Friday, November 16, 2007

Education Reforms are possible only through dedicated teachers

Education Reforms are possible only through dedicated teachers:

YES. Education should make every individual independent, physically and emotionally strong, intellectually alert, and to abide all the rules and regulations. It must make every civilian a good citizen.
As Swami Vivekanand said it must awaken soul to perfection and realization. It is possible, 100% possible.
Few Gurukul schools have shown it in the past and made it possible to make every candidate become great at each of above mentioned areas.
It is possible only if everyone in this world become truthful, honest and walks the talk. Otherwise, poverty, greed, corruption will destroy us. Already humanity is on the verge of extinction due to very many reasons, improper education will add fuel to it.
I agree with Vishwa, Kishor, Parul Mittla, Albert, and Tabi on there positive Answeres on over the Question asked by N. S. Thomas i.e. "do we need an educational reformation in india?"
As a Professor I tried to inculcate all these characters in my students since last 13 years and till date 60 students X 13 years = 720 students of mine to whom I taught full length have become what they wanted to be.
Not everyone is Bill Gates (I read his speech on as suggested by Parul), PM or rich and famous but they are very much satisfied with their life and at social places and work places.
Yes Reform is possible if Teachers work 12 hours a day for students like I do, my mother did and my grandfather (three generation teachers did) and balanced work and life.
Everyone among above three treated their students like their own children, that is the crux of their success.
In fact I have lot of Research on this issue up to UNESCO level but that could be disclosed only if some one is interested.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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