Thursday, September 20, 2007

If your wisdom is strong nobody can trouble you and nothing can disturb you

Once, Mr. Joyful, had a meeting with Enlightenment, suddenly Mr. Joyful asked him, “How are you?”
Enlightenment said, “I am always fine.”
“Come on in this hectic life and in this unfair world, how can one be always fine?” Mr. Joyful. "There are vultures all over world and donkeys occupying important places at important organizations, how can I be happy? At office- boss is always right, at home- egoistic persons have their say, at friends- you have duping personalities, at shops- you have looters, at children's- you have always take backseat attitude, at all the places- common man like me is exploited, over powered and dumped. How can I remain happy, leave aside always fine?"
Enlightenment said, “Come on Joy, these are all part of human life, this is what I learned from seniors. We must have 'Practical Wisdom'. If your wisdom is strong nobody can perturb you individually or disturb you without your prior consent, and even shake you 'In and Out' without using some unfair means”.
Mr. Joyful said, “Great said, but then why there is so much disturbance in the world?” Enlightenment said, “Where is it? Man, how can just handful of people disturb the whole nation (called India) of one billion? Not possible. One more reason is, media makes news of bad happenings only and not good happenings. That is why you feel like that. Otherwise look around you, there are 99.9999999% good people. If there is disturbance, it is from those few people.” Mr. Joyful, “What is the solution?”
Enlightenment said, “Okay, if there is suit then there is fire agreed, but, even if it is there, then we must do the same thing what Mumbai people did at the time of July 26, 2005 during Mumbai Flood, ‘Fight with Unity’. Similarly, in unethical practices, Mumbai's good people have shown 'no-co-operation to misbehaving few people'. Thus, either you have to co-operate or opt for no-co-operation, a certain peaceful solution. Co-operate in ethical task and non-co-operation in un-ethical work.”
“Great Enlightenment, Great”, said Mr. Joyful.
Enlightenment interrupted him and said, “Joy, come to the point, seniors always say, it is 'the way you live' is more important than compelling circumstance. This living life moment to moment decides your ‘always happiness’. Take example of a person who is living a devoted and disciplined life. He can live more composed and happy life than a person living a life more haphazardly and unethically. This is practical wisdom. There is a reason behind this. What seniors have experienced that what ever one does at every moment ultimately boomerangs to him/ her. It could be action/s, feeling/s, reaction/s or even our thoughts. All these entities have a reverse feedback, and striking back mechanism. Hence, if you are 'in and out' calm, quite, peaceful and happy, and trying to make others so, then that is what will come back/ boomerang to you. In one sentence, you throw flowers on others they will throw flowers at you. If you deal yourself with godly behavior, your inner self will deal you likewise.”
Before leaving Mr. Joyful asked, “Where did you get these lessons Enlightenment?”
Enlightenment said, “Bhagavad Geeta, Bible, Kuran, Gurugranthsahib, Adigranth, Thiruvaluwar, and guidance of spiritual greats and scripts, seniors, and elders.”
After taking a ‘Practical Wisdom’ lesson from Enlightenment Mr. Joyful went and lived a happy life.
The lesson in gist was, “If your wisdom is strong nobody can trouble you and nothing can disturb you".

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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