Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sorry God for humans’ on purpose creative and innovative mistakes and errors (Poem)

Sorry God for humans’ on purpose creative and innovative mistakes and errors   (Poem)
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Dear God, I’m feeling Sorry about many of the humans’ on purpose creative and innovative mistakes, errors  
I also feel proud about his many of the creations too, like, computer, mobile phones, good habits and values among few humans like my individual family have
However, this poem is just to express my gratitude to you and expressing sorry about freedom you gave to man and man used it for the domination of the self over other species and entities on earth and surrounding places
Humans started dominating earth since long
Humans are destroying earth atmosphere
They have destroyed the major rivers,
They have destroyed the mountains,
They have altered the whole ecosystem on the earth,
They have killed many species
They are killing millions of mosquitoes, cockroaches, bacteria, viruses good along with the bad and harming ones
They are even altering the bodies, deforming the bodies of their own species too, by corrupt practises, as a doctor,
They are hurting their own fellow beings by breaking the trust among themselves, in lot of professions,
They are hurting their own species by misconducts and harming ecology and economies and ecosystems
They have cut trillions of trees and will be out of trees very soon in case, the brains and minds given by you is not overpowered by the human lust
They are throwing lot of chemicals on earth and spoiling everything on earth
You name it God, and humans have interfered in all your domains
They have used this power of creativity more in bad ways than good ways,
They have a system with which power always goes into bad hands than the good ones
Because of this even 90% humans are living without basic amenities
I mean it, power in wrong hands of few humans is destroying everything that you created and you want to sustain forever
I’m feeling sorry about this, all the times, whatever I try, I may try, I’ll try, and my efforts will have limitations, always
I'm feeling sorry about, I want to do a lot, but, the real contributors are still hand scuffed, or they are busy in just earning their daily lively hood, or they have been sidelined and are gone into oblivion,
I'm feeling sorry about, people the doers are being left job less or service less on purpose and been threatened,
I'm feeling sorry for show-off decorative leadership positions which cannot chance the face of humanity,and the show-off decorative prizes and awards, which always goes among selected few or known people among few known circles,
The conditions are going bad to worst, still the humanity should live or else left to you, you can obliterate the whole on earth we don't mind, but, let me take chance to make favor if possible,
Please forgive me for all my wrong doings, and human wrong doings till date, but, please save the good people and values, to let your world goes on and on and on.

Poet: Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

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