Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Several times I can't see plurality of people, nations, and worlds (poem)

Several times I can't see plurality of people, nations, and worlds (poem)

Got a message, India has 31 states, 6000 languages, and they come together when attacked, etc.
Got a message, World is made up of 7 continents, and in Olympics they come together, etc.
Got a message, Several Gods, Goddesses and Religions are there, etc.
Got a message, Several Worlds, and Galaxies are there, etc.

Though I am not against these all creations of god
Though I follow all the rules, regulations and norms
Though I follow all the laws and positive paradigms
However, this is a fact for me many a times, that I can't see plurality.

Though I know, Unlimited minds, Unlimited messages, Unlimited thoughts,
However, my mind is so unlimited that it see all unlimited things as a limited thing in Unison only.
It can't observe these many plurality, many a times.
It sees human beings in all the people across religions and countries.
My mind is so stubborn that after several mistrusting incidences, keeps trusting all.
My mind is so flexible that people stretch negativity against me, but it never breaks.
My mind is so much faithful to God that nobody can break its faith in God.

The total body, mind, brains and soul are so unanimous in these thoughts and actions
That many times I don't see plurality.

For me it's hard to conceive human beings
Can dupe someone
Can play politics to dump someone
Can do negative things with others

For me it's impossible to think plurality many a times.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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