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Some interesting surveys worth reading in 2011-12

Some interesting surveys worth reading in 2011-12

Extreme Supply Chains:

Shipping companies:

World's best Airlines 2011:

Europe's best low cost airline 2011:

How to avoid legal troubles while doing business in China:

Fastest growing seaports around the world:

The major reasons, why outsourcing has increased?:

The most popular social media web sites:

Top Air Freight companies:

Top shipping companies in Middle East:
TNT the winner of SCATA award 2011:

The best and the worst degrees to have, especially Masters?:

What best you must do when unemployeed?

Why Journalism is the best job?:

There investments have midas touch, in technology domain:

Is American Education System obsolete?:

Will social websites and Google disappear in coming years?:

How to increase revenue by stopping to sell?

Nine dangrous things taught in school days/ childhood?

Look at the volumes the billionairs loose or gain?:
Real time listing on


The Fastest growing University Endowments:

Forbes global 2000:

Top paid CEO of 2012:

Largest USA Chairies:

The Best Business Schools:

Mining on the Small Planets for platinum etc. precious metals:

Why Entrepreneurship  wings of Business / MBA Schools have failed?:

The top/best 10 countries to live, 2011 survey results:

The company having most online satisfied cusomters:

How retailers are focused and not complaining about economies downfall etc.?:

Happiest people live in which country?

People are spending more, now a days?

Why do people migrate to places?:

University ranking done by Spanish firm Consijo Superior de investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC):
World Ranking:
South Asia:
North America:
Latin America:
Arab World:

World Wide Consumer Confidence Survey by Forbes:

UGC's survey of Indian Higher Education in 2011-12:

The Best Blogs, Websites, Social Sites, Internet Based ......for the yeat 2010-2011-2012:,28757,1999770,00.html,28757,2087815,00.html,28757,2075431,00.html

The most read opinions:

The useful website of the world:

The most read news on youtube in 2011:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1024&bih=424&ion=1&wrapid=tljp133717615773400&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=w1&gl=IN

Some more: Next big market for growth on rediff:
OECD ranking for best countries to live:
Biggest Engineering companies around the globe:
World's biggest food as well as beverage companies: with Nestle as rank 1:
Biggest revenue genration, still Exxon leads the world:
Google leads the best companies to work:
Biggest pharma org in the world:
Costliest projects in the world: Interstate highways-USA is costlier than International Space Station project:
India has most number or heritage trains in the world:
Busiest Ports:
Busiest Airports:
World's most picturesque airports: With Changi leading:
Best / worst countries to live:
Some stunning malls and supermarkets:
world's 10 largest airlines: Delta leading with 744 fleet:
World's best airports: Hongkong leading at present:
Top cities to live in India: I think Nagpur is missing in this, which I rate number 1 city to live if the industries get developed:
The countries to do business better: Singapore leading:
Worlds' smartest supercomputers:

World's richest sports teams, lead by Manchester United with $1.86 billion:

Best web sites for women:

Jobs, highly paid but don't require a UG/PG/PhD degrees: McKinsey Survey:

World's most famous introverts:

Best jobs for youngies:

Jobs that are facing obsolescence:
They will no more exist?

Top Public Relations Jobs:

Top ranked college majors/ degrees:

Truly 5 major qualities/ attributes of respectable achievers:

Top 10 extinct species on earth: It's a 2009 survey:

Top 10 accidental inventions: It's a 2008 survey:

Top 10 extreme scientists, a survey: It's a 2008 survey:

Aliens can survive the earth trip due to strong resistivity: It's a 2007 survey:

Bacteria / Viruses and Microbes that survived  400000 X g (gravitational force) and hyper accilarations:

Impacts of asteroids have spread life on earth as well as beyond our solar system:

Explorations under sea bed, and even after high force, pressure, forced liquid, the microbes survived came alive:

Top 10 reasons to believe in Aliens and ET life and Drake's Equation: Really nice one;

World's most mystrious unsolved mysteries:
Google Earth Anamolies:
It's discovering hidden facts of earth from sky, really great contribution from Google.

World's longest living species:
Surprisingly jelly fish can go to childhood and adult age at will hence it has no aging and dying cycle, at present scientists feel, aprt from those million years old viruses.

Bizarre Genetic Engineerings:

coming more.
Thanks to all the websites, and URL keepers.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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