228 for the position of Assistant Professor in Marketing". That too in 2013, and at that time I was selected as Senior Professor and was VPAA/ Pro Vice Chancellor-Academics, too in UPES. Now, such is the criteria of selection of faculty at top ranked Institution in India or anywhere in the world, tell me, how can they have global rankings? Another factor is, one of the candidate (who was inside) told me you need to have some top jack to get selected in top places or even at Professor place in IIT/ IIM/ NIT/....(which I don't agree to do), can I get selected?

Where are we going, Towards favouritism or towards merit based society in the world? There are many methods to check background information. In fact, in this transparent world, everything is on LinkedIn or Facebook or .....then, why such things? Another factor is, when student pass out or are studying/ working/ teaching in top institution/ organisation/ governments in the world, they say,  (HINDI) "Upar se tam toom, andar sey ram janey" :) meaning (ENGLISH TRANSLATION), all institutions/ organisations/ governments look beautiful from outside due to their marketing strategies, but when you go inside, all are total void and lack stuff or humanity or this or that.... :)

Sorry for frank and free remarks... but, hurts your whole family and clan, someday I had to come out... to build this world beautiful and just.

Thus, unless we've merit and just, only the criteria, we can't make these places top class may it be institutions, governments or organisation...
In fact, humans should realize at the end of the day every one is human being. 

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,  

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