Monday, July 22, 2013

"Too much Detroit" killed Industries in Detroit?

"Too much Detroit" killed Industries in Detroit?

Hope Detroit recovers faster.

At my times, lot of Automobile/ Mechanical/ Industrial/ Production Engineer had but one dream, "Landing a job in Detroit" next best was Germany and third option was Italy/ UK / Japan/ South Korea. If at all it doesn't click then Gulf was easier access. Any how, now the news is, Ultimately it killed Detroit business.

Same thing is possible around the world.

Example from USA:
Too much silicon valley in California, for ICT business, may have same fate. Lot of Computer / IT/ Electronics/ Electrical/ Mechanical / Instrumentation Engineers in India, China, Korea, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, even Canada have by default dream still now "To work in Silicon Valley". I talked to them, they claimed it.

Example from India:
Too much Mumbai, too much Pune, too much Delhi, too much Chennai or too much Hyderabad, too much Ahmadabad or too much Bangalore will/ may kill the business there. The industries must locate themselves at diversified locations like Nagpur, Coimbatore, like tear 2/3/4 cities, in also helps the model of inclusive growth, and thus, it will build the commutation/ communication infrastructure and living mediums at diversified locations in India.

Specific Example of Delhi:
Some very senior Delhietes have claimed, we have killed our rivers in India by pouring in all kinds of water from every possible source/s. Take Yamun for example, the water and effluent treatment plants, seawage, and other water sources in and around Delhi, has only one destiation.....Yamuna...Lord Shrikrishna can only save Yamuna in Delhi.

Other examples could be from China-Shangahi/ Hong-Kong, Japan-Tokyo, France-Paris, UK-London, USA-New York, Mexico-Mexico-City, South Korea-Soul, fact, many of these cities, have stopped breathing fresh oxygenated air, they face fantastic drinking water problems, they don't have freely continuous flowing rivers with fresh water, they have traffic congestion, which are only few side effects of too much stress, concentration, congregation, and focus on these cities and areas around it. In fact, one of the seniors is saying, it's myopic views/ vision and aim of human greed of influential people to locate "everything and every facilities near my home/ factory", that are creating such Detroit kinds of situations.

Any how, hope the best Business/ Scientific/ Economic/ Spiritual/ Global/ Intellectuals and the best influential minds understand "Detroit language"well in advance. After all many families, in fact, it has direct impact on USA national economy, and ultimately it has direct impact on global economy, hence, this appeal.

Let's live in peace, and allow others to live and help others to live.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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