Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Can the Search Engine like Google engage and engross your mind?

Can the Search Engine like Google engage and engross your mind?
It could criteria in future for website/ blogs/ URL rankings.

I found Google can, with it's multiple features like:
1. Google Books: http://books.google.co.in/books?id=aMIkcVsGi_gC&pg=PA17&dq=india+railway+1900&lr=&as_brr=1&ei=VK_CR7nxC4aUzATL6unRCg&sig=fbfn3T1A59hcMvBjAw1Iq_T56yY&hl=en#v=onepage&q=india%20railway%201900&f=false
2. www.Youtube.com
3. Google Doodle: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/slideshows/tech-life/10-google-doodles-with-an-indian-touch/srinivasa-ramanujans-125th-birthday/slideshow/18627426.cms
4. Search Engine: http://www.google.co.in/
5. Images: http://www.google.co.in/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi
6. Maps: http://maps.google.co.in/maps?hl=en&tab=il
7. News: http://news.google.co.in/nwshp?hl=en&tab=ln
8. Gmail: With ever increasing storage space: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=mail&passive=true&rm=false&continue=https://mail.google.com/mail/?tab%3Dnm&scc=1&ltmpl=default&ltmplcache=2
9. Drive: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=wise&passive=1209600&continue=https://drive.google.com/?tab%3Dno%23&followup=https://drive.google.com/?tab%3Dno&ltmpl=drive
10. Calendar: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=cl&passive=1209600&continue=https://www.google.com/calendar/render?tab%3Dwc&followup=https://www.google.com/calendar/render?tab%3Dwc&scc=1
11. Orkut: http://www.orkut.com/Main?tab=w0#Home
12. Translate any language sentence in any language: http://translate.google.co.in/?hl=en&tab=wT
13. Blog: Free Blogging: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=blogger&passive=1209600&continue=http://www.blogger.com/home&followup=http://www.blogger.com/home&ltmpl=start#s01
Thanks to Google.
14. Photos, Picasa: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?hl=en_US&continue=https%3A%2F%2Fpicasaweb.google.com%2Flh%2Flogin%3Fcontinue%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fpicasaweb.google.com%252Fhome%253Fhl%253Den%2526tab%253Dwq&service=lh2&ltmpl=gp&passive=true
15. Even more:




  • YouTubeWatch, upload and share videos
  • BooksSearch the full text of books
  • Image SearchSearch for images on the web
  • NewsSearch thousands of news stories
  • PicasaFind, edit and share your photos


  • MapsView maps and directions
  • PanoramioExplore and share photos of the world

Home & Office

  • DriveCreate, share and keep all your stuff in one place
  • GmailFast, searchable email with less spam
  • CalendarOrganize your schedule and share events with friends
  • TalkIM and call your friends through your computer
  • TranslateInstantly translate text, web pages, and files between over 50 languages


  • BloggerShare your life online with a blog - it’s quick, easy and free
  • GroupsCreate mailing lists and discussion groups
  • OrkutMeet new people and stay in touch with friends

Specialized Search

  • Blog SearchFind blogs on your favorite topics
  • ScholarSearch scholarly papers
  • AlertsGet email updates on the topics of your choice
  • TrendsExplore past and present search trends


  • CodeDeveloper tools, APIs and resources

Thanks to Google for trying to make knowledge and other useful things available for all, with anytime and anywhere access.

Hoping to improve upon creativity of this world.

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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