Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why are we quarrelling? We should live and let live others in peace. (Poem)

Why are we quarrelling? We should live and let live others in peace. (Poem)

(This is the poem I told my child as it oozed out of mind, after reading some news in the daily, today in the morning. She and my wife liked the VIBGYOR part of it, which is not something new. All Saints in India have claimed it, several times.)

Why are we quarrelling? We should live and let live others in peace. 
Even the snow and water that extinguishes fire resides in peace near fire of volcano.
Even the deer and the lions resides well in the jungle, in proximity.
Even the black holes and quasars find place in this Universe.
Even Pencil and Eraser stays together in the stationary box of a child.
All these opposing forces stay in peace, why can't human beings?

For what we are quarrelling and with whom we're quarrelling?
Why we dont' have aims for whole humanity like spreading our civilisation to multiple planets.
Why can't we have aims of enlightenment?
Why we quarrel with our own fellow human beings?

We are colours of the rainbow.
Red colour represents vigour and life blood of ours.
Orange colour represents the mighty Sun, the life source of earth.
Yellow colour represents the Sunflower the all blossoming flora.
Green colour represents the greenery on the earth, again the source of oxygen and life.
Blue colour represents the water  and the depth of the fathomless sea, again the life source.
Indigo colour represents the sky and the vastness of space, and super-conscience all pervading god.
Violet colour represents the evening which every creature and entity has to face, the death, which is final the reality of life.

All colours stay together irrespective of life representations and / or death representations.

In fact, all colours merge in that super-conscience god that is all pervading and which is forever living.

In that super-conscience god everything gets dissolved, some may call it that it becomes full of colour, some may call it becomes colourless.
Even, infinite Universes, melt together, leave aside our single Universe full of several billion galaxies that we can see, and feel.
Then everything becomes one, unison, omniscient, omnipotent, all pervading, with no boundary, no starting point, no center point and no end point.

Finally, I feel this is not the phenomenon of end but it's a fact of life, that everything that we see seems to be different, and distinguished, but in all, we have that thing super-conscience god in everything and everywhere.

Now, tell me if we are bound to be one and unity, then, why we quarrel over petty issues that can be resolved?

OR do we want to end ourselves?

OR do we want to live a animal kind of life, living in the Jungles?

Amazing is this world created by God, with so much plurality, some one talking and living in peace, whereas, some one else doing exactly the opposite.

However, I'm confident, we'll live in peace, we'll live in peace, we'll live in peace; once all of us realise this fact of life, that, god is peace, god lives in peace, and God is all pervading.

Let peace be everywhere.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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