Sunday, September 23, 2007

China is way ahead in implentation than rest of the world by NOW

Chinese Vision, Original Chinese Plan and Innovative Chinese Action.
Feedback and Correction, Again better Plan and Implementation is what China is.
I have seen my Chinese friends in Institutes and Industries.
Professors put 12 hours of work irrespective of their social status. Publish at least 6 Research Papers every year. Guide 8 PhD in the span of 4 years with Result. PhD Projects are implemented into Industry and Government take feed back on it.
In Industry, Theory is Practical. Ethics and Truthfulness is very common.
Chinese Pull Chinese towards Forward direction unlike other world, where others pull back a person going forward.
Once my Mechanical Engineer friend had a project he did not have funds, other Chinese Electrical Engineers, civil Engineers put money on his project and asked him to return when he get and of course at 0% interest. My Mechanical Engineer friend involved at least 10 more Chinese, just to know openly how the Project is done. Next time he had 10 competitors, but together they pulled 20 projects from various nations. Thus geometrically they grew.
In fact the way they manufacture and push their products around the world is also a harmony among Chinese.
Government knows survival of the fittest strategy of the world.
China built Three Gorgeous Dam. They put the project and World Bank and others came forward with Loans. Where as in India we have Ganga-Cauvery Plan still pending. In India we have good planners but not implementers, where as in China they have implementing mechanism as well. Thus we also must have better implementing strategies. In fact we are not utilizing our full potentials including our talented human resources.
Hope all one billion citizens will have one plan, one action, feedback and correction mechanism in future.
Let all the living legends like Mr. Tata, Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, Mr. Narayan Murthy, My Parents, Your Parents, and other Seniors see the Developed Nation called India in 2020 A.D. If China can do with so much hardship with 6 months in Snow then why cannot in India we do with 12 months good climate, I don’t know.
Hope for the best. Let us take lesson from China and Western Developed Countries.
China is taken more seriously than other big nations in the world by Western Super Powers.
On Indian side, already Swami Viveknanda had visualised and said, “We’ll / India will give lessons of Vedanta to the West and will take lessons of Technology from them.”
However, 100 years since that Vision and we did not take our lesson 100%.
Lastly, again let us hope for the best.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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