Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ms. Dunwoody : First Women General in USA Army

Ms. Dunwoody : First Women General in USA Army

Swami Vivekananda appreciated the high strides of women education and working culture in USA during his 1893 visit. However it took one more century to get Women General in Military / Armed Forces in USA.

Read Dunwoody to be first General:
Thanks to Times of India: It states:
Dunwoody was named deputy commanding general of materiel command only last week, following the retirement of Lieutenant General William Mortensen. Army spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Anne Edgecomb said the nomination of Dunwoody to the rank of four-star general was "important, considering that there are about 11 four-star generals in the army and we have a total force of 1,077,500 soldiers," of whom 14 per cent are women.

Even Russian agency Pravda has appreciated the news:

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