Friday, November 16, 2007

Automobile Technologies beyond 2050 A. D.

There is an article in the NYT on the Green Technology after seeing the Concept cars in LA Auto 2007. I had a comment on it. See URL:
Still if your URL doesnot ckick then message is here.
In this era of hyper-competition where there are people who always think ONE-Up, I have one suggestion. SWOT analysis shows that this foolish competition will lead us to disaster in the Automobile Market. No organization can win the war if the business will be over let us predict, by 2070 A.D.
Let us not be myopic. Have thought what our next generation will do in case oil is extinct on earth? Think,Year 2050 A.D. no oil for 5 billion vehicles, small or big, a vehicle in USA, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, China, Japan or in India, a vehicle of rich and famous or vehicle of a poor. These are omnipotent issues apart from one universal god. Yes, don't laugh, they are. Hence let us think them at the level of 'Humanity as a whole'. A classical situation for Scientists like me.What next? Since childhood I am thinking, why can’t Oil be manufactured from the Carbon that is re-circulated, recycled or thrown to atmosphere, earth and air. There are many more methods and technologies which are possible. We are racing against time but we are racing against the pace of oil getting depleted as every year multi-million vehicles are added on earth. Thus, it is a hyper contrasting situation. Nobody is thinking what we will do with those 5,000,000,000 vehicles whether to throw in dump yard or to make them convertible to some other technology. Hence, we need to think very seriously about diminishing the size of Fuel Cells and making it available at cheaper cost. We need to think seriously, vehicles running on compressed air, alternative fuels, some advanced Mechanism to run bicycles faster, and some more technologies. That is why I always suggest that we need more and greater cooperation among all the organizations around the world irrespective of country of origin and all kinds of barriers. Especially at the front of Vehicle technologies what ever it is Space Age Vehicle or Vehicle running on Earth. Otherwise humanity is on the verge of a greater catastrophe, we’ll go back in the age and all our efforts and so called advancement in the Technology will get stalled. Commuting on earth and in air using “Oil/ Petroleum” is greater mode of communication and getting work done faster and expanding horizons. In 2050 and/or later only few could travel, in case, only left medium would be Mass Transport or MRT for traveling. Hence, it is my request to GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Tata, Mitsubishi, Proton, Fiat, and all the Automobile companies in the world, to think it seriously otherwise suddenly all the business will come to stand still, in fact will perish, at the deadline scientists are putting. In fact, if we make another technology as Engine of growth then we must think about its next generation technology in advance so that extinction and obsolescence of one technology will not hamper the growth and expansion of human civilization and technology advancement for the benefit of humanity.What next? Let us think. In my advanced research, I am talking about human civilizations going to interstellar places, but here on earth I know the ground realities, hence this effort. Survival of Humanity and Human being is beyond consideration of national and other artificial boundaries created by us. Hope, patent war on this issue, consumerism on this issue, barriers on this issue, rivalry in business on this issue will come to stand still. I hope it will motivate efforts to develop alternative strategies to commute. I believe it will come up with our humble small micro-level efforts.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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surekha said...

There is article "Is GM's Green Tech Better Than Toyota's?" in Business Week.
My suggestion is, Please stop that foolish comparison, as my husband says.
In fact, I also think there is more co-operation required among all the Automobile organizations around the world and even among Space-Age Vehicle Manufacturing organizations.
Come on, after the oil is over everyone on earth will suffer. Hence, one-up-man-ship and competition can dump all the human beings.
Stop that foolishness and let us forget man made boundaries and barriers on the Space issue, Food issue, Health issue and on the Vehicle Technologies issue.
To take human civilisation to places in the Cosmos we need to do it right now, or we'll perish.
Sau. Surekha Ashish Urkude