Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Why can't we have performance, welfare and growth related politics around the world?

Why can't we have performance, welfare and growth related politics around the world?

Just see the ranking of USA top 25 cities:
Every country and provinces must compete positively with each other for such development.

Another aspect about GDP of cities:
New York's Gross Domestic Product is bigger than Korea,
Other cities around the world and their GDP:
Comparison of Indian States with the countries around the world:
Emerging Cities and Comparisons:

Now, Take sample example in India, that has brought this thought to be put here:
In Nagpur, Maharashtra, MIHAN i.e. Multi-Modal International Cargo Hub and Airport was planned but I've not seen its happening and this project has not seen yet, the light of the day, since 2005?:
Another fact is a MAGLEV high speed train is planned between Mumbai-to-Nagpur, 1000 kilomtres, it also has not seen light of the day. I must confess here the fact that, I'm highly ignorant about politics, I understand language of welfare-growth-development benefits to all on earth.

Almost, 250 million central India populations could have been benefited with this project, with rough calculation of 100 to 250 cargo aircrafts landing everyday and the kind of road, rail, IT, manufacturing, transportation, Supply Chain, etc. projects ....came up. Lot of jobs could have been created thus supporting the welfare of masses. It's the lack of job that has forced many negativities around the world, thus, positivity would have been injected in this undeveloped central part of India. But, ....this but,....kills the development of entire human civilisation, otherwise after 1969, we would have made our human base on MOON by now, and 2nd generation of scientists would have started on MOON itself, and by 2020 we would have been talking of spreading wings to MARS, and by 2050 on TITAN and by 2100 on Pluto and then beyond.

Similar cases are there all across the world.

Hence, this request to whole human civilisation.

Let masses as well as classes get benefited and let's have performance, welfare and growth related politics around the world.

In fact, if by 2100 A.D.human beings do not set up base on Pluto then, take it granted we have not yet developed, and we are underdeveloped civilisation, as compared to others existing in multiple locations in the multiple galaxies. That's the REAL BENCH MARK we must SET UP.

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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