Saturday, October 18, 2008

The truth is that, this world doesn't require anybody

The truth is that, this world doesn't require anybody (Poem)

One boy was moving around the world, with his contributions and learning.
He was living happily for moment to moment, and cruising the life's unique journey.
After few achievements he started thinking he is very important person on earth.
He went to Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings, Rulers, Authorities, Richest, all big personalities.
Once, he heard the most important person in his life and his icon is no more.
He cried, kept his cool, as he felt earlier that the world requires the people like his Icon.
For few days, he felt world requires important people like his icon and all the biggies mentioned above.
Soon he started feeling his importance, a lot and a lot.
Once, he was just passing by and heard what people say behind him.
He was shattered for the moment, when heard, "Understand the business, today Him, next someone else."
He took a break that day.
Thought over it, in and out, this and that.
Came to the conclusion, DEATH is the ultimate reality, that he will face at the end of life's journey.
Went to God ask him few questions, got his answers, and was again back on his life's journey.
His, first sentence when he came back was, "This world doesn't require anybody".
.....Rest is history.
Every moment the boy was dying his past moment and was living in new moment.
After all body perishes and not the infinite,
This material world perishes not the immortal soul,
This mortal world perishes and not the God,
All the half-truth and falsehood dies and not the ultimate truth, and
Hence everyone else dies but not the enlightened soul, because
After realisation enlightened soul gets unitised and fused with God himself, hence,
All qualities of God are applicable to him.
Many call such people Saint, Prophet, ...this and that,
However, he remains the representative of God on earth,
Whether you accept it or not.
The Reason,
This world does not require any reason to exist,
This world does not require anybody to retain its existence.
It moves on its way whether you are there or not.
The Reason,
This world does not require anybody...
This is the plain, straight forward truth of life,
The early we understand the better.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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umpa said...

the world does not require you is true,
but you require the world to live and complete the journy of life.
Be a traveller and enjoy the journy