Monday, July 22, 2013

Interesting Interview of Moon walker Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Interesting Interview of Moon walker Dr. Edgar Mitchell

He supports the theory that nations should unite if humans have to set their feet on other planets, it's not one nations job, and it's also not possible for any/ only one nation too, if we require to raise the Human Development Index. It requires lot of efforts.

I also have one more opinion and feeling that this or any universe is self propagating, surviving and generating entity created by God, but that does not mean that humans should not go "abroad". As we go to nations/ cites, we'll go to planets it's so easy. Dr. Einstein rightly said, "God do not play daises". Hope in future evolution these projects will go smoothly well:
Just to mention here till now, this post on this subject have maximum visits on this blog, means, they liked this idea besides, others around the world.

Hope, there will be tranquillity and peace on Earth/ Moon/Mars, otherwise humans on earth will fight with humans on Moon and/ or Mars as well for money, land, mines, and other resources.

If we do our work silently, and achieve first step to establish base on moon, in a no nonsense way, it will be better. Thus, more unity, more peace and better living is required on earth. With hungry humans in many nations it will be a pipe dream for human beings to "ABROAD", as we'll be failure here and there as well.

Let's try for success, everywhere.

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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