Thursday, August 04, 2016

Our amazing 5 Rich family friends and 5 Poor family friends

Our amazing 5 Rich family friends and 5 Poor family friends:

Rich 1: Dr. T. : He is rich by pocket and by heart as well. His family has a principle, they never go to market for grocery or for daily vegetables and never buy branded products but local quality products.
I asked him, "Why?"
He said, "We might reduce the price by Re. 1 or so but, let the vendors earn their daily bread by buying on their cart coming near the home. Also, there are many local good organizations whose products are better than the branded one we select them and let their employees earn their lively hood."

Rich 2: Dr. A.: He is rich by pocket, heart, soul and lives a miser life too. Drives highly efficient bike too. He is so down to earth, that, none realizes he is rich man now. Once, a patient from the hospital asked him shall I pay the taxi bill, and requested him to come his house. Once, the patient got recovered, he came to his house to thank Doctor/ Physician for what ever cure he has been taken care. Once, he entered the house, he realized that Doctor is a rich person.
When asked him, "Why?"
He said, "For environment, and I try to remember my past that I have done farming in the field to study after 10th grade till MBBS. Also, if Doctors/ Physicians show they are rich then sometimes poor patients are afraid to speak. It's better to live on the ground, when you see everyday people living and dying in front of eyes. Simple living and high thinking was the basic mantra we were grown up. "

Rich 3: Mr. A. : He is rich by pocket but it's hard earned. I've seen him crying for job 40 years ago. Now, with dint of hard work he is rich by heart, soul and pocket but still down to earth. Always helping, always ready to move for good cause.

Rich 4: Mr. B. : He is from royal descendant but lost the descendant 2 to 3 generations ago. Literally, I have seen him asking for few thousand rupees as loan. Later, he worked so hard that, he is again living again a really rich life. Everything at it's place. Hard work speaks here more than money, that's very important.

Rich 5: Mr. S. : The broad minded super influencer, leader and businessman plus wise man. Once, few children committed unbearable mistake, all said, they should be punished and rusticated. He was the only one who said, the children of 18 years cannot commit such mistakes without misguidance. I also had the same opinion. We had the suggestion system. Ultimately, the real culprit was found and was punished. Though rich, though having power, though ..... he is wise decision maker that hurts none other than the culprit, shows, even rich can be just and live for a cause. .... many stories of him.

Poor 1: Mr. S.: He drives the manual Rickshaw. Rickshaw puller he is. Takes my mother to places and comes on his own. Many times he takes money later, when ever required for family needs by keeping in mind all calculations.
I asked him, "Why?"
He said, "Your mother, taught my children how to study, now they are doing well. However, she gave me money when these children used to go to schools and I didn't have the money to pay their fees. Also, if I keep the money in pocket the bad habits swipe away the pockets. Hence, whenever I need it to buy monthly grocery or paying fees of the grand children, I come and take it, this is idea of your mother only. It helped me a lot and hence I could build a small independent house now."

Poor 2: Mrs. M.: Literally maid servant. Have seen her husband die due to liquor overdose and then.... She has seen her daughter dying from cancer. However, she taught her children well, and teaching grandchildren well and have become icon in her locality, with all well-behaved family.... Rest is the history for her being hardworking and always busy.

Poor 3.: Mr. P. : Still hard working and in the hotel industry. He was servant. Then started his own very small business and sticking to it. Have always been well behaved and his children too are well behaved. His two children are his life time asset he says along with his well behaved and hardworking family.

Poor 4: Mrs. G.: None. Literally none is left in our areas whose nappies were not changed by her till 1980's till she was 80 years old, including top bosses of of 55 years old and you name it. She worked as maid, or chapati cook. She was extremely well behaved and had command over children and even richest to poorest in the locality. All respected her for her wisdom. Her, all children and grand children also are well behave and well to do now due to her well grooming and control over the family.

Poor 5:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, India

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