Saturday, August 17, 2013

Is it curse of the nature or it's human creation? (POEM)

Is it curse of the nature or it's human creation? (POEM)

USA was swiped by several tornadoes and hurricanes,

Japan, India, Indonesia were swiped by Tsunami,

There are earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand, Australia,

There are volcanoes erupting in Italy, Indonesia, Hawai,

There are floods in USA, China and India even Kedarnath is swiped away.

Is it curse of the nature or the human creation?

Ganga in Kolkata,

Yamuna in Delhi,

Arabian Sea in Mumbai,

Are polluted,

Is it human creation or curse of nature?

Imbalance of nature due to exaggerated mining,

Imbalance of nature due to too much excavation,

Exploitation of too much oil and from each sea depth,

Zero Jungles in China,

Jungle fires in India and USA,

Swiping away millions of houses across countries by floods,

Is it curse of nature or human creation?

Exploiting the river bed by mining its pebbles and sand to the extent that river changes its direction of flow,

Almost total destruction of forests in India, Philippines, Indonesia for the farming activities,

Leakage and breakage of super huge oil tankers and destruction of ocean life,

Wars and famine in many countries around the world,

Is it human creation of nature's plight?

Is there any field left where humans have not made intrusion?

Humans have created new species,

Humans have created ecology to build new kinds of viruses,

Still we doubt, has the balance of nature not mobilized?

Total climatic changes have happened on earth,

Still we doubt, is it our own creation or is nature angry on us?

Has humans utilized their superiority over other species positively or negatively?

Everyday billions of species are killed unnecessarily

Still we doubt, is it our creation or nature's?

Is human being playing too much with nature?

Do we allow, God to stop human intervention in the nature?

Are these indications, God and Mother Nature is trying to convey us, some message?

Are we listening to it?

Are observing it?

Are we feeling it?

Are we going to implement certain measures to limit our resources?

Or we just want to debate on "Is it creation of man or is it curse of Mother Nature?"


Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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