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Indian Mars Mission: Mangalyaan

Indian Mars Mission: Managalyaan

In Sanskrti, Mangal = Mars, and Yaan= Vehicle.
It's Budget is just USD 70 Million, where as Indian GDP is touching almost USD 1.4 Trillion, it's just 0.000005% of India's GDP. Thus, making it worth investing for future of India and the whole humankind, as the findings would be worth.

Nerve Center of MOM: 

Mars Orbiter Missioin (MOM) on Wikipedia:

Great Video on how to go to MARS by NASA: Really worth watching:

Among Top 5 most tracked:
Pre-Launch: Meanigful experiments to be conducted on MARS:


I don't agree any race is good after reading the following article, I'm in favor of space is for collaborative efforts:

Let every country move ahead: However, at the end, we are ONE humanity:

Glitch and few Obstacles cleared:
Supporting articles:
Economic Times: Nice calculations:
Mars Portal on Wikipedia:
2013 Spaceflights:
Spaceflight portal:
LIVE: PSLV Launch:
Washington Post: Competetive Space Race:
HT: Door Darshan Video of live launch of PSLV:
Timeline of spaceflights:
Cleared the hurdle:

NASA Rover bouncing to work again?:

Cooperation from world over:
South Africa:

Space is not for competition otherwise it will destroy and corrupt the further missions:
I don't agree any race is good after reading the following article, I'm in favour of space is for collaborative :

Some other views:

12 facts:

Now it's travelling 1,000,000 kilometers/ day towards Mars:

2nd stage trajectory hurdle cleared:

NASA found ancient water lake on MARS:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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