Friday, May 04, 2012

Analyses of LIFE on A to Z and 1 to 100 scale, with occasions

Analyses of life on A to Z and 1 to 100 scale, with occasions

1 of y/our achievement or debacle = 1 count.....may it be big or small. E.g. Winning chess championship @ age of 12 was more important for me than becoming VP at this age or winning Frog race at the age of 4 was more important for me than both of this, as I got ice cream that day and I was really happier than both of those occasions. Also, standing 2nd in the class of 50 in the 4 the grade (standard) was bigger achievement for me than standing 2nd merit in the whole University. Hence, though it is relative still a gross figure can tell you the fare analyses of life.
Also, in a profession, getting PhD even when I got a lay off from a company and had no penny to go to University for PhD Viva-voce, and then 'Walking for PhD viva for 4 kilometres' was a bigger achievement for me than wandering a whole Singapore in the car of my father.
Another example of my friend, for him winning the swimming competition in a class of 50 out of which only 5 could swim, at the age of 10 was more important than, today swimming 10 kilometres in a one go.
For my child cooking round chapati @ age of 3 is more important than playing in a cold whether in a garden.
There is no end to this discretion. You are best judge and evaluator of yourself, as you know exactly what is what in each of your own case, as your own conscience was present with you all the times.

A= Achievements on 1 to 100 scale (Count: 5= 5 times world champion, etc.)
B=Boredom time on 1 to 100 scale
E= Felt like Elephant= 1 to 100 scale (Count: When became world champion= was 2nd time in 1985, When win the Olympic medal= 1st time in 1983, etc. )
F=Failures= 1 to 100 scale (Count: 1st time, Failed in Olympic trials though was national champion 1982, etc. )
Z= ...
The table could be modified and made more complex or simple according to the requirement and mastery over the statistics/mathematics,....
No copy right, No Patent for this, a loud thinking for all around the world, so that world becomes a better place to live hereafter for every entity at every moment and there is a competition to help each other to achieve more.
coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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