Thursday, December 05, 2013

(Poem) Are humans going to fight among themselves for millions of years?

Are humans going to fight among themselves for millions of years? (Poem)

Visit the text of Ramayana, war is there, besides, God's own idealism
Visit the texts of Mahabharata, war is there, besides, God's own words and acts of wisdom
Visit the text of Bible, war is there, besides, God's own wisdom and supreme sacrifice

Visit History of any nation, war is there, before or after independence
This war could be in the form of World War 1 or 2 or continuing fight and struggle of survival of citizens

Why people fight? Why not resolve the problems for human progress and welfare?
What do they get? If they get how long does it lasts?

Why there is a competition on destroying human existence itself, by themselves?
Isn't war a kind of cannibalism of/ for/ in humans?

Today there is a cold war among two giant nations,
Tomorrow, the countries get replaced, but, the cold war continues,
Day after tomorrow, countries would be replaced by planets, galaxies but the human being would be at the core

Today there is a war among two media houses,
Tomorrow, marketing war fares among organisations,
Day after tomorrow, some nations are fighting over petty issues.
The scene remains same at personal to international levels.

Does war and technology demonstrate the progress or regress?

If the same energy is invested in welfare of hungry and poor, and for establishing the human civilisation on moon, mars and beyond, will it not be useful for human kind?

Let's think over it and let's invest our time wisely hereafter.
Otherwise, humans will continue to waste their energies in wars for millions of years.

Aum. Amin. Amen.

poem under construction.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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