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Top 10 problems & solutions to build systems, procedures, documentation to help reach MDG as soon as possible and to lead this world become direct democratic world

Top 10 problems & solutions to build systems,procedures,documentation to help reach MDG as soon as possible (ASAP) and to lead this world become direct democratic world:

I'll talk only truth claimed by normal and common citizens of India, which is the Image of the systems and procedures by now. Though it can be person to personal view, but, when asked if the decision/ votes go above 90% then it's been made image over here:
Image 1. For highly placed, rich and powerful people, can influence any manipulation in any services, or procedure to get your/ their work done in any field. "Sab ullu bananey ke dhande hai..." a sufferer...poor man....meaning, "Sir, these all things are just to fool common man and not for their benefit...". It hurt me a lot in 1988...hence, this dedicated to him...
Image 2: System and Procedure to do anything is just a show-off ultimately it happens with the links each person have. 
Image 3: Many grocery shop owner said, "Why can't I run the business at the size of Big Bazar or Easy Day, or ....Wal Mart? As we can't tackle the top bosses and can't provide what they want that's why....". Recently claimed by few.

Image 4: Tell me an important work in Government or non-government department that can be done with one visit. Ex. If I have to start the business I'd to fill up 51 forms and visit at least 10 times and then those people again ask more forms or documents and this and that.....then it gets done.
Image 5: The server 0r tele-services or e-portal is always down, when it's required the most. 
Image 6. You corrupt the official/s and your work will get done but, if you don't then you've to run marathon between your home and the officials, at least 100. On it it was 99.99% agreement, and I was the only person who said, "They may call if it's genuine but, I was not asked money anytime in my life." Still public view is public view.
Image 7: During the earlier days before computers and Licence Raj, it was difficult to start and do business. However, even today, if you don't have political links, and connections, you can't run the business or become high profile. 
Image 8: Even top institutions jobs, works, procedures, systems can be manipulated or influenced. 
Image 9: Transparency is just show off, there are more work happens behind the scenes that happens before the eyes and front of the public.
Image 10. We can't rich at the top  with 15th century mentality in the 21st century but 50% public is fooled by many in that mindset only and imperialism rules India, earlier by ....rulers and now by various highly placed people in every domains. 
Image 11. Documentation is also a big problem if you go and see, still millions of tonnes of pages/ papers are required and along with e-documentations hard copies are also still required to get work done, as self attestation, photo, signature, notary signature, .....this and that....God bless this system.

Image 12: Every party coming to power has their own people at the top and the recruitment is such a way manipulated that it benefits mostly ruling party...many a times....the person having connections with opposition can't get the work done...however there are few who have influence on both parties ruling and opposition they are exceptional and ...hence get their work done.... I don't understand how does and what the systems, and procedures have to do with ruling party or opposition party....I fail to understand such politics.

Image 13: Customers are not the boss, we're the boss, is the image among the either authorities / influential people:
What a Vigilant Officer said, few days ago is important. "Sir, the customer care people ask to launch a complaint only to them who are harmless. They are paid for that and they score high increment on it as well." This is highly non-ethical but....fact remains this only."....Ultimately that's why I always say, "Education is not complete till the the person holds the high moral values.....".God bless this world. 
The best solution is let Law, Rules and Regulations be respected and procedures and systems be respected by one and all with high values and moral. Otherwise, if highly placed people do not follow it then it becomes the norm....and common man gets influenced to avoid it.....special services can help manage time, in some cases personal services also can solve the problem, at the cost of Government or the Company for which customer, citizen, consumer trying to take services....

In all these efforts, I was looking to contribute more value and values in the organisation/s of values. However, I could not get an organisation of values or valued worth of being it. Is it Profit or Loss? Or the Loss in Profit for humans? 

It's not personal attack on anyone or any entity but a general image of all the systems and procedures that is with common man that's is put over here...hope we overcome this obstacle very let India become direct democracy and hope this world will become direct democratic world in coming future. 
God bless this world. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India, Lives on the ground.

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