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Interesting and nice surveys, slide shows and articles

Interesting and nice surveys, slide shows and articles

What super successful people did in the morning?

Really the true and unmatched donor of the world:

Cancer patients can live longer, by these medicines developed by Russian Scientists!:
While Indian Scientists developed a vegetarian combo-medicine that cures cancer!:
Hope one day they will be successful to overcome this disease, like we did with small pox, polio, cholera, typhoid, influenza, diseases.

India: House of 106 Billionaires: Mumbai among top 5 billionaire cities in the world:

Militaries sci-fi projects:
China's Lunar Probe:
Soon computers will have common sense:

World's happiest and saddest countries, 2013:

By 2015, mobile will be more used than PC:

20 cities with the biggest business houses

Why Emerging Markets and BRICS always blame the USA?

How the investors loose patience in the emerging Markets, at accelerated pace?

22 attractive emerging markets:

25 top payers to software engineers

20 companies those pay handsomely even to interns:

Dubai economy going down:

Honest slogans and logos of companies:

Requesting financial aid may harm your chances for higher studies?

why college co-op are always successful?

7 ways cellphone would change the business in 2014:

5 amazing LinkedIn strategies:

100 most read inspirational quotes:

16 things to do at workplace at the start of the day:

Top funniest things happened recently in politics:
Please note, We're not in favour or against anyone but the article putforths it like that, as an independant observer:

Google Humming Bird:

India's own indigenous aircraft carrier:

100 best jobs in USA:

7 job interview mistakes:

India opens its gates for investments in banking and insurance:

What stronger people avoid?

Golden age of philanthrophy:

Question. Is the world of corporate/ politics/business/'every nooks and corner of the world' lead by favouritism, cronyism and napotism?
Answer: At least this perfect resignation letter predicts it. Also, it's an experience of 99.99% people on earth who have experienced it somewhere, sometime, some place, at some instance of time in their life, also predicts it:
It's academic meanings:

All SHAKESPEARE work at one website, worth reading:
Sample comedies:

The world that was, Dvaid Frost, and the old England dies article:

Stem cell research: New breakthrough:

Breakthrough research on Alaska invasion 24000 years ago by humans, before Columbus?:

The biggest medical drive of India: WHO appreciation:

Fantastic Gadgets overview:

Indians suffering a lot? (Gallup Survey claims):

The Hindu Survey claims: Many in India unaware about Alzheimers:

Stress in Games, sending them home/ under perform/ drop/ take back sit?:

E-money or Digital currencies can be the future?:
Our publication on e-money and security:
Terrorism: a big threat to telecom and internet based communication and

Red listed engendered species:
In photos:
Concreting Bangalore has this engendered effect:

Engendered but could be brought to life back?:

Fire ants surviving floods:

11 Billion people on earth by 2100 AD?

Buddha's earliest temple unearthed by Archaeologists in Nepal:

LATEST in the Internet, E-commerce, Cellphone/ Mobile:

Internet investor:
Amazon to use Octocopter Drone for package delivery @ home of clients:

Latest in the Technology:!2/cuxd?utm_source=taboola

Even IMIE number of cellphone/ mobile can be changed, so the best solution is to protect your cell phone / mobile from getting stolen:
What is IMIE?

Pope against forced unemployment?:

Chinese row with multiple countries over air defense? What are the risks?

Hydrogen the most abundant wonder fuel of Universe?

Skills and academics do not go hand in hand...Critics...ILO's Unemployment Survey:
India's problem:
Chinese Dream today is like American Dream in 1960's?:
UK Unemployment problem?:

India and China the biggest consuming countries on earth++++

Israel's Aerial Drill, the biggest ever?:

How does a country become rich?

Go Rural:

Vegetables that one must eat to build the immune system:

IIM A in top 39 B'Schools:

India top investment destination:

Some interesting photos+ slideshows+ article:
snowfall 2013 worldwide:
USA missile destroyer:
Saudi Arabia: Rains:
Israel Aerial Drill:
Pakistan Anti Drone Missile:
Chinese Navy:
Chinese Dispute with all its neighbors?:
DRDO India:

Nice and most appreciated photos from NASA:

$20 to $50 fine for SMS while driving in California:,1,3722911.story
Back here in India, we had a classical accident where no one was injured. A motor cyclist was talking on the cell phone, suddenly he lost balance; fell on other motor cyclist, he fell on cyclist, the cyclist fell on a boy who was SMS'ing to his friend. Thus, some times the chain reaction could be hazardous when it comes to cars being driven at more than 60 miles an hour. Imagine if this chain reaction mentioned above had to happen with bigger vehicles. Hence, it is good that some laws have been thought and being implemented. Great to here that driving and cell phone use has been banned in a partial in USA.
It had to happen, as many mothers demanded it. Children everywhere in the world are SMS'ing while cycling, while roller skating, ...Where as youngsters doing it while driving. Speaking on mobile is dangerous while driving and now this one.

Best way to live or die: Worth reading:

Book reading and mentorship changed Bajaj auto:

Aam Aadmi Party has changed the politics in India?: Interesting article:

Leveraging a big problem for many organisations:

World's 85 richest = Money of half the poorest populations of the world:

Why college grads don't get jobs, sometime?

Slavery still exists in almost all the nations on the earth?:

Andhra Pradesh rejects Telangana?:

Surprisingly corporate Japan diversifies in India:

US bans some Chinese accounting firms?

Weird jobs done by some luminaries including Pope:

China and India: Space Race:

Sony: May be in losses but Indians want to buy it:

Japan and India to modify Asian Transport:

China going to be in crisis?:

Why Japan and India getting closer?:

2020 China: Stressed out?

The best Certificates to opt for in 2014 in the field of Computers?

Case 1: India launches satellites of developed nations:

Case 2. Analyses of Infosys Attrition Rate:

Case 3:  Inflation going down, is it true?

Case 4: Why these tech titans are not going to let their money go to their children?

Case 5: Infrastructure Projects in Jammu and Kashmir:

Case 6: Drones Changing the world:
US Army:
Amazon drone delivery:

Case 7: Scientists close to finding 2ndearth:

Case 8: Can India recover black money from foreign banks?:

Case 9: One Rank One Pension in India Military:

Case 10: Bullet Trains from Mumbai to Ahmedabad:

Case 11: 11 wealthiest women in technology:

Case 12: How to buy first house on loans?

Case 13: Tips on mobile banking security:

Case 14: Income Tax Rules and Filing Return from 2014:

case 15: Down the line will BRICS Bank will Threat the World Banka and IMF?

case 16: Shortage of Doctors in Delhi and in India:

Case 17:  Nuances of using social media: : Versus : :  Social media improves inter personal excellence:

case 18:
100 smart cities in India:

case 19:
Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao:

case 20: Retail Management in India:

case 21: Market Research in India:

case 22: Top Management Gurus around the world:

case 23: Extreme poor and child mortality in India:

case 24: Emerging trends in Marketing Management:

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude 

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