Sunday, April 09, 2017

Why India is great? Just Look at the Values followed

Why India is great? Just Look at the Values followed:

Case 1: Father of 2 kids:
Be straight, live straight, live simple, eat simple vegetarian food available in India, live frugal life and trust god.
Follow each word.

Case 2:
Grandfather of 10 kids in joint family:
Children share 5 chocolates.
Do the same, follow sharing and caring and living together and sacrificing is in the DNA of.Indian citizens since millions of years.

Case 3:
Student at Higher Education, but son of a billionaire @ home offers the chair to teacher and touches teacher's feet.Teacher is Guru and supposed to be the most revered in India.

Case 4:
If a young child is found doing something wrong, grand ma and grand pa in every house treat that child as a child and counsel him as if he is their own grand son. The son also listens to them lovingly. Any one having older age in India is treated like grand father or grand mother.

Case 5:
Any child going on a streets can ask any senior person as uncle or aunt or much older grand mother or grand's very common.

Case 6:
Even scientists, bureaucrats or technocrats or billionaire or ......even thieves have trust on god and they occasionally visit the temple/ mosque/ synagogue/ fire temple/ church/ mandir/ pagoda/....amazing.

Case 7:
Unless forced to attack, by default all Indians are peace loving and are great devotee of god. Patience, Perseverance and Peace of mind is given more importance in India than anywhere else in the world.

Case 8:
Family values are so great that most positive families and ethical families are supposed to be followed by millions. Ram is the ideal. While Ravana is non-ideal. Simple living and high thinking is the philosophy mostly followed by millions of citizens. Ice on he head and Sugar on the tongue tip is the best option everyone tries to follow.

Case 9:
Ram killed demon Ravana. However, after death of Ravana Ram allowed to perform Ravana's last rights with full honour as he declared once the war is over the enmity was also over.

Case 10.
The smart person is never been the hero, but, the simplest did.

Case 11.
It's not the billionaire or richest or the oldest or the most powerful, always who is the most revered but the one who sacrifices most is the most revered in India. Saffron cloths Sanyasi/ Monk is more revered in India than any other person, since millions of years.

Case 12.
In the Indian History, people sacrificing lives for the values are more in India than anywhere else.

Case 13.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

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