Saturday, December 07, 2013

Poem 1: This is Himalaya, full of self-sacrifices, penances, and unknown contributors, Poem 2: This is Indian Culture, not Vulture.

Poem: This is Himalaya, full of self-sacrifices, penances, and unknown contributors

Since millions of years, Himalayas have seen umpteen number of self-sacrifices
Since eons, Himalayas have experienced unlimited number of people performing extreme penances,
Since thousands of centuries Himalayas have seen countless unknown contributors.

Oh what tremendous kind of self sacrifices, over which the whole religious bases are made
Oh what a severe penance some are engulfed into
Oh what a contribution, humanity is fully indebted to them

There are seers, whose mere presence will make you feel the presence of God,
There are contributors, who, never tell their names but keep working relentlessly,

You'll believe only when you see them,
The saints, more powerful than any prophet, till existed on earth
The biggest and the best unknown contributors,
The peaceful and inspiring personalities.

poem under construction.
Poet: Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Parallel Poem on Indian Culture:

This is Indian Culture, not Vulture.
Where, Hindus live peacefully, and are developing the finest civilization since ages,
Where Muslims live peacefully, and have surpassed the population more than several Muslim Countries,
Where Christians live and prosper, and keep contributing to the development of nation,
Where Buddha himself born and passed on a legacy of peace and tranquility to next generations of human civilization
Where Mahavir went on to deliver a message of peace and living life without hurting self and other beings
Where Zorastrian came and survived, who could not survive other places int he world,
Where Jews came and became part of the civilization, peacefully and for contribution,
All are welcome in this rich culture of accommodation
All are surviving in the highly civilized society 
All have right to speak in this oldest culture
All can get accommodated in this oldest and richest civilization and culture, as
This is Indian Culture and not Vulture. 

Poet: Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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