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Increasing Traffic on the blog: Making Blog Popular : Some Tips and Tricks

Increasing Traffic on the blog: Making Blog Popular : Some Tips and Tricks
I have analyzed and/ or interviewed few popular bloggers and came out with some highlighting aspects on how to make your blog popular.

Five Major Methods/ Ways:
This I discussed with my collegue Prof. Ray Titus, he has the blog: What we came to the conclusion are put in five points below:
1. Content, Consistency and Focus,
People always find tips to make a blog/website popular and get a good traffic towards their website. One major tip to make a blog popular is content, content and content. Write a lot of contents in your blog. Write more regularly and you will get a good traffic from search engines. If you write once in a month or once in a week it will take longer to make blog/site popular. So keep writing more regularly and also write good quality content. Also check spelling of your content by spell checker in any editor before publishing your blog post. Don’t think for good traffic if you have only a few posts in your blog first increase number of post in your blog and then try to find how to make a blog popular and get good traffic.
2. Layout and Looks,
3. URL yes the title itself should be crisp and appealing
4. Continuous Research for to up date information and some interesting material to be placed on the blog.
5. Features and Key words that make blog appear on google: PageRanking is a function of Google that measures the quality of a website on a scale of 0 to10. Higher the Quality of your site Higher the Page Rank would be. To improve PageRank of your site or blog, you have to improve traffic towards your website/blog.
For that start exchanging links, Submit your blogs to blog directories and put comments on other's sites and leave your URL there. Your comment must be appropriate and related to content. Avoid comments like "Nice post.....", "Great..........", "Very Good........", "Excellent........". Try to comment as good as you can. Your comment must be descriptive.
Thus, Submit your blog to different blog directories in appropriate category. If you submit any blog to blog directories, always mention about the blog directory in your blog. If you do so visitors would come to know about that blog directory and blog directory would become popular. Also do one more thing, add a link to that directory into your blog. Because if directory would become famous your blog will also becomes more famous. More visitors click in the directory more visitors visit your blog.

There are some other great tips to make a blog popular. These tips increase visitors to your blog.
Try to go to: Mr. Nitin Hindustani's blog: He has permitted, to know the tips: if you know Hindi Language, otherwise you will find few tips here itself. First 11 comments are the translation of Hindi version on that blog.
1. Try to submit/add your blog to blog directories or blog communities like
Many people says that submitting a blog into a blog directory is time wasting. Some says if submit a blog into blog directory then who will visit blog directory and see our blog. Most of the people uses search engines to find anything. But one more advantage to submit a blog into blog directory is link popularity if you submit a blog into blog directory then link popularity of your blog will increase and it will helps to increase page rank of your blog and your blog will become more popular and will get more traffic. So try to submit your blog to as many directories as you can.
2. Tell your friends & relatives about your blog.
3. Mention your blog address in visiting card, letter heads etc.
4. When you write email try to mention your blog address too in it.
5. Make your each and every posts easy to read.
6. Give the name of your blog in the main URL.
7. Give comments to other blogs and put your blog link there.
8. Write posts in a simple and clear language.
9. Make your blog popular through content, important content and excellent content.
10. Update your blog regularly say weekly maximum but not delay for a month.
11. Be Patient as perseverance and patience pays,
These kinds of important tips you will find on nitinhindustani’s blog.

Additional Points:To add few, I asked others and found these points to be very useful. This is one month’s Research only, after few more days few more tips and tricks would be added.
12. Sign up to as many forums and social networks you can manage.
13. Get a feed burner account.
14. Then create your headline animator.
15. Post that widget (headline animator) on your profiles, forum and email signatures, etc. (make sure you don't break any forum rules or you're likely to get booted out.)
16. Post as many popular stuff as often as you can.
17. Exchange material and links with lot of bloggers.
18. Write good articles and get feed back on them
19. Put some survey not more than five points.
20. Become a guest to someone’s blog and write or add value to it.
21.For more tips go to:
Know it and do it if possible.
22. Be original, innovative, creative and research, research and research for making it appealing and upgrading and delighting your own self. The reason if blog do not delight you then it cannot delight anybody.
Hope soon your blog will become more popular. Happy Blogging.
Life is short, let us give it for good/ great cause.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude


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you can add up my blogs link to your page.

I have a seperate blog on how to make a blog popular

link is

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